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  1. saltysanddune

    AstroGambling | Mines, Scratch Cards, Jackpot, Coinflip, Drinks & More! Build 8

    [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER][/spoiler][/spoiler] [/SPOILER] Disclaimer: You must join our discord server and open a ticket to get your license activated. Disclaimer #2: You must have AstroCommons installed on your server in-order to use any of our plugins, free access is granted...
  2. Diz

    ✧Stellar Coin Flip✧ The Ultimate Coin Flip Plugin! | Efficient | Customizable | [1.8-1.16] | $5.00

    Config coinflip-limit: 3 inventory: title: "&e&lCoinFlip" count-colors: - 5 - 5 - 4 - 1 - 14 rolling-item: name: "&6&lROLLING..." lore: - "&f{name}" win-item: name: "&6&lWINNER &e{name}" lore: - "&cAmount Won: &f${amount}"...
  3. nidzoo


  4. Kappios

    [NEW]⚡ SkyBlock Setup⚡ | ✨MISSIONS BOOSTERS | CROPHOPPER | GRAPPLING | STATS | TRADE✨ 1.16.5 v3 beta

    THIS SETUP IS CURRENTLY UNDER BETA DEVELOPMENT FOR 1.16.5 MIGRATION. PLEASE REPORT ANY ISSUE YOU ENCOUNTER AS THIS IS STILL IN BETA. ✦ SKYBLOCK SERVER SETUP ✦ This is SkyBlock Setup built which contains bunch of Features. Main Server version is 1.16.5 but if you want to use it on 1.12.2 then...
  5. P

    Rust Gambling Website

    Hi All, I am here to sell my Rust Skin gambling website. The website contains both coinflip & jackpot, its written in react and nodejs, I can transfer you the server snapshot on digital ocean so that the VPS wont need reconfiguring, all source code and help will be provided during the...
  6. EluveMC

    EllipitcalMC SkyBlock Server RELEASED TODAY

    Custom SkyBlock server non pay to win Crates Mobcoins Island Upgrades Jackpot Coinflip Crystals Quests Missions Custom Boosters Spawners Spawner Upgrades Daily Rewards Custom Enchants And More! Join Today @ Discord: Store:
  7. ItsAwkn

    CoinFlip Plugin (GUI)

    Hi, very simple Coinflip plugin! If interested DM me on Discord: Awkn#6388 /cf /cf (amount) VIDEO:
  8. Lewis D

    DeluxeCoinflip 2.6.3

    Multiple currencies! Players can select what currency they would like to gamble using a range of plugins we support (see below). GUI based coinflip game that's clean and elegant. Taxing system. Tracked player statistics such as wins, losses, profit and win percentage. All stored via SQLite...
  9. Escyth

    CoinFlip - The Ultimate 50/50 Chance 1.1

    » ABOUT THE PLUGIN: CoinFlip is an easy to setup plugin where almost everything can be customized as per your liking through simple files, with wonderful inventories and many more! » FEATURES: - Tax system - Secure and always returns money upon server crash or player disconnect - Custom...
  10. UltraOfficial

    Selling [CSGO Gambling Site] [High Quality] [CHEAP]

    Information about CSGOGoat: I started the project CSGOGoat roughly 2 months ago, and now everything is finished and I have a big list of youtubers to make vids/streams on the site. Basically the reason why I am deciding to not finish this project and to start advertising is, mainly I have a lot...
  11. ccosmos

    [25% OFF] SELLING CS:GO GAMBLING SITES - Jackpot/Crash/Roulette/Crash/Jackpot/Shops/Trading Sites!

    Hey guys, how are you doing? After a few months and hard exams at my university I am back with CS:GO gambling sites. I am selling CS:GO and Dota 2 gambling sites - jackpot's, coinflip's, roulette's, crash and minesweeper sites, skin and item shops, trading bot websites. I am selling a lot of...
  12. HmmNodus

    UnityPvP Factions SETUP

    Starting bid: $10 Buy it now: $50 This faction server has many awesome features that you may see in other big servers such as Archon, PvPingMC, Desteria and many more servers. The main features are Boss Eggs, Monthly Crates, CoinFlips, Jackpot, BankNotes, Supply Drops, Shop GUI etc. Player...
  13. Markimus

    HeadFlip | 50/50 coin toss with item based wagers [SaicoPvP] 1.0.2

    Plugin Description Basically, this is a head flip/coin flip plugin, but rather than being eco based like every other 50/50 plugin out there, each user can wager their items. 2 users start a headflip using the commands /headflip [playername] | /headflip accept [playername] They are then...
  14. ccosmos


    Hey guys, long time no see, I'M BACK WITH MUCH MORE STUFF! I am selling CS:GO and Dota 2 gambling sites - jackpot's, coinflip's, roulette's, NOW NEW CRASH AND MINESWEEPER sites, skin and item shops, trading bot websites. I am selling a lot of shop sites too, where you can sell real-life...
  15. Kromz

    Youtubers Small And Big

    Hello I Currently Own A and we are looking for some youtubers if you are a youtuber with over 75 Subs And You Re Upload The Server Trailer You Will Get Youtuber Rank Upon Opening (August 31 2016), If you have over 500 Subs And you re upload the trailer you will get Famous Rank Upon...
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