1. kingOf0

    KDailyRewards | Daily Reward Plugin 0

    KDailyRewards KDailyRewards is a Daily reward plugin that supports daily combo and different rewards for each permission group. It's a K Series "Optimized" Plugin I believe that every server deserves optimized plugins. Even basic stuff should be optimized. Features Daily Combo Different...
  2. xTrauma

    PvP Combotage Editor

    Looking for someone who can edit practice clips into decent pvp combotages at a reasonable price range. The edits don't have to be too flashy or have too many effects as I like to keep it simple and stick to highlighting the combos instead but obviously still have interesting transitions, good...
  3. V 19132

    A PvP practice server for Minecraft Broken Edition! We have PvP Bots to duel! and several FFA maps, some for all devices, and some pocket edition only! We also have minigames like Skywars and Parkour. We have different ladders for ranked and unranked 1v1s, parties and spectating. We also...
  4. Z

    ⚡ Fresh FFA ⚡ 1.7-1.8 ⚡ 6 FFA in 1 and UHCMeetup

    Price $9 (The price is because it is a unique ffa, only it has freshcraft but I take it out) Contact Telegram: idkchicow Discord: DonTulonsin#6450 Exclusive? Yes, As I said is a ffa that nobody else has apart from the server named Modes - FFA - BuildUHC - PotionsFFA - SGFFA - ComboFFA -...
  5. joeleoli

    ✨ Praxi ✨ Leaderboards - Parties - Player Events - BuildUHC, Sumo, Parkour Support - Arena Generator

    Price Source: $150 Re-sell: $350 What you get: Praxi source code (this plugin) Zoot source code (punishments, ranks, staff utils) SpigotX source code (entity utils, kb profiles) Contact Contact me on telegram at joeleoli. Praxi This plugin supports any kind of kits, like NoDebuff, BuildUHC...
  6. NIiZoW

    MCPractice 3 | Party | Scoreboard | Multi Arena | Combo | HitDelay | Kit editor | 100% Custom v3.2

    WARNING /!\ MCPRACTICE IS OFFLINE! Website to test plugin (soon): ⬤ Extremely configurable (messages, dashboard, scales and objects). ⬤ Queuing system efficient and accurate. ⬤ Supports custom kits and kit edition. ⬤ Supports multiple arenas! You can...
  7. Toppe

    [Source] ToppeBattles - PvP Practice Plugin (Elo, Build, Party, Brackets... etc)

    Hello MCM people! I'm Toppe and I'm here selling my plugin's source. And yes, you will have full rights to sell it. I'm selling this since I have lost my motivation developing plugins and playing Minecraft and I feel like I most likely won't continue developing this anymore. Like any other...
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