1. raiyan9

    Blue Ridge class command ship v1.0

    PRODUCT INFORMATION The Blue Ridge class is a class of amphibious command and control ships designed for the United States Navy. The ship has two functional Phalanx CIWIS guns and is scripted with Aerotech Naval System.
  2. DoomerTheDev

    Freedom Class Ship v1.0

    Description A really cool and high quality vessel, also comes with turrets. Made with exceptional quality, it will surely meet your expectations Outstanding Quality High quality model High quality Exterior High quality texture High quality Interior Highly detailed Realistic sound Fully scripted...
  3. Ellie

    ANIMATED 9+ Shield rank icons v1.0

    Hello! Here's 11 icons in total with included animated versions to make the icons stand out in your store or wherever else you chose to use them. Please check the image carousel above to see in-depth previews of the included files: 11 Shield icons in total 2 ore shields 6 class shields 3...
  4. WizWazWizard

    RPG Class Menu & Deluxe Menu Config v1.0

    Make a great first-person impression for your players! Impress your community by having a Royal RPG Classes Menu! This may be a series of RPG menus, so let me know if you want more! Includes: Custom Menu Deluxe Menu Config (Easy Drag & Drop) Preview: For any issues, contact...
  5. EliteCreatures

    Hunter Combat Class v3.0

    Included in the Hunter Combat Class: Stone Throw UpperCut Spear Jump Ultimate
  6. EliteCreatures

    Flame Class Pack v3.0

    Included in the Flame Class Pack: Flame Ball Flame Breath Flame Wheel Flame Stomp Flame Field Flame Ultimate
  7. EliteCreatures

    Kitetsu Sword Skill Pack v1.1

    Included in the Kitetsu Sword Skill Pack: Kitetsu Slash Kitetsu Slash (Blade Dance) Kitetsu Demon Dance Kitetsu Demon Dance (Blade Dance) Kitetsu Demon Slash (Blade Dance) Kitetsu Slashing Combo Kitetsu Slashing Combo (Blade Dance) Kitetsu Unlimited Blade Dance Kitetsu Ultimate Demon Divider...
  8. EliteCreatures

    Soul Weaver - Skilled Costume and Weapon v1.4

    Included in the Soulweaver Skill Weapon Pack: Soul Weaver Slash Soul Weaver Deprivation Soul Weaver Spirit Surge Soul Weaver Nether Grasp
  9. shawn1865

    MMocore configuration and balancing required

    Hi I already have the classes with skill. I need someone to make me same skills per level with different cd and mana consumption. In short, a balancing. And also installing MMocore in the server
  10. Shadownat3

    The Lightning Tempest - Mmocore Class v1.2

    A simple human who in an accident got infused with storm crystals. Now able to control the lightning within the crystals, they are able to web lightning between their foes and take out huge groups of enemies. The Lightning Tempest focuses on defeating large groups of enemies by shocking...
  11. Shadownat3

    Crimson Trapper - Mmocore Class Pack v1.3

    An explorer infected by Crimson Spores able to harness the spores and infect other enemies. The Crimson Trapper is able to use the spores to empower their bow and lay down traps made of spores infecting as many enemies as possible. The Crimson trapper is a medium to long-range class focused on...
  12. Nigel

    Unity game development classes

    I am offering Unity game development classes For people who want to start with unity and want to make a game Pleas send me your google email if interested.
  13. Lexxonist

    Modern Building Classes

    So I have this cool idea of beginning classes that teaches their students about building. If you would like to enter it's $5/class, a class is about 25mins long and if one of us has to leave it'll be continued the next available time (such as the next day). CLASSES Classes will start from the...
  14. vZytex

    Choose a class GUI plugin

    So I'm looking for someone to code me a plugin for my factions server - when a player first joins the server a GUI should pop up with 3 different items in the GUI - each item represents a class. The items should be named according to the class they represent and should have lore on them stating...