1. RichardContent

    SilentChat | Like the DonutSMP v1.0

    DISCORD: RCSkript / Plugins Messages: Config: This is SilentChat! The Future of Chatting and Filtering. With /silentmode you can toggle the Filtered Messages. These will be used for People who don't want to get Disturbed with TPA Trapping Messages. You can customize everything using the...
  2. vosiekip

    Announcements Config | Chat & Actionbar v1.0

    What is Infinite Announcements? Announcements provide the server with multiple ways to explain server features or send them an encouraging message to join their Discord/Store. Announcements are meant to add more engagement to the chat and are not meant to spam the players. What is this...
  3. Vifez

    vChatColor v1.0

    vChatColor | 1.8+ Chat Color Welcome to vChatColor, A Multi-Version supporting Chat Color plugin, Providing all the neccessary chat colors allowing your players to look stylish in chat! vChatColor works using Permissions, To use a color you have to have it's permission and if you have operator...
  4. hypews

    Pronouns4j v1.0.1

    Pronouns4j Features 🚀 Diversity your Minecraft server! ✨ Features: 🌈 Allow players to choose their pronouns 🔧 Uses PlaceholderAPI for the placeholders 🛠️ Supports EssentialsX with custom placeholders 💾 SQlite and SQL support Placeholders: Example format: He/Him/His/Himself...
  5. Greent Setups

    ChatGames | Keep your players engaged v1.5

  6. raiyan9

    Chat Command System v1.0

    Allows you to write a simple command, such as /e chat, to send a saved paragraph or sentence, fully customizable.
  7. FusionStudio

    FusionGradient - Gradient chat typing v1.0

    Thanks to fusiongradient, you will change the appearance of the chat on your server and give your players great fun! COMMAND: CONFIG: REVIEW:
  8. Leap Development

    Chat System v1.0

    This one of a kind chat system is a system that is perfect for any game. It has tags for special players, chats for each team, general chat for all, and more.
  9. deFeliks

    Socialismus v1.3.3

    [/spoiler] If you need help, you can contact me via Discord (whereareiam) or Telegram (
  10. Nikoloz

    Jedi Order Bundle 1 - Map and Tech v1.0

    This Jedi Order bundle contains a Jedi Temple on Tython, Lightsaber System and a Chat System to help you kick-start a Jedi group easily and cheaply.
  11. Zyro Studio

    FREE | Skript | Chat Game v1.0

    Easy Setup! Can run without any configuration. Almost everything can be changed in options. 2 Type of Games! Reaction & Math Problems. Premium quality but FREE! /chatgame <start/stop> Start or stop the chat game. Permission: chatgame.admin Alias: /cg Make sure you have Skript plugin...
  12. Boxpix Studio

    Xmas Items And Emojis Pack v1.0

    Xmas Items And Emojis Pack Introducing the Xmas Emoji Theme Pack! 33 emojis transformed into 33 versatile items for all your decorating needs. Spread holiday cheer in every message! 🎄🎁🌟 📦 Included: 33 unique emojis and items 📁 Files included: 📦 ItemsAdder (Drag and Drop) 📦 Xmas Items Json...
  13. DarkPanda73

    RoyaleCustomTags v0.0.13 Alpha

    ◆ Create as many placeholders as you want Create new files related to new placeholders with the amount of tags you wish ◆ Customize the results of your placeholders Use a default value to be shown, or create tags with different kind of values up to your imagination ◆ Compatible with...
  14. BetterDevelopment

    BetterRoleplayChat v1.2

    Very Simple Roleplay Chat PERMISSION: betterroleplaychat.reload
  15. Decryy

    Clear chat v1.0

  16. Diekieboy

    ChatGames Plugin Configuration v1.1

  17. gianxd

    Configuration GradientsNicks -Gian1carlo v1.0

    What is this resource? This is a gradient configuration on the nicks to have better colors and is decorative. Why buy this resource? This is one of the few resources of a Gradients setup that is better structured, without any errors and currently active. What do I get when purchasing this...
  18. Unnamed Team

    creative-glyphs - Custom Glyphs & Emojis v2.2.0

    creative-glyphs is a Bukkit plugin that adds emojis and glyphs to your Minecraft server, with full compatibility with other plugins that use resource-packs, like Oraxen, ItemsAdder and ModelEngine, thanks to creative-central. DiscordSRV & EssentialsDiscord Support For both Minecraft to...
  19. VineStudios

    vAutoMessage - Advanced auto announcer v1.0

  20. LinsaFTW

    EssentialsLite v0.0.6

    EssentialsLite is a versatile, all-in-one plugin designed to enhance server functionality and user experience. It offers a comprehensive set of features, focusing on essential commands and utilities tailored for server management in Minecraft. The plugin aims to streamline gameplay and...
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