1. Vein Variation

    Casino & Nightclub Venue v2.0

    This expansive complex boasts a retro nightclub, a modern nightclub, a rooftop bar with breathtaking views, a cozy cafe, a thrilling casino, a spacious auditorium for grand gatherings, Mahmood's Kebab Turkish deli, a stylish clothing store, and numerous check-in areas. Each space is meticulously...
  2. Zeppelin

    Zeppelin Casino - Elite Minecraft Casino v1.1.2

    Zeppelin Casino is a unique and fun addition to your Minecraft server, offering a GUI-based casino with 5 games. The plugin supports Vault and other economy systems, and hooks directly into it. The Casino Games Crash Mines Slots Coin Flip Wheel of Fortune Features Customizable odds...
  3. Vein Variation

    Penthouse Club & Casino v2.0

    Calling all Roblox developers! Prepare to take your virtual world to the next level with our Highrise Casino & Nightclub Mega Map. This feature-packed masterpiece includes a fully operational casino, a stylish lobby/bar, a vibrant nightclub/hangout area, and a jaw-dropping animated elevator that...
  4. Kanaavi

    Realistic Vending Machine - Resourcepack v1.0

    -- Realistic Vending Machine -- 3D realistics Vending Machine for your Minecraft server :cool: Resourcepack contains: - ★ 3D custom Vending Machine - ! OptiFine = Required !
  5. G

    Simple Roulette v1.0

    What does this system consist of? This system consists of placing a roulette wheel which players can operate by pressing a button. The roulette contains a cooldown of 24 hours (configurable). Each color of the roulette wheel has its own percentage. In the prizes you can execute a command from...
  6. Minelc Builds

    Casino Prision Spawn - 200x200 v1.0

    MAP INFORMATION FIle Format ➔ .Schematic Size ➔ 200x200 Theme ➔ Casino Version ➔ 1.8+ Npc Area ➔ True Shop Area ➔ True Map Type ➔ Spawn High Quality ➔ True © 2022 Minelc Builds. All rights reserved.
  7. ThommyShelby

    Small Pixelmon Spawn v1.0

    Pixelmon Spawn Size: 350x250 This Pixelmon spawn contains all what you need : Casino Pokemart Pokecenter Ranks Arena Fossil Crates
  8. Vextrosity

    Cuparena | 300x300 | BoxPvP Arena v1.0

    Includes • Spawn • 4 NPC Pedestals • 4 Crates • Enchanting & Crafting Area • 2 Starter Resource Blocks • 23 Arena Resource Blocks Supported Versions • 1.16 & Higher ZIP Contents • Java World, .mcworld & .schem Support Create a support ticket on our discord if you have any issues or questions...
  9. MineShimado

    Vegas GUI Resource Pack v1.3

    CONTAINS: DEFAULT RESOURCE PACK, ITEMSADDER RESOURCEPACK, ORAXEN RESOURCEPACK GUIs and items (Specially created for the Vegas plugin). ➥ Menu ➥ Shop ➥ Statistics ➥ Roulette ➥ Darts ➥ Drums ➥ Races ➥ Pyramid ➥ Stairs ➥ Lottery ➥ Crash ➥ Classic ➥ BlackJack ➥ Rock Paper and...
  10. Pedro Villarruel

    DeluxeRockPaperScissors v1.1

    Discord | Support COMMANDS: /rps /rock-paper-scissors /piedra-papel-tijeras SUBCOMMANDS: /rps (Open the menu to see the games in progress) /rps open (Open the menu to see the games in progress) /rps create <rock/paper/scissors> <quantity> (Create a bet) /rps reload (Reload the plugin)...
  11. PrimeDev2024

    Custom Casino Build by Prime Development v1.0

    Hello guys this it 100x100 Custom Casino Schematic orginaly made for casino but you can use it for whatever you want. Its build in 1.20+ Version so you have new blocks. You will need WorldEdit or Fawe for using this schematic. If you need anyhelp contact us on Builtbybit PM. Here are some photos
  12. vaizon

    Casino - Monte Carlo Style v1.0

    Huge Casino in Monte Carlo Style. Built in 1.8 Highly detailed
  13. MineShimado


    FOR SUPPORT - WRITE TO DISCORD ⭐ PRESENTS ⭐ The admin arranges the positions where the gift will appear randomly. If the player finds it and clicks it, he will get the cash bonus that you specify in the config. After a while, the gift will appear again in another location with a random...
  14. MineShimado

    Casino Machines Pack v1.3

    CONTAINS: DEFAULT RESOURCE PACK, ITEMSADDER RESOURCEPACK, ORAXEN RESOURCEPACK 15 Casino machines (Specially created for the Vegas plugin). ➥ Roulette ➥ Darts ➥ Drums ➥ Races ➥ Pyramid ➥ Stairs ➥ Lottery ➥ Crash ➥ Classic ➥ BlackJack ➥ Rock Paper and Scissors ➥ TicTacToe ➥ DeadMansChest ➥...
  15. nap0_arg

    Roulette map event v1.0

    ROULETTE EVENT MAP ================================================ DESCRIPTION: Roulette event designed for a minigame with a capacity of 50-100 players, players will be eliminated according to the number chosen! Size: 115x115 Version: +1.19 Only build, no includes plugin or commands
  16. NitroSetups

    Lottery Menu - Configuration v2.1.0

    Looking to upgrade the menu for your Lottery plugin? Look no further, this configuration will instantly upgrade your lottery menu with a unique professional layout. It is drag and drop so you can start using the configuration immediately. Watch our showcase video below. Below are all the...
  17. ignTrailed

    DoubleUp - A Unique Chance Game v1.2

    DoubleUp DoubleUp is a Minecraft plugin that offers players a chance to doubleup their item by a game of chance. Adding another type of game similar to coinflip to their server. Server owners have the ability to change the win %. Features → Configurable Win Chances → Blacklisted Items →...
  18. EliteCreatures

    Casino Decoration Volume 2 v1.4

    Casino Decoration Volume 2, 20 Models: Poker Sign Chip Set Gambling Game Machine Doggie Cash Venezia Slot Roulette Chair Red Chair Yellow Red Armrest Chair Yellow Armrest Chair Madonna Gambling Machine Buffalo Slot Machine Woman Painting Baccarat Machine Wheel Machine Lady Led Sign Led Sign...
  19. EliteCreatures

    Modern Casino Furniture Pack v1.1

    Modern Casino Furniture Pack Comes with 22 Models Decorate your world casino with high quality slot machines, snack bars, signs, tables and more. Pack Includes: 2 Slot Machines 4 Luxury Seats 5 Game Tables 2 Plants Casino Sign Vending Snack Machine 1 Glass Cover Table 2 Regular...
  20. ElusiveX

    Simple Lobby Setup v3.3

    I AM REWORKING THIS DESCRIPTION! SORRY FOR ANY MISSING INFORMATION Comming Soon This lobby setup consists in bringing all the content that u need in one lobby setup with support 1.8-1.20.4, the server has a small amount of plugins to achieve all this. Remember that you can give me...
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