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  1. Diz

    Buzz AntiCheat | Innovative detections done right! | Less than $1/day [StellarDev] 1.7+

    With so many anticheats available in this community, you can never be sure who to trust. Let me introduce you to Buzz AntiCheat, this will be the only anticheat you will EVER need for your server no matter what. Buzz offers a range of detections and features that vary from flawless >3.01 reach...
  2. Diz

    Buzz Anticheat | What questions do you have? | Q&A

    Buzz Anticheat is set to release here shortly and I'm looking to know what sort of questions the community might have so I can make sure to address them on my initial sales thread. If you have any questions about the product please ask and I will reply as soon as I can. Thanks! Make sure to...
  3. ZenCraft

    CRAZY SKYBLOCK [HQ] [1.8 to 1.10] [$9.95] (%50 DISCOUNT)

    Hey, I will offer my third preconfigured server This server has a performance of high quality! This server features: 5 Crates configured Store fully configured Elegant design Free support Fancy Scoreboard Greenhouses Unique map PvP area island Farm area island Hologram information The...
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