1. kristophergeou

    EconomyShopGUI | Glass v1.0

    Overview This resource supports both the Premium and Free Version of the plugin! EconomyShopGUI Configuration ( Glass ) The best EconomyShopGUI configuration for every Minecraft Server which includes 1000 items and 15 Glass Layouts Showcase This configuration setup contains • EconomyShopGUI...
  2. Neptune Services

    Free Essentials Configuration 85+ Colors v1.0.3

  3. KhoaMiTom

    Sleek and polished TAB configurations I v1.0

    Tab setup got you down? Our package is here to help! It comes with Tab Configs and a selection of 15 colors. Just sit back and enjoy! TAB plugin (Depend on what you need) Economy Placeholder API LuckPerms
  4. vosiekip

    Deluxe MCMMO Overhaul v1.1

    What is McMMO? mcMMO stands as one of the most enduring plugins in the Minecraft community. It enriches gameplay by introducing skills and abilities players can unlock through regular gameplay. What is this resource? A custom configuration for the mcMMO plugin. The McMMO Skills &...
  5. CrazyStudios

    Crazy ShopGUI | Config & Textures v1.0

  6. ExileStudios

    Fantasy Ores&Metals vol1 v1.1

    Included in this Pack: • 30 New textures • 10 New ore blocks • 5 New metal blocks • 15 New ore items • Pre-Made Crafts & interactions • drag & drop config Included configs in this Pack: ExileStudios Discord:
  7. kristophergeou

    Bank System | Deluxemenus | Animations v1.1

    Overview The best Eula-Free BankSystem setup that you will ever need for your server that contains animations! This configuration adds an alternative method for your players to obtain currency in your server and can fit into almost every minecraft gamemode! Showcase This configuration setup...
  8. Luisitohh_

    sale of my copyright

    I'm thinking about retiring and want to sell the rights to all my published and private resources and my discord of 800 people and clients. If anyone wants to acquire the license for all my Builds, Configs, Plugins and Discord resources, contact me on my discord. my discord: .uwn.
  9. LoxPlayzYT

    Selling 1.8 Skyblock setup

    Hello! I’m the owner of IgniticMC and I’m thinking about selling my skyblock setup. We got around 10+ players on daily and have earned roughly 100$ in 1 season. Dm me on discord for pics or a showcase: _tomato_07
  10. Bunana

    Ultimate Auto Restarts Configs v1.0

    5 ultimate auto restart configs on the times that are Hourly Every 3 hours Every 6 hours Every 12 hours Daily These configs are free and are easy to install make sure to support UltimateAutoRestarts creator!
  11. Nevit

    💬 Clean Configurations Shop | Essentials, Tab Reborn, PlayerKits, PlotSquared, ClearLagg, & More!

  12. Diekieboy

    BanManager Messages | Ph4ntom Series v1.0

  13. 411k

    Deluxe Menu's Heart Shop v1.0

    I've recently worked on creating a deluxemenu config for heartshop which can be used in lifesteal servers to add as a cool feature for your players to use if they can't get any kills! This config is compatible for Lifesteal CORE ONLY! do not purchase if you don't own a verified license! As we DO...
  14. NitroSetups

    ⚡Premium Plugin Configs - NitroSetups⚡

    NitroSetups Premium Configs: We offer Premium custom texture configs for many popular spigot plugins. Click here to view our available Configs
  15. Diekieboy

    NEW | Warps Menu | DeluxeMenu Config v1.0

  16. bynoment

    Fancy Menu | RPG Main Menu Config v1.0

    This pack Needs: Fancymenu mod FancyMenu Curseforge Forge Client Config setup 1.16.5 Version This pack contains: FancyMenu Premium Config Fancymenu assets Ready text + buttons %100 Can customize All main menu ready Server list menu ready No disturp game play Unlimited support for clients...
  17. Q

    [OPEN] PAID | Requesting Minecraft Developers (Configuration)

    Welcome, Managers, and cherished members of the BuiltByBit Community! About this project: This upcoming project is a revolutionary Gens server, with a completely custom server core and lots of unique features. A project like this requires a lot of brainstorming, creativity and money. Currently...
  18. Albert

    AlonsoTags Config - 250 Tags v1.0

  19. Zalbus

    PREMIUM DeluxeTags Config | 36 Tags v1.0

    PREMIUