1. FZR_1987

    Skyblock - Hardcore Progression Template v1.1

    Introducing a finely tuned Skyblock server template, tailored to offer immersive and challenging gameplay, showcasing some of the features listed below: ★ Visualizing Progress & Features ★ Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this resource offers a multi-level GUI presenting a diverse...
  2. xShyo_

    Parkour Setup | Professional Server v3.0

    All players have the ability to continue their parkour without interruption, thanks to a built-in auto-resume system. This allows them to pick up parkour exactly where they left off. Test Server English (EN): DISCORD: (here) [/SPOILER] TAB Full version...
  3. Muntder_IQ

    CoreQuests - Challenges & Quests v2.3 Now you can create your own questsby following this steps : there are new things added i will explain them here : QuestEvent You set this in the yaml file for each quest example : This plugin is really easy to setup only a few steps required and you...
  4. Ordwen

    ODailyQuests v1.2.0-beta

    Dynamize your server & increase player retention ! O'DailyQuests is a daily quest plugin. Every day, players have some random quests in a list to complete. There are two modes of quests: global quests and quests categorised by difficulty (easy, medium, hard). If the second mode is chosen...
  5. Xcraft Networks

    ⚙️Bentobox - Bskyblock Custom Challenge Creation Services ⚙️

    Hello! My name is X and I like to consider myself an expert plugin configurator! I am now offering new services for all "Bentobox: Bskyblock" plugin users! I will create custom bskyblock challenges for your server. Collaboration is encouraged! _________________________________ Service A...
  6. Wazup922

    One In The Battle Advanced v4.6

    You can also find this plugin on SpigotMC! the plugin has achieved almost 110 purchases on spigot!:♛-one-in-the-battle-advanced-♛-tournaments-zombies-freemode-challenges-rpg.24702/ One In The Battle Advanced! The new generation of rpg battles!, you join a...
  7. Wazup922

    KitBattle Advanced v9.6.2

    You can also find this plugin on SpigotMC! the plugin has achieved almost 1500 purchases on spigot!: KitBattle Advanced is a plugin that will help your players get better in minecraft pvp while having fun! the features it offer will...
  8. Ssomar

    plugin for daily challenge with top

    i search a plugin for daily challenge with top but not elite challenge , thanks you
  9. SugarCube

    SKYWARS SERVER || VERSIONS: 1.8 - 1.16.2 || PROFESSIONAL CONTENT || +100 USERS ON = 20TPS v1.0.5

    Are you looking for a server from 1.8.x to 1.16.2 with good constructions and quality settings? This interesting Skywars server has Solo and Team features, excellent complements, constructions with varied style and quality configurations based on a good aesthetic for all the buying members...
  10. Z

    ASkyBlock custom challenges/block values

    I am looking for someone to create some awesome new challenges replacing the default ones. I am trying to make my server as customized as possible but I have lots of things on my hands and I cannot find a time to do this. I'm just looking for some general prices, how much would this cost me? If...
  11. SugarCube

    Survival Setup Undersea v2.0

    Looking for a 1.7.x to 1.20.2 server with good builds and quality settings? This classic Survival server, with difficulty characteristics average, excellent complements, constructions with underwater styles and quality settings based on implement a good aesthetic in view of every buyer member...
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