1. kangarko

    VelocityControl - Cross-Network Chat v1.0.0-ALPHA

    This is a Velocity-only plugin. ChatControl Red™ is recommended to have installed on your Spigot/Paper servers. Please note this plugin is in ALPHA stage during development. Please report all bugs to our GitHub Issue tracker where they will be addressed in 0-5 days. VelocityControl is a bridge...
  2. nsider04

    [Offering] Spigot & BungeeCord Minecraft Plugin Developer | Looking to Work or Freelance | 5+ Year EXP

    Looking for a Professional Minecraft Plugin Dev that can provide you with up-to-date high quality solutions and clean code for your server? Hello! I am Nsider, I have been creating High Quality Spigot and BungeeCord plugins along with some Java Applications for 5-6 years. I enjoy every new...
  3. StellarMine

    Stellar Velocity - OVERPOWERED SETUP v1.0

  4. StellarMine

    Stellar Bungee - Enhance your Network 0

    You need to install this free plugin manually! UltraStaffChat (Hypera): https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/ultrastaffchat-bungeecord.68956/
  5. DekeractTheGreat

    Ultimate Bungeecord Plugin Server Setup v1.2

    This setup is a fully configured out of the box product. This server has enhanced security features to ensure you remain in COMPLETE control of your server. Set up only requires you to agree to the Minecraft EULA. BungeeCord WorldEdit WorldGuard LuckPerms (with preconfigured ranks)...
  6. Francies

    ReportDiscordPlus v4.2

    The ReportDiscordPlus plugin is a powerful tool that integrates Discord and Minecraft to enhance the reporting system on your server. It allows players to report other players for various reasons and sends the reports directly to a designated Discord channel for staff members to review. The...
  7. F

    Easy Proxy Setup | FireSetups v1.0

    EASY PROXY SETUP Easy and smooth Waterfall setup with important plugins. FEATURES: Custom MOTD Maintenance Mode AntiBot System Global Staff Chat & Admin Chat & Dev Chat Fake Players Skin Changer Global Report System "/lobby" Command Plugin Hider / Command Blocker Optimized & High quality...
  8. Inxiify

    G1 Core | Exclusive Cord v1.3

    Facility: First you must already have a spigot installed on your server. After you have it installed, go to the ServerName/Plugins folder, and drag the G1.jar here. Then you will start the server and it will be closed automatically. To solve this you must already have a G1 License or it could...
  9. Singz KS

    Lobby Setup + BungeeCord En Español

  10. Francies

    BungeeBroadCast v1.0

    BungeeBroadcast is an advanced Minecraft server plugin that integrates seamlessly with BungeeCord, offering versatile and customizable broadcasting capabilities for different user groups. This plugin is designed to improve communication and interaction between players on multiple servers. Main...
  11. Marnesia

    PIXELATED Studios | Bungeecord Setup - v1.0

    MOTD: Discord Bot: Chats: BAN & KICKED:
  12. madtrent

    BungeeCord Proxy Setup v1.0

    This BungeeCord setup not only delivers exceptional speed and reliability but also provides robust protection against bot attacks and potential exploits, establishing itself as a reliable and secure proxy solution. Additionally, it features a staff chat and PartyAndFriends functionality...
  13. N

    Requesting a System Administrator or Network Engineer to help solve an issue

    Hey, We're looking for an experienced system admin or network engineer to help us solve an issue we've been struggling with for a few months. We will try to describe the problem and everything we know about it so far below: Every few minutes, a player will (seemingly randomly) be kicked from...
  14. Levitate

    Levitate's Velocity Proxy Setup v1.0.0

    Overview: This velocity proxy server setups provides a very fast, reliable and secure proxy server for all your server needs, also including many features such as an anti-bot system, and much more! Features: Anti-Bot - Includes a powerful and fast anti-bot system that prevents most type of bot...
  15. EpicProduction

    Classic Bungee Setup v1.0

  16. olangus

    Lobby - Server Setup v1.0

    Features: - Welcome Message | Welcome players to your network! - Custom Menus | Navigate threw custom menus at any moment! - Leaderboard | Make your server more competitive with leaderboards - Holograms | Display all information needed with custom holograms! - Cosmetics | Give a fun task...
  17. alexcastro1919

    SmoothDownDetector v1.0.0

    They say the cheapest and best way to gain users is not to lose them. SmoothDownDetector is a plugin designed to detect when a server has crashed or stopped working. Servers send messages to the manager; when one of the servers stops sending messages for a certain period, it is killed and...
  18. xOrcun

    Bungeecord & FakeLobby Server Setup v1

    OVERVIEW: I made a small bungeecord and fake lobby package and presented it to you. You don't need to configure plugins or settings for hours, everything is ready. FEATURES: AntiBot - Protect your server from bots. SafeNet - Protect your server from exploiters. AntiPopup - No chat report and...
  19. TrueMB

    TempAfk - Give players AFK time v1.0.0

    Description This plugin gives your players the opportunity to be temporally longer AFK through given or bought AFK time. It can detect every AFK machine, that I currently know about. The Shop can be set up with AFK time, which can be bought with in game money. Server Administrator can also...
  20. Synteh

    Oxygen - BungeeCord Core Plugin v1.0.1-SNAPSHOT

    ...More: Custom Commands (Essentials, Staff, Information, Blocked and more) Server Default Kick (If server that player was on shutdowned, plugin will automaticly send player to "FALLBACK_SERVER" that was written in config. Everything is 100% editable. Global Whitelist List (Not UUID Supported...
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