1. Dery

    [SELLING] Spleef source code

    Introduction Hi, BBB members, my name is Dery and I've been a Spigot developer for over 6 years. During that time, I've developed plugins for a wide range of niches, and have earned an excellent reputation within popular communities such as DevRoom, CandorServices, and SeniorsTeam. Today I come...
  2. KudaXD

    ✅🚀*CHEAP* Prison Setup WITH Source Code to Plugins! 🚀✅

    Hey there! I am now selling a really cheap prison setup with the source code to the core! This means you can make unlimited changes and make it your ultimate prison setup. This setup has been tested and stress tested on multiple occasions to ensure up most quality and no lag on your server...
  3. B

    [1.8, 1.12] [$150] ⏩ PrisonAIO ⏪ - 20+ Modules | Custom Enchants | Robots | Skills | Used by JailMC

    Hi. I'm here to sell my codebase to serious buyers. This is a complete setup, and only experienced server owners/developers should purchase. Used By MineJunkie MineXD JailMC Media
  4. Jak3

    ($500+ Made) JHoppers Plugin Ownership (Chunk Collectors) - Includes Source

    Hey, I need some quick money and I'm looking to sell ownership of my plugin. With this you would receive access to source and access to redistribute as you please (I would stop selling aswell obviously). Maintenance is pretty slight, never needs a bunch of changes. Source has never previously...
  5. lolman2025

    Update source cord for MC plugin without losing changes

    I've recently started to learn how to code in Java and I have a source code of a plugin w/ updates. If I made changes to the code and a new update releases, how do I update the source code to the new version without losing my changes?
  6. S


    Hello, Recently I decided to work on my own spigot for a project that I am developing, in order to add unique things and achieve changes that would support my server. It's my first time working with Spigot source codes so I don't quite understand how it goes. I've been working Java for a long...
  7. Externality


  8. Zanctarian

    Mo' Events! API - Adding more events to Spigot!

    Mo' Events is a Spigot 1.8-1.15.1 API that adds more events to Spigot! The goal of this API is to help developers have a faster workflow when developing plugins such as (but not limited to) Minigames or game mode based plugins. This API is constantly being worked on and we would love to hear...
  9. O

    Core - Resell Rights [AUCTION] [$150 BIN]

    Selling my core, has great potential. What's included? - Commons | Source Code (Can be included in jar sales & source sales, but cannot be sold individually) - Core | Source Code & Resell Rights Features: - Commands are in 'Proof of ownership' - Fully configurable, ready to be bought and go...
  10. TacticalLuke

    Simple, Clean StaffMode Plugin ($4)

    Hello! I am now offering the product on my Selly page: Before you look on (I know everyone asks) please note that I do have resell rights to this plugin. The developer has given me permission to resell this plugin (look below in the comments) For extensive...
  11. Randomizable

    kPotions | Potion Effect Commands | Configurable v1.1

    kPotions | Potion Effect Commands Author: Randomizable This plugin allows you to toggle your own potion effects using commands like "/speed". It is fully configurable and easy to use. It even allows you to choose which commands you want on and the messages are completely configurable! This is a...
  12. B


    Looking for the fixed flowz practice source code - budget 5-10$..
  13. N

    Premium Plugin Rights (over 2000€ made, 4.5 Stars, still active)

    Hey, Today I'm going to sell my popular Premium Plugin GUIPlus. Why I'm selling? It still generates a lot of Money, but I'm not anymore in Minecraft Coding and don't publish updates. The Plugin has so much more potential and I wasn't able to update it to 1.13.1. Why should you buy? I haven't...
  14. N

    Practice Core SRC

    Custom Practice Core (WITH SRC) Drop offers below. Events System (Sumo, LMS ETC) Can come pre-setup with queues etc Lots more, Will show more indepth if required. discord - nike.#0001 Code Snippets: SB - $40 (exclusive - $70)
  15. ToBu

    SALE! (50%) [NEW] Partysystem + SourceCode (Bungeecord) v1.1

    ★ Partysystem + SourceCode (Bungeecord) ★ This Partysystem is unique, you can edit all you want to your like with the included sourcecode. This will make your Server better and unique! Keep in mind: You need Bungeecord to run this Plugin! /Party invite <player> - Invite a Player to your...
  16. Rainnny

    sBunkers | Source Code ($30 USD)

    Bunkers source code: $30 USD DM me on Discord for more info: Rainnny#4849
  17. joeleoli

    ProperFreeze - A free, simple, and non-glitchy freeze plugin

    This is really just an example on how to freeze a player completely without glitching their screen or constantly teleporting them.

    Custom Practice Plugin with SRC (Source Code)

    Hey, I am currently looking for a practice plugin with source code to be only sold exclusively to my server ( * The features I would want in the plugin should insist of: - Unranked/Ranked ELO Matches - Configurable GUI - Configurable Scoreboard - & More, which I'll explain to...

    Practice Plugin

    Hello! I am currently looking for a practice plugin with source for my new server PvPCove. I don't want a practice plugin that has been released to many servers before - I'd rather have an exclusive & unique practice plugin for my server. The features I want for the practice plugin should...
  20. Toppe

    $5 source! Enderpearl cooldown plugin (Shows the cooldown above hotbar)

    Hello mcm people! I'm selling my custom plugin source for only $5/piece and you will have all rights to use and edit it. However, reselling is not allowed without my permission! This plugin also has the feature to show the remaining cooldown above your hotbar. I have used this plugin mainly in...
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