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  1. Sam Conner

    Sinful Studios | Graphics | Cinematic's & More

  2. Sam Conner

    Cinematics | Trailers | Affordable

    Hello, I am a graphics designer and editor who is experienced in Vegas Pro, Adobe After Effects and cinematic creation. I am currently open to creating cheap and high quality trailers for servers, raid edits, etc. I have been doing graphic design for a few years and I am comfortable with most...
  3. EndstoneCraft3r

    I need minecraft cinematics for minecraft montage

    I need minecraft cinematics for minecraft montage budget $30 Sort of like this: Or this:
  4. Cqntrol


    Offering free trailers for MC servers! Vouches and rep would be highly appreciated. Latest Trailer: How do you get the trailer? 1. Reply to the thread asking for one. 2. PM me on MCMarket. 3. Organise it with me. What I need to complete the trailer? 1. Fly 2. Access to teleport to the maps...
  5. V

    Partner For Cinematics

  6. RaitMan

    Hello! Looking for a server trailer maker!

    Hello, Im searching for a prefessional cinematic trailer maker. What i need: 1:30 min long trailer, with text. My skype: live:rait.jansen All the things you need we will talk in skype.
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