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Hello MCM people! I'm Toppe and I'm here selling my plugin's source. And yes, you will have full rights to sell it. I'm selling this since I have lost my motivation developing plugins and playing Minecraft and I feel like I most likely won't continue developing this anymore.

Like any other plugin this plugin might have bugs and I won't fix them because you will get the source.


For all fights:

  • Build fights - You are able to build in the arena. When setting the build arenas you should make them in the build arenas world (the plugin creates that automatically) and set the build mode of the arena to true. The system will copy the world for more arenas and delete old one's if possible.
  • Combo fights - You take less knockback and you can deal damage much faster. (Note that some 'knockback fix' plugins may ruin this feature.)
  • Horse fights - When the fight starts you will spawn riding a horse that will be removed when the fight ends at the latest.
  • Only bow - You are only able to attack with bow (or potion but not with fists, swords etc.)
  • All fights except 1v1 have the spectator mode. When a player dies in party ffa or party vs party the player is put in the spectator mode (if spectating enabled). All spectators will be invisible for the players who are still fighting.
  • Custom kit is available in all fights except queue system in 1v1. You will see your custom kit icon in the inventory which you use to select the kit for the fight.
  • /Duel <player> - Sends a duel request to the specified player. The request will expire in seconds. After this command you will be able to select the kit (including your custom kit).
  • /Duel accept <player> or clicking the message - Accepts a pending duel request if there is one from the specified player and it hasn't expired yet.
  • Elo system - Each player has global elo (starting elo is 1000). If the player loses an elo 1v1 they will lose some elo depending on the opponent's current elo level and the opponent will gain some elo depending on the player's elo level. Note that this plugin doesn't have the system to search players with nearly same elo. Elo is only available in the queue mode.
  • /Queue - Opens an inventory with queue kits. You can join a queue by clicking a kit icon in the inventory. When another players joins the same queue you will be put in a duel against them.
Party FFA:
  • /Party fight or /Party match - Opens a GUI that contains a item in the centre of the bottom row. By clicking that item you will be able to select the kit and start the match. Minimum of 2 players required to start a party FFA match.
  • When the match starts all players in your party will be teleported in a circle around the centre of the map.

Party Vs Party:

  • /Party fight or /Party match - Opens a GUI showing all current parties (up to 45). You will see the members of the parties in the lore section when hovering on an skull. It will show whether the party is in a match or not.
  • /Party fight <player>, /Party match or clicking the message - Accepts the pending party vs party request if there is one from the specified player's party and it hasn't expired yet.
  • Colored name tags - Both teams have different name color or prefixes (as specified in the config).
Custom Kit
  • Each player's own custom kit is saved in a personal yml file in the 'playerdata' folder.
  • /Customkit - Opens the GUI.
  • /Customkit items (Admins only) - You are able to change the available items for custom kits.
  • You can open the GUI by clicking an anvil if set so in the config.
  • In the GUI you can:
    • Change armor and add protection and unbreaking enchantments and feather falling for boots.
    • Click any item or the 'air-item' to open an inventory where you can select the item you want.
    • Change amount of the item you have selected by shift clicking it.
    • Fill all empty slots by first clicking any item and then shift clicking in the 'Custom kit item' inventory.
    • Toggle build, combo, horse and bow mode. To do this the player must have 'toppebattles.customkit.<mode>' permission.
    • Change the icon of your kit and the name of the kit (& colors work) by clicking the item in the centre of the top row.
PvP Events

(Adminds only means you must have 'toppebattles.admin' to use the command. All arena, battlekit and tb commands are admin only commands!)​

  • /Brackets join - Join the event.
  • /Brackets leave - Leave the event.
  • /Brackets start <kit> - Start the brackets event with the specified kit. (Requires 'toppebattles.brackets.host' permission.)
  • /Brackets stop - Force the event to stop. (Requires 'toppebattles.brackets.host' permission.)
  • /Brackets setspawn (Admins only) - Set the spawnpoint.
  • Idea: Players are put in a 1v1 with another player and the loser drops out of the game and this repeats till the game has only one player left.


  • /Juggernaut join - Join the event if the event hasn't started yet the player will have a chance to be the juggernaut when using '-random' otherwise they will be teleported to the spawnpoint and they will get their kit.
  • /Juggernaut leave - Leave the event.
  • /Juggernaut start <player or '-random' for a random player> <juggernautkit> <otherskit> - Start the juggernaut event. (Requires 'toppebattles.juggernaut.host' permission.)
  • /Juggernaut stop - Force the event to stop. (Requires 'toppebattles.juggernaut.host' permission.)
  • /Juggernaut setspawn (Admins only) - Set the spawnpoint.
  • Idea: One player is the juggernaut and other players are trying to kill him. The game ends when the juggernaut dies.

