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bungee cord

  1. Hely Development

    Pulsar Bungee | Discord Integration 1.4-SNAPSHOT

    Support Discord: Disclaimer: Upon purchasing any Hely Development product, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service. These terms of service can be located in our discord! Any bugs that you find will be fixed as soon as possible, as long as they have been reported!
  2. Spaceley

    Bungee and Lobby Setup 1.1.3

    Want to checkout the setup before making the purchase? No problem! Join my test servers with the following address: Powered by: List your Minecraft network and get daily new players! Our setup is designed to be accessible to all players, and...
  3. P

    BungeeDirecto 1.0

    Bungee Directo Features: Custom Cooldown Bungeecord System Twitch custom message Youtube custom message Reload custom message No Permission custom message You can customize all the config! as you want! Tell me your suggestions below! If you need support use MD...
  4. Jonathan C

    Panda MC Looking for Devs//Bungeecord Help!

    We are currently looking for Devs only. If you have experience and want to be apart of the team, apply below or directly apply to me at Jonathan C#9055 on Discord. Thanks and good luck! (Please note this is not a paid position). Timezone: Age: Why You Would Like To Apply: Any Recommendations...
  5. ItsZyferion

    [OPEN] >> TheMcZone ✘ RECRUITING STAFF ✘ Factions | Skyblock | KitPvP | More to come...

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TheMcZone The McZone is a highly developed bungee cord server with multitude of game modes, custom plugins, strong security, specialized gem based purchasing system, high quality web...
  6. Claudiordev

    Holographic Chat+ [BungeeCord Support] [1.8.x - 1.15 -x] 2020-05-16

    The Evoluted version of Holographic Chat! Enabled to All version from 1.8 and Multiple Data Store/BungeeCord Support. Features: Enable Holographic Chat speech between Players; Radius Hologram Distance between players totally configurable; MySQL and SQLite data Toggle feature support/...
  7. S

    New MineCraft Staff

    Hey I am setting up new Minecraft servers one is already finished we just need builders. We are offering rewards to loyal staff if we can work together to make our server a success. See below for roles needed Builders: Urgently! Admin Moderators Helpers Recruiters (For players) Please join...
  8. Larskei

    Bungee Queue | Prevent server crashes from player join overload! 2019-10-19

    for more information about this plugin and for updates please go to this spigot resource page. I will not be posting updates to MC Market, you can get updates from the linked page Click here to get the most recent version. For custom requests please message me on discord, custom addons or...
  9. phrog

    » CLIXKBAIT's Setups ☬ Exclusive ☬ Free ☬ Great Quality «

    Hi! I am looking to build on my portfolio by offering free of charge setups. What do I offer? ➢ Discord Setups ➢ Server Setups ➢ Configurations ➢ BungeeCord Setups Server Setups include: ➢ Factions ➢ Prison ➢ Skyblock ➢ Lobby/Hub ➢ Minigames Contact me: Discord ➢ CLIXKBAIT#4956 Or just...
  10. R

    8/10gb Vps for bungeecord

    Hello, I have a budget between 10 and 15 dollars per month and I need a vps for my bungeecord proxy and minecraft spigot servers. The server will probably grow up quickly because we will be corking with streamers so expect us to ask for bigger and more expensive vps soon. Also the servers need...
  11. Asyc

    Affordable Quality Plugin Shop

    Hello, we are an established plugin shop that will make any plugin you want! We can go from minigames to anti-cheats and also simple plugins! If you are interested, PM me on discord Asyc#0128
  12. X

    ⚡ Shadow Nations ⚡ [LOOKING FOR STAFF] ⚡

    About Us Shadow Nations is a network of multiple servers with the same goal; to bring the old, yet iconic Minecraft gamemodes from the shadows, and create the most nostalgic and fun experience for players. These are the initial gamemodes/servers: Bungee Server ~ SERVER 1 Towny ~ SERVER 2...
  13. Bpav2005

    Bungee Setup - Support

    Hi I am Bpav I am the Owner of Exodus Network and I need help connecting my servers using Bungee if anyone can help me do this please DM on Discord My Discord: Bpav2005#4171
  14. X


    Hello McMarket Community! I'm currently selling a simple plugin I coded $1 The plugin transports you around the server (bungee) So lets say I do /hub or /lobby Its going to send you do the hub/lobby This is mainly for HCF server, but it will work fine on any other. The only thing you need to do...
  15. Jinxed

    ⎮Savage Panda Setups⎮BungeeCord Server Setup ∾ With Comments Added

    Building a fully grown Network is hard and time consuming, with tedious and for some users a bit messy and confusing settings and options as it was for me in the beginning. This is why i have made this BungeeCord setup, and because we all love to do what we do and with the help of this setup...
  16. jason lagana

    Setting up a Bungee Cord server

    I Need help with setting up a bungee cord server. maybe under 5 dollars
  17. SlookHD


  18. BrandonsRich

    Looking for Developer's!

    ONLY LOOKING FOR PEOPLE THAT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING! Not looking for some goofball's being lazy! Looking for someone well working and eligible to do what they need to do. :tup: Needs to know about Bungeecord, Plugins, custom code. AT LEAST! :tup: Please message me if you think you meat the...
  19. Mr3e

    Selling a server! setups + domains!

    Hello guys! I am closing my server for 2 reasons in main: 1) I no longer have money from donations to keep it up, my irl money goes to my studies. 2) Gained lots of hate from few players for not making them staff (10-13 years old when I asked them before, and when i check their facebook + skype...
  20. Moocow9m

    MaintenancePlugin 9.1

    Locks server for maintenance. Usage /Lockdown on/off [Players to not Lockout (including offline players)] Ex: /Lockdown on Moocow9m RandomPerson54 RandomPerson21 or for timed /tlockdown [playernames] you can add players to Login Allow list by config, command, and permissions(it will combine...
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