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  1. JC_Plays_MC

    ProCheckout [1.7 - 1.20] [LAUNCH SALE] - The payment solution without compromises!

    Available for £24.99 £12.49 (50% OFF) on SpigotMC and BuiltByBit!
  2. JC_Plays_MC

    ProCheckout v1.1.1-CS-API

  3. Light Designs

    Nice Mobs - Store Icons - Version 2 v1.0

    16 Mob Icon Exports [.png files, transparent backgrounds] Project Files [.psd files for each icon] Full-resolution exports of each mob We do not hide any logo or branding within resources. This ensures you have a professional, customized look out-of-the-box! If you wish to make direct...
  4. Ellie

    24x Key Icons for Tebex - PACK 2 v1.0

    Included keys: Amethyst Copper Gilded Blackstone Crying Obsidian Netherite Demon Red Trippy Rainbow Pastel Rainbow Neon Sign Glitch Celestial Bee Potion Bottle Warden Lush Slime Magma Water Lightning Emerald Currency Diamond Currency Royalty - Purple Royalty - Gold
  5. vosiekip

    BEE Tebex Template | Dark/Light + Ranks v1.2.1

    BEE Tebex Template (Comes with multiple add-ons!) Increase your sales by using this template on your store! BEE is fundamentally designed to increase your revenue. If you have any questions about this resource feel free to contact me. Support or custom templates: Discord: lixel Features...
  6. Karma Studios

    Pixel Spawn Eggs +30 FREE v1.0

    High quality spawn egg icons for any Minecraft server shop. More colors and designs will be added from time to time. The delivered file is a .zip file with images .png If you need help with one of our configurations, we invite you to enter our documentation page or if you have any questions...
  7. MasafeDev

    Planning to create a OP Survival Minecraft Server

    Hello 😄, I'm in the process of developing a OP survival Minecraft server and am looking to assemble a dedicated team to bring this project to life. This team will encompass a range of roles, including builders, server setup experts, and more. I have allocated a budget for this endeavor...
  8. LixelHD

    Selling very profitable Tebex Templates

    Hello, I am offering my newest resource: https://builtbybit.com/resources/allay-tebex-template-includes-addons.38923/ If you are interested in my other resources please let me know! This resource is on the market since Feb 7, 2024 and made 9 sales and one addon sale yet. So, the possible...
  9. V

    Tebex Icons v1.0

    Ranks icons tebex: 12 icons Each icon comes as the following files: 150x150 PNG
  10. Ellie

    5+ Rank Icons - Ores v1.0

    5 Shield Rank icons for Tebex / Buycraft / web stores, based around Minecraft Ores. Featuring: Diamond Shield Emerald Shield Amethyst Shield Gold Shield Iron Shield A version of each without the shield A version of each without shield plus an outline Each icon comes as the following files...
  11. vosiekip

    SKULL Tebex Template + Rank table addon v1.2

    SKULL THEME Responsive Tebex template Features: Custom rank category Sale icons Animated hover effects Works on mobile devices EVERYTHING can be easily changed within the style preferences Edit colors in 5 minutes Support DISCORD: lixel Screenshots + PREVIEW VIDEO
  12. Artillex-Studios

    Survival Ranks | Store Icons v1.0

    High Quality Icons for Tebex/Buycraft or any minecraft server shop - use them all, or the specific ones you like The download includes: • 4 Premium Rank Icon (King, Knight, Wizard, Farmer) • All PNG icons with transparent background, no watermark • All icons in those sizes: 1024x1024 & 500x500...
  13. Vextrosity

    SKULL RANKS - Store Icons v1.0

    SKULL RANKS This pack includes 7 transparent skull icons for your store. You can increase your sales by using these attractive product icons. SUPPORT If you have any questions you can join our discord and create a support ticket. CHECK OUT OUR DIAMOND PACK:
  14. Blockwave

    8 | Gold & Emerald Icons v1.0

    INFORMATION - 🟦8 Gold & Emerald Currency icons 🟦 All icons in size 512x512 with - Line art & no lineart 🟦 All icons with transparent background and no watermark 🟦 You will get .rar file with outline & with no outline -------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  15. RezzoMC

    Mythic - Premium Tebex Theme v1.0

    Perfect tebex template for your server. Offer an great style to your store and beside that is compatible with 6 different games ( Minecraft / FiveM / Rust / Unturned / ARK / Garry's Mod ). Before purchasing feel free to contact me through discord!
  16. Blockwave

    8 | Christmas Key Icons v1.0

    INFORMATION - 🟦8 Christmas Key Icons 🟦 All icons in size 512x512 🟦 All icons with transparent background and no watermark 🟦 You will get .rar file with outline & with no outline -------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  17. alejandrosuz

    Pixelmon/Cobblemon 24 buycraft icons v1.0

    PIXELMON/COBBLEMON BUYCRAFT ICONS Buycraft icon images for your Pixelmon or cobblemon server. Maximum quality at an unbeatable price. The file has 24 images in total. 6 different versions in 4 dial colors for each one. First version of 3/4 expected.
  18. Ellie

    ANIMATED 9+ Shield rank icons v1.0

    Hello! Here's 11 icons in total with included animated versions to make the icons stand out in your store or wherever else you chose to use them. Please check the image carousel above to see in-depth previews of the included files: 11 Shield icons in total 2 ore shields 6 class shields 3...
  19. Ellie

    ANIMATED 9x treasure chest and key combo v1.0

    Hello! I've received quite a few requests for more budget-friendly pixel art since the free pack popped off, so here's the start of a bunch of packs. Check the image carousel above to see in-depth previews of the included files: 9 pixel art treasure chests Amethyst Demon Emerald Magma Oak...
  20. LixelHD

    Christmas Pack v1.0

    CHRISTMAS PACK This pack includes various icons for your store. You can increase your sales by using these attractive product images. MORE IMAGES WILL FOLLOW SOON Soon I will create more icons. You will get free access to all future updates. CONTACT If you have any questions or suggestions...