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  1. Chaptr

    🔱 Saga Services 🔱 SETUPS / CONFIGS / BUILDS / CHEAP

    Hello BuiltByBit community. I’m here to offer the world a solution to overpriced, and crappy server setups. Last year I created Saga Services to make affordable, and high quality setups for all server owners alike. For more information visit our discord here:
  2. GetStarted

    GetStarted Configs | Doing 5 free configurations | not server setups |

    I need to build a portfolio and I am doing 5 free configurations first come first serve make a ticket in my discord! Need a configurator you came to the right place...
  3. madtrent

    Excellent Crates Configuration 1.0.0

    This is an Excellent Crates Configuration: ABOUT Want to spice up your server by adding crates that give your players a chance to earn rewards? If so why do all the hard work? I have made it easy for you by creating a configuration for excellent crates with an animated hologram displaying...
  4. B

    Config Development

    If you need a config developer this will be paid of course, Message my discord @bedcovers#7680 TOS You must pay in full at the beginning of the week. If I should be fired, I expect payment for the days I worked previously as well as the following week. I will always inform you; but I also...
  5. Chriz745

    BetterTags - DeluxeTags Graphics Pack 1.0.0

    Want to upgrade the Deluxe Tags config on your server? Forgot the old text tags, and replace them with custom graphics tags. This pack includes 50+ 16x16 picture tags which have been setup in a deluxe menu configuration. The configuration is plug and play with the resource pack and the deluxe...
  6. Tachi_87

    Join Effects | Config 1.3

    • Latest version of PlaceholderAPI • DeluxeMenus • Java 11 » You cannot claim to be the creator » This resource may not be resold » You cannot share this resource » No refunds We have a community to talk to each other, answer questions, report bugs and give suggestions...
  7. GetStarted


  8. K

    Looking for someone to mimic a ranking system like pixelblock

    So im looking to hire someone to build a ranking system like pixelblock, im not willing to pay alot, maybe something like $10 since it's just preconfiguring luck perms plugin 1678775102 Here's an example
  9. Vxro

    TAB Configuration 1.0

    OVERVIEW This resource is a simple looking TAB configuration which includes 5 different colors, the configuration was made and tested on 1.19.3 DEPENDENCIES TAB PlaceholderAPI Vault SUPPORT If you need any help or have questions about the configurations feel free to contact me on discord ...
  10. Maxlego08

    zMenu - Documentation feebacks

    Good morning, I’m looking for people to test my plugin: zMenu zMenu is a very complete inventory management plugin with a very permissive API. You will find the plugin as well as an addon for converting DeluxeMenu inventory to zMenu. Your goal is to test the plugin and give me your opinion...
  11. Vxro

    SimpleScore Skyblock Configuration 1.0

    OVERVIEW This resource is a simple-looking SkyBlock scoreboard configuration for the plugin SimpleScore. Configuration was tested and made on 1.19.3. DEPENDENCIES SimpleScore LuckPerms(Or any other plugin that supports Vault) EssentialsX SuperiorSkyblock2 (Or any other SkyBlock plugin, you'll...
  12. Vxro

    [OFFERING] Free Configuration

    Hello All, I'm here today to offer my configuration services for free since I've just joined BuiltByBit today and I want to gain some reputation/vouches. If you're interested feel free to contact me on discord Vxro#7297
  13. Yuukis Kitten

    🔧Adnrl's Configuration🔧 Very Experienced, Fast, High Quality 🎁OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS

    CONTACTS: adnrl#6969...
  14. uaa

    Server Files Optimization - All Included 1.2

    Server Files Optimization (v1.2 for MC 1.19.4) This resource download includes the most optimized settings for Paper (download here). The configuration was tested in the latest Minecraft version (1.19.4), and has proven to be the most optimized for any survival server. Fully optimized Purpur...
  15. MrCypher33

    « HQ Server Setups » Server Setups & Configurations ~ 5 Years of Experience

    ʜɪɢʜ Qᴜᴀʟɪᴛʏ ꜱᴇʀᴠᴇʀ ꜱᴇᴛᴜᴘꜱ ꧁༺Services Provided ༻꧂ - Buildings / Terraforming - Minecraft Server Setups / Discord / Webstore / Configurations - Writer Services - Consultation ( Minecraft Servers ) Why Choose Me? I aim to privde the highest quality setups/configurations for your server...
  16. DervRune

    PesaroStudios | Server Setup ► High Quality & Cheap ► #1 New Company

    Customization: Your Minecraft servers can be customized to meet your specific needs. We will develop custom plugins, mods, and game modes to enhance the gameplay experience for their players. Scalability: Your Minecraft server can be scaled up or down depending on the number of players. We will...
  17. yrnpree

    Knockback Profile Setup

    I will pay someone to setup up the best Knockback Config for me with these settings! Budget $5-10 CAD 1677930871 preee#0349 add my discord
  18. F

    Need help with my server setup

    Civilization era is a town based minecraft server. The world has been brought into chaos by demons and monsters. The recently fallen kingdom is all but lost. Can you rebuild a kingdom mighty enough to destroy the demons? Need a little help wirh the perms/configs et Discord: Nick/Faevalur#2775
  19. Mirofficial



    ⭐Plaxima Services ⭐ Minecraft Configuration Services - OPEN

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