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  1. Niccckk

    TEAL HUB | Redefining the Hub 1.5.1

    One of the shining features of Teal Hub is the custom GUIs. For each important action, such as a server selector, the player will be greeted with a completely custom menu! Each menu is completely functional, and will really make your server hub stand out from the rest. Completely custom...
  2. Wazup922

    Dragon Escape X 2.3

    This minigame is a very fun game mode that is based on parkour. Players spawn in a map and trigger an angry dragon that seeks their elimination. They have to parkour around in order to outrun the angry dragon chasing them and reach the escape point! The dragon on his rampage destroys everything...
  3. RigBot


  4. TMac

    Citizens/NPC Movement-Interaction Help

    I'm looking to hire someone for help with citizens2 and dtltraders plugin(s): I need help to have a npc follow a defined path and pausing when interacted with. The npc is selling/buying items via dtltraders. (I have both a lineal path and dtltraders working right). What I need is the help having...
  5. Gamezland

    Help Fixing Citizens and Portal Bug

    Hey there, I have 2 issues on my server. 1: A NPC keeps randomly teleporting to another location after restart instead of staying in the position I set it to be. 2: I'm having issues with getting a GUI to popup when you enter a portal but instead it just comes on for split second then goes away...
  6. zomby

    Citizens & BungeeCord Servers [✔Paid Work✔] [Need dev help!]

    Hello, I was trying to figure this simple thing out. But wasting too much time. I have Citizens NPC's and i want when a user right clicks on one of them. To redirect them to another bungeecord server. Instead of players having to type /server [servername] Qucik job for $5 [PAYPAL F&F]...
  7. B

    Need a developer for new server (denizen)

    Hello. I currently have had a server in the making for the past 3-4 months and now am ready to launch, however one thing I have not been able to successfully find is a Minecraft developer to help me set up the things I need to complete the following: -Denizen scripts with citizens and quests...
  8. 21Callcops


    Hi, My NPC's are not showing there skins. I'm unsure of why the skins are failing to show, so i'm hoping someone could help me/tell me why they aren't showing. Either reply here, or message me via discord: callum#0021 THANK YOU!
  9. 21Callcops


    My citizens / NPCs have no skins. I do /npc select /npc skin (name). Ive looked online but cant seem to find anything, can anyone help me pls?
  10. abdf

    Guard Addons (OPPrison Plugin)

    Hello my name is Logan I am looking for a person who can code me a specific type of plugin for my OP Prison server. How the plugin would work: The plugin would hook into Citizens and Sentinel. It would be used for the purpose of making Guards more realistic and kind of Skyrim like...
  11. AllForDonations


    Is there a plugin where npc's have a different skin for each player? For example if I am looking at the npc it has my skin but if my friend is looking at it it has my friend's skin for him but for me it has mine.
  12. Minesharp


    Hey, I have a big problem and I am willing to pay 50$ to anyone who helps me find the cause and solve this. So, about little more than one month ago "ghost players" started appear on my server. They are displayed in glist, messing with the tab and their player is actually physically there, even...
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