1. WilliamIndustries

    Oman v1.0

    A country besides the Arabian Sea. Map size is 10,000x10,000 studs The feature of the map is the vast openness of the map. Buildings are all custom made as well all doors are custom made independent from ACS so they will open with any gun script you choose to use. The OMAN is beside the Arabian...
  2. Nikoloz

    Coastal Town v1

    Coastal town includes – a small town, an open area in the middle with a fountain, a couple of ships and a dock with a beautiful view of the sea.
  3. AlexP21

    Coastal Mountain Roleplay/Deployment Map v1.0

    This map contains a fully detailed, realistic coastal setting. Users are able to spawn into a room with fully scripted uniform, kit and weapon equipping tools before moving on to the map to enjoy the game suitable for any RP group.
  4. Fjnxcl

    Texas Coastal Range v1.0

    Experience the "Texas Coastal Range," an impeccable asset designed with precision to enhance your military or army-themed Roblox game. Although compact in design, it boasts an assortment of features that makes it stand out. Key Highlights • Detail-Oriented • Diverse Ranges: Not just one, but...
  5. Polygon

    Lost Coast of Peru Hub | 1.8+

    Lost Coast of Peru Hub | 1.8+ " Explore the village situated on the lost coast of Peru. " Contains: 200x200 Hub Description: Build is NON-EXCLUSIVE. Resell rights are NOT included. Schematic copied from the spawnpoint. File is compressed as a .zip. Built using 1.8 blocks. Plenty of...
  6. Psymuth

    Coastal (Staff/Builders/Developers/etc.)

    Introduction It is a pleasure that you have come across this thread. I am Psymuth (Psy), one of the owners of Coastal. I am a builder, while my partner in crime Amids is a developer. Amids has experience in Java, while I used to help small servers with their building needs. It's been a special...
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