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    hdHub Bungee & Auth & Lobby Setup - EN 1.0


    hdHub Bungee & Auth & Lobby Setup - EN 1.0

  3. Ch4r0n


    Plugin & Server Development by charon ABOUT ME Hi, my name is charon and I am 17 years old. I am software engineer with 4 years of experience working with lots of programming languages, frameworks and server side things. I am working with Spigot/Bukkit API for quite a long time and it became...

    hdAuthLobby Setup | Two Version - EN 1.0

  5. Drivz

    Aurora Bungee Setup - Professional Proxy v1.0

  6. CloudSetups3

    ⭐ HUB SETUP + PROXY (GRATIS) ⭐ 『 4.99$ 』| Custom Menus | Custom Scripts |

    Hub + Proxy SETUP (4.99$) » Custom Plugins » Custom Scripts » Custom Menus » No Lagg » Easy To Configure On our discord server you have channels such as paid setups and free setups and paid configurations. You currently have a discount on all setups, so don't miss the chance! Do not miss the...
  7. hhvja

    Bunge-Server Setup | Party & Friends 1.1

  8. KyotoResources

    BetterSecurity 1.7

    100% customizable via file. Block all the complete tab, which shows your server commands / + TAB (You can bypass this feature via permission, player, or uuid). Add custom commands to the full tab, which all players can see. Or by creating groups for your staff. Warn your staff, and also the...
  9. NemesisDev

    Advanced bungeecord setup v1

  10. Spark Operations


    📖 Features↴ ➺ Login System ➺ Staff System ➺ Skin Plugin ➺ Permissions Made ➺ MOTD System ➺ Maintenance Mode 🔗 Dependencies ↴ PandaHub: $5.50 AlonsoTags [FREE] BetterSocial [FREE] GadgetMenus [FREE] 🎭 Images ↴ Want to see more of Ocean? Visit this album of imgur! 👮‍♂️ Crediting ↴ ThaMango for...
  11. L3gend

    GoTo System - Bungee 1.8 - 1.19.2

    This is a simple plugin created for a network, which I then decided to release to everyone. What this plugin does is add the /goto command that allows you to go from one server to another without having to do /server. Command: - /goto <server> or /connect <server> - /gotoreload Permissions: -...
  12. HyperionDev

    Minecraft Plugin Development | Affordable prices

    Hey! I'm Efe and I am a 16 years old Java Developer from Turkey. I have 3 years of experience and I have experience working with big servers. (my past experience can be found in my portfolio) All of my prices are affordable. I accept payments through PayPal and Crypto. if you pay with Crypto...
  13. realLuiz


    I'll setup your mc server single server / bungee networks with different gamemodes fully customizable i'll make cracked(with protection for anti-bot)/premium bungee also i code custom skripts for your network/server I made 2 fully bungee networks and 10 custom setups (different gamemodes)...
  14. Rynuwu

    Epic Security Pack | High Quality v0.3

    BEST SERVER SECURITY SETUP INTRODUCTION This security setup is make your server detections bot attack and crashing. It is very smooth while server is under attacks. INCLUDED ✔️ Anti Bot Attack ✔️ Anti Exploited ✔️ Anti Crashing ✔️ Anti VPN ✔️ Anti Dupe ✔️ Anti World Downloader CONTACT If you...
  15. S

    Need Quake Plugin!

    Needing a quake plugin, please only message if you can show previous work or a portfolio. Discord: SFGoose#0666
  16. D

    ScreenShareSystem 1.4

    Pay attention and read all the page! ScreenShareSystem Features: /ss <Player> /ss finish /ss join or /ss tp Customizables buttons for these cases: Refuse Cheating Admit Clean Customizable scoreboards Three roles: Staffer Player Debugger Private chat between the staffer and the player...
  17. Raskulpaskul

    What bungee fork is the best?

    Hi, i am working on a minecraft network and i’ve come to point to question myself what bungee fork should i choose. what would you advise me to choose?
  18. P

    Will do minecraft config / discord bot coding

    I have some premade lobby, login, bungeecord servers both for online or offline mode. Price is negotiable and I will do smaller jobs for discord nitro. I have some premade lobby, build, login, bungeecord servers to sell also. I write discord bots in TypeScript and use firebase as database. I...
  19. Xempt420

    Help Wanted RX-Gaming

    Hello, My name is Xempt im the owner of RX-Gaming a brandnew gaming community with over 400 members. Today i want to look for people who like me want to grow a community and expand there knowlage. I am currently setting up a link of gaming servers with the ability to set up more i would like to...
  20. rusekh


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