1. RomaInvicta

    Low poly Fantasy RPG map v1.0

    A low poly map which features 4+2 biomes with distinct features, the map is fairly large and is perfect for a Fantasy RPG game, the biomes and areas that it currently features are: A heart shaped plains biome with a small village in the middle; A graveyard; A swamp biome with a few mushroom...
  2. ProtectorBuilds

    Nether Caves | 100x100 | v1.1

    - Minecraft Nether Caves - --------------------------------------- +SIZE: 100x100 +INTEROR: YES +VERSION: 1.18 - 1.20.1
  3. BreadBuilds

    Caves - Mines v2 v1.0

    Product information: Size: 137x167 Version: 1.8 - 1.21+ Ladders & paths through the entire mine for faster movement There are no ores (except some for decoration) in the map, it is up to you where you place them Amethyst Water at the bottom Lily pads Waterfalls and so much more Download...
  4. Zalbus

    500x500 | Medieval & Fantasy Spawn v2.1

    Beautiful medieval/fantasy themed spawn for your Survival or Skyblock server! MAP INFORMATION FIle Format ➔ Schematic Parkour Cave ➔ True Theme ➔ Fantasy Version ➔ 1.12+ Size ➔ 500x500+ NPC Areas ➔ True Map Type ➔ Spawn / Map Highly Detailed ➔ True Load...
  5. BreadBuilds

    Caves - Mines v1.1.

    Product information: Size: 150x120 Version: 1.19 - 1.21+ The mines are 134 blocks high Stairs through the entire mine for faster movement There are no ores in the map, it is up to you where you place them Various cave biomes: Lush cave Normal cave Nature cave Dripstone cave Dripstone and deep...
  6. Alexandr3_

    Mining Zone - 5 caves Ideal for warp v1.1

    COORDS : -320 200 360
  7. S

    Cutom Dungeons and Caves

    Multiple different custom Dungeons, and multiple different custom Caves, with Buildings and chests inside and on the End a Bossfight room
  8. ema0

    ✨ UHC TerrainControl Configuration ✨ | 6.0 Caves, Biomes - Sugar Canes - Ores Setup, UHC

    I've been out of scene for a while and just started back my business. This resource is the one and only, first ever to sell in the market (I'm not kidding, first posted 17th of Gen 2020, I am now revamping everything). Just like Badlion (RIP) Caves, a must-have for UHC Servers. This Setup is...
  9. Zylus

    200x200 Semi-Exclusive Prisons/RPG Mines Build for 15$

    Hey there! I'm selling this semi-exclusive amazing mines build for only a price of 15$! It consists of multiple layers that have resources within them and built with different styles! The build also contains four rooms for boss fights or where mobs can be spawned! There are two major boss rooms...
  10. P

    Terrain Control caves config

    Can anyone give me a terrain control config for uhcs? I tried using the freshuhc one but it doesnt generate forest or anything.
  11. Zeliahh_

    ✨ 滅 UHC TerrainControl | 6.0 Caves - Sugar Canes - Biomes - Ores | Badlion, Ultra ✨

    Description: Name: UHC TerrainControl Latest Version: 1.4 This Setup is built for UHC Servers and re-creates perfectly what 6.0 Caves are. It also provides SugarCanes & Ores Setup and Biomes Generation. How much does it cost? This setup only costs $7. You can purchase it here. Payment...
  12. ThatsSasi

    Caves 6.0 Plugin for UHCs

    I'd like a 6.0 Caves generation plugin like badlion or ultra... To use with worldborder, I'd buy it for 25$-ish
  13. MrCelestial

    ✨ Large multipurpose spawn/hub ✨ HQ ✨Pirate Ships, Villages and more! ✨

    NOTE: This build is still in progress, although it could be used now I'm still adding extra structures, trees etc. I am just posting this to see if there's anyone interested, Hello, today I am looking for anyone who is interested in purchasing a large, high quality multipurpose spawn/hub...
  14. E

    Custom Cave Plugin like Badlion 6.0 / Ultra

    Hey everyone, i am looking for a "Infinite" Caves Plugin like on Badlion 6.0 or Ultra. I just want this Plugin as an extra Plugin for our UHC Plugin. If you are able to make it for me add me on Discord (for price and everything else). Treatful#0873