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  1. The Compound

    Looking for an established server $1500

    Hi I'm looking for a server that's already established/made, survival game mode is preferable! The attributes aren't necessarily needed, no sales or active player base is required. Budget - $1500 Attributes - Discord has active members. - A healthy player base is required. - Artwork must...
  2. K

    [Request] Established Server(s) with Large Playerbase $XXX,XXX Budget

    Looking to purchase an established server or servers with large playerbases. Must have 3 profitable maps/seasons. Players and discord must be active. Must be able to show revenue and expenses. DM me on discord cd#1409.
  3. Derekmaurice

    Discord Server 9k + members (at least 2k active)

    Any type of server that have 9k + members I wish to buy. Free to use a middleman, and will pay a decent price of value. No boost needed really.
  4. Gameeo

    Large Active Player Servers!

    Hello! We are looking to acquire at least one or more large servers with a good amount of active players. Please only message me if your server is AT LEAST 50 active on average players or more. Server must also have an active discord channel as well as BuyCraft connected. Theme or type of the...
  5. Osmium_0

    Selling 4k+ Discord server 28 boosts

    Hello I am selling a 4k Discord server with 28 boost, the average online count is around 700. My asking price is around 100$ DM me on discord: Mack#8940
  6. F

    Server with a playerbase

    Budget: 100 - 400$ im looking to buy a server with a player base of like 10 to 20 people per day The Version and Gamemode can be aything Infos: (i want to continue an existing server with new custom updates)
  7. MrTest

    Biggest Server

    I Want a biggest server Have Many Minigame and ready to open Or Biggest MMORPG Server If you want to sell to me Come to discord and DM to me [ StrangerBigboss ] [ Girl Happy Face ] Discord Link :
  8. B

    MC Server

    Gamemode: - Factions Requirements: - Nice Spawn - Well Setup - And Everything Else A Good Faction Server Needs Screenshots Needed!
  9. P

    Professional Custom Faction Server

    To see the server go to EvolutionCraftMC.Com A faction server up for sale for 500+ CONTACT DISCORD (#0521) OR COMMENT BELOW! INCLUDES - DOMAIN (EvolutionCraftMC.Com) - PAID/CUSTOMIZED/REGULAR PLUGINS - PLAYERBASE - DISCORD - WEBSITE WHICH HAS MADE $500 IN DONATIONS - FILES - CHEAP MONTHLY COST...
  10. Fenix

    Need server owner buyer mm service

    Hello MCM, I have been doing the Minecraft server thing for a while and I always envoy yet the same issue. I create great servers my players love. I fail horribly at staffing them. I just hate the drama... I would like to buy a server that is currently running strong. Has a positive or neutral...
  11. brayblox

    Creating Unique Servers with you!

    Would you like a server in your own image! Well you can! I create Custom Looking servers without the price of what you would pay with a developer! I use a variety of Premium and Free plugins that I've acquired over time. While building custom structures for you! To know it's not a scam is...
  12. Bronze


    Hello my name is Nick and I am going to be selling BronzeMC, the reason why I wanna do so is that I lost interest in Minecraft and want to pursue into programming and developing programs and apps. Well, the server is about finished, to be honest. I worked more than 46 days on the server that I...
  13. literallykek

    ✦ Cthul's Survival ✦ Unique serverfiles - Good aesthetics and Cute

    Hello, I sell the server files with the plugins that are shown below, permissions and everything are all set, you just have to change the name and upload it! I also offer support for it and help with most of the stuff. All of the server was made by me. There are ~70 plugins but is really well...
  14. M

    Can Setup specific server modes(EX:Factions) 5-50$

    Hello I am a experienced server owner. I've made a bunch of servers before that ended up okay. I am looking to set up a server for you guys who wants their server to be setup with a budget between 5-15$. Setups Simple Faction Server (Kits,Factions,Shop,Spawn,PVP,McMMO,Spawners,Warps) - 7.50$...
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