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  1. MrLimor

    ⭐ Reliable Services ⭐ Fast & High Quality Minecraft Configurations ⭐

    About Reliable Services: We are an old service team that coming back in the business again. Our goal is to turning our clients dreams of making a plugin plugin, owning a server or having custom graphics into reality Why Choose Us? 1. Affordable Our services are correctly priced to give you the...
  2. madtrent

    Parkour Full Setup v1.0

    This is a Full ajparkour Configuration: ABOUT Do you want to add something interesting to your server maybe spice it up a bit and make it different? Here I made a full parkour configuration with 5 difficulties easy, normal, medium, hard and expert. Not only that I made a leaderboard and...
  3. Ronix Studios

    Cube Prefixes - ItemsAdder & Oraxen v1.0

  4. StrikesDev

    [HIGHEST QUALITY] Need a custom and unique configurations/server setup? Blockworks will do the work for you!

    or contact StrikesDev#072
  5. Chriz745

    NEW | BattlePass Configuration v1.0.1

    Need a custom UI BattlePass configuration? You have visited the right resource. This configuration + UI Pack delivers the most professional looking BattlePass UI on BuiltByBit and includes an in-depth config aswell making it plug- and play. Perfect for Survival, Lifesteal and Skyblock servers...
  6. ProffessorDev

    [OFFERING] FREE/CHEAP Custom Setups By Your Wish?

    Dear MC-Market Users, It is with hope and excitement that we turn to you to present our outstanding services and offer. Taking into account your specific needs and goals, we are convinced that we are the ideal partner for your success. Our company stands at the forefront of the industry...
  7. xPringle

    ⚙️ Experienced Configurator | Available for employment ⭐

    Allow me to introduce myself. I am Sofus, also known as Pringle. I am a dedicated student from Denmark, with a profound passion for Minecraft. Since approximately 2016, I have honed my skills in independently configuring servers, catering to a wide range of clients. Until recently, I had the...
  8. t1laur

    RPG HUD - MMOCore & HappyHUD Config v1.1.1

    This is a HUD made with HappyHUD for MMOCore's Classes, it will show your skills, it is very dynamic meaning that every skill can be bound in every slot, cooldowns are shown based on the skill. The slots can also hide if the class only have 5 instead of 6 skills. THE CLASS SKILL ICONS ARE NOT...

    Quests Config - 1000 Quests

    Test Server IP "" /quests Quest Type Amount Building 144 Crafting 114 Mining 108 Digging 162 Farming 60 Woodcutting 36 Hunter 132 Fishing 24 Brewing 12 Explorer 60 Enchanting 36 Smelting 114
  10. Advanced Plugins

    Immersive BattlePass UI v1.0

    Works with our BattlePass plugin Redesigned Main, Rewards, Quest Overview, Daily Quests and Weekly Quests menus New graphics and UIs to create a more immersive experience Chat BattlePass Icon New progress bar for completing quests Custom BattlePass icon in chat How does this work? This...
  11. Fleekinq

    Requesting AntiCheat Configuration (Vulcan)

    Hey if you are interested Private Message for my Discord. A lot of scammers on here not just going to leave my username lol! Hit me up if you're interested in taking care of this for me. I am willing to pay at least $20 We can discuss this further privately.
  12. Tizo

    StackMob Config v1.1

    Introducing the ultimate StackMob configuration designed specifically for Survival, Skyblock, Factions, and more. Key Features: - Performance: With this configuration, you're guaranteed to notice an immediate performance boost. The configuration was designed with performance in mind to ensure a...

    Quests Config - 1000 Quests v1.0

    Test Server IP "" /quests Quest Type Amount Building 144 Crafting 114 Mining 108 Digging 162 Farming 60 Woodcutting 36 Hunter 132 Fishing 24 Brewing 12 Explorer 60 Enchanting 36 Smelting 114
  14. WizWazWizard

    LibsDisguise Deluxe Config | EVERY MOB v1.0

    The only Disguise Menu! Disguise Pack Bundles Funny Quotes for EVERY Disguise! Permissions Sorted! Requirements: Lib's Disguises [Premium] Deluxe Menus Any Questions, shoot me a DM on Discord: !SilentTail#1192
  15. DexterSK

    zAuctionHouse GUI v1.0

    zAuctionHouse GUI What does this bundle include? 13 zAuctionHouse Menu textures 20 Custom icons 33 Total textures 25 Total Textures Full Resource Pack with all prepared Icons & Menus Full zAuctionHouse Setup The setup was made with zAuctionHouse plugin by [Censored]! Installation...
  16. Leighton21

    Scoreboard Plugin with cooldown plugin (Like Vipermc) Date: 05/14/2023

    What I want from these plugins: (1.8.8) This isn't for hcf. This is for normal factions. Everything from the scoreboard/cooldown plugin need to be configured. At the moment I don't have any cooldown plugin You will need to code a cooldown plugin as well with the scoreboard plugin and combat...
  17. BreadBuilds

    Swords Pack v1 v1.0

    Nice looking 2D Swords! Included (9 items total): Galaxy Sword Blue Sabre Golden Dagger Necromancer Sword Scorpion Sword Sharp Sword Trident Sword Undead Sword Heart Striker Sword Build and skin are not included with purchase, they serve only for showcase purposes Set is also compatible...
  18. PremadeSetups

    ShopGuiPlus Config & Artwork v1.0

    DISCLAIMER: SHOPGUIPLUS PLUGIN JAR IS NOT INCLUDED! ONLY THE CONFIGS & TEXTURE PACK ARE Introducing ShopGUIPlus+ Configuration: The Ultimate Skyblock Companion! Enhance your Skyblock server with the power of ShopGUIPlus+, the revolutionary plugin designed to help your in-game shopping...
  19. Shortaholic

    BetterAuction - zAuctionHouse Config v1.0

    ABOUT Introducing BetterAuction. This is a zAuctionHouse configuration featuring in Small Text and Regular Text. The base configuration version is 1.19+ NOTE: Please remember to check all the dependencies you will need for full functionality of this configuration. SERVER SHOWCASE There is no...
  20. OneRedrix

    PunishmentGUI v1.1

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