Last man standing (LMS):

  • /LMS join - Join the event.
  • /LMS leave - Leave the event.
  • /LMS start <kit> - Start the LMS event with the specified kit. (Requires 'toppebattles.lms.host' permission.)
  • /LMS stop - Force the event to stop. (Requires 'toppebattles.lms.host' permission.)
  • /LMS setspawn (Admins only) - Set the spawnpoint.
  • Idea: Simple ffa game. Last player alive wins the game.

Other Commands

  • /Party create - Creates a party.
  • /Party disband (party owner only) - Deletes your party.
  • /Party match - As shown in the fights section.
  • /Party leave - Leave your current party.
  • /Party settings (party owner only) - Changes the player limit of the party (requires 'toppebattles.partylimitbypass') or make your party a public party (requires 'toppebattles.publicparty' permission.)
  • /Party info [player] - Shows info about your or the specified player's party.
  • /Party chat - Toggles whether you are in the party chat mode or not.
  • /Party promote <player> (party owner only) - Promote a member in your party. (They will be the new owner.)
  • /Party invite <player> (party owner only) - Invite a player to join your party.
  • /Party join <player> - Join a public party or a party you were invited to join.
  • /Party kick <player> (party owner only) - Kick a player from your party.
  • /Party force <player> (Admins only) - Force joins the player's party.
  • /Party admin (Admins only) - Promotes yourself to owner of the party you're member in.

  • /Battlearena or /Arena - the main command for handling arenas.
  • Note that you must set all (/Arena pos1, /Arena pos2, /Arena centre) or the arena will be gone when the plugin is enabled next time.
  • /Arena kits <arena> <kit> - Adds the arena the specified kit. Use 'customkit' if you mean the players' custom kits. In case you want all arenas for all kits just leave all arenas without specified kits.
  • All other arena commands:
    • /Arena build - Toggles build mode. (Only use for arenas in the build world!)
    • /Arena create <name> - Creates a new arena.
    • /Arena delete <arena> - Deletes an arena.
    • /Arena tp|teleport <arena> - Teleports you to the centre of the arena.
    • /Arena list - Shows a list of all arenas (including the arenas which are created by the build system)


  • /Battlekit - the main command for handling kits.
  • If an arena has specified kits the arena is only used by the specified kits. In other words, a match with a kit will only select an arena with the same kit specified or if there are no arenas with the kit set it will find an arena which doesn't have any specified kits.
  • All other battlekit commands:
    • /Battlekit create <name> - Creates a new kit.
    • /Battlekit delete <kit> - Deletes a kit.
    • /Battlekit seticon <kit> - Sets the icon (the item in your hand).
    • /Battlekit setinv <kit> - Sets the inventory contents of the kit (including armor)
    • /Battlekit type <kit> - Sets the type of the kit. (any, ffa, party_vs_party, duel, queue)
    • /Battlekit build <kit> - Toggles the build mode of the kit.
    • /Battlekit combo <kit> - Toggles the combo mode of the kit.
    • /Battlekit bow <kit> - Toggles the only bow mode of the kit.
    • /Battlekit elo <kit> - Toggles the elo mode of the kit.
    • /Battlekit horse <kit> - Toggles the horse mode of the kit.
    • /Battlekit list - Shows a list of all kits.


  • /ToppeBattles or /tb
    • /tb reload - Reloads config and messages (not arena system etc.)
    • /tb setlobby - Sets the lobby where players are teleported after for example fights.
    • /tb stackarenas <world with arenas> <new world name> - Not sure how perfectly this one is working but it should copy the specified world and create a copy of it including arenas.
    • /tb info <player or offline player> - Shows some info about the players such as their custom kit and current party. (You are able to delete the kit or disband the party.)
  • /Language - Players are able to change their language (they will get messages like specified for their language in the messages.yml) The plugin comes with English and Finnish messages.
  • /Languageitem (Admins only) - Delete an language item or create a new one into the languages GUI.
  • /Stats [player] - Shows the player's stats. The stats are saved in MySQL table if set so in the config otherwise in the player's personal yml file.
  • /Previewkit - Preview kits. Same as shift clicking a kit icon when selecting a kit for a fight.
  • /Fightinfo <uuid> - This command is used to show fight inventories (clickable messages after fights)

  • Skype: thetoppe
  • Telegram: Toppe
Test server: McKits.fi

Short video

This plugin is currently only used with 1.7 version (I'm not 100% sure is it working 100% correctly with all versions and it might need some fixing for newer versions)


You will see this plugin in the server and me in a staff wall there.

I know that ToppeBattles package should be all lower case but haven't changed it since I don't own that domain anymore and you should change it if you buy ;)

Start price: $100

Current bid: $110 (QualityAndy)

Ending: 15th July (over)​
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creativity at its finest!
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Is this a 1 time sell?,Because it looks OG OMG can i please have a Vc? <3


creativity at its finest!
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How so? If you want a kohi style plugin for your server you most likely need to pay around $200 and I'm selling the source too.
That was just my opinion, But it looks really nice Good luck with selling.


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Looks like an amazing plugin, might consider purchasing it in the future if it is still available.
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