1. A

    Portal Plus | Ultimate Portal Skript v1.0

    Introducing Portal Plus, the ultimate tool to revolutionize teleportation and server navigation within your Minecraft world! With Portal Plus, managing portals and facilitating seamless player movement has never been easier or more intuitive. Key Features: Versatile Portal Creation: With...
  2. LeeGod

    Fairy v0.7.2b2-SNAPSHOT

    The library form for Fairy Framework. Fairy: Docs:
  3. raiyan9

    Blue Ridge class command ship v1.0

    PRODUCT INFORMATION The Blue Ridge class is a class of amphibious command and control ships designed for the United States Navy. The ship has two functional Phalanx CIWIS guns and is scripted with Aerotech Naval System.
  4. raiyan9

    Chat Command System v1.0

    Allows you to write a simple command, such as /e chat, to send a saved paragraph or sentence, fully customizable.
  5. ImageWorks

    SAPOL 2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter v1.0

    Features: A-Chassis Tune Working Lights Detailed Interior Detailed Engine Opening Doors PBR Textures UV Mapped 1 Staged ELS
  6. Sky_CW

    Command Post System v1.0

    Command Post System This is a capture point system for conquest/objective type games. It is very customizable and can adapt to any attacking/defending team colors and names. Extra Images:
  7. LuukW

    Command Manager | Zyno Bot addon v1.1.0

    The Zyno Bot Command Manager allows you to manage the commands of your bot with one simple command. The addon comes with the following features: Disable specific commands Add passwords to commands Create aliases Add timeouts to commands Only allow certain roles to execute specific commands...
  8. AlexP21

    Announcement System UI v1.0

    Customisable Announcement System UI for any game
  9. KodeKraken

    Treasure Mining v1.0.5

    Welcome to Treasure Mining – the plugin that makes mining feel like a treasure hunt, minus the pirate accents and buried chests. But hey, we can dream, right? Custom Commands: Add a touch of magic to your server with command rewards tailored to your configured blocks. Just be careful not to...
  10. ProTech.

    rights command v1

    Fully Scripted Perfect for Police teams Easy to use /rights 1 and /rights 2 Customizable messages Team Locked
  11. Norbit4

    BetterCommands | Easily create commands v1.0

    Change exist the command prefix Create a simple command Custom commands detected by "/" Block commands Execute other command HEX support Papi support wiki: click! github: click! dc: n0rbit docs: click!
  12. raiyan9

    Help Chat Command System v1.0

    Why Choose Help Chat Command System? Help Chat Command System isn't just another moderation tool; it's an advanced player support system designed to optimize your gaming experience. With just a command, your moderators can teleport directly to players in need, enabling swift problem-solving and...
  13. B

    Fly v1.0.0

    Fly A Minecraft plugin to allow the toggling of flight and fly speed Commands Flight Toggle your ability to fly Permission fly.toggle.self Alias' fly flight usage /fly <player(s)> Others You can toggle the flight of others by appending the /fly command with the player names...
  14. B

    Shortcut v1.0.0

    Shortcut A Minecraft plugin for creating command shortcuts without needing another plugin Configuration Each command can be individually configured The basic yaml structure is as follows: # This is the command name/label that you will type ingame (think /command_name) command_name: # An...
  15. E

    Kills Leaderboard command v1.0

    Simple scoreboard made by arhat using skript, no lagg, join discord if u have need help or having issues with it. Dependencies: Skript, SkBee Commands: /killtop
  16. ByCoquito1

    Stream Command | Minecraft Skript v1.0

    This is a free Skript made by Raven Solutions & bycoquito. With this sample Skript you can add the /stream command to your Minecraft Server, you will need to install on your server the Skript Plugin available here, when you start the server with the Skript Jar Plugin, you only need to drop the...
  17. Evo_

    TimeCommand v1.1.2

    Welcome to TimeCommand! TimeCommand is a simple and useful plugin that allows you to schedule the execution of commands at specific times. Whether you are an administrator who needs to perform automated tasks or simply a player who wants to schedule in-game actions, TimeCommand gives you the...
  18. Geitenijs

    CommandBlocks v1.3.1

    PRIVATE SUPPORT - BUG REPORTS - FEATURE REQUESTS PLEASE DO NOT USE THE REVIEW SECTION FOR SUPPORT Overview CommandBlocks allows you to automatically execute commands when players use signs, buttons, pressure plates and other blocks! This can be quite useful when you want special actions to...
  19. xSavior_of_God

    BungeeCommand-Limiter v1.0-SNAPSHOT

    Bungee Command Limiter ⏳ for Bungeecord & Velocity Prevent your server from crashing due to repeated command or message spam 🧐 Why? Native BungeeCord doesn't have a command or message limiter, so if a user spams a command or a message, the server will crash. This plugin will prevent that from...
  20. Digitality

    VelocityCommands - Command blocker v1.0.1

    VelocityCommands plugin is a powerful tool designed to enhance the functionality of your Velocity server by providing a robust system for blocking commands. Whether you're a server administrator seeking to maintain control over your server environment or a server owner looking to create a custom...
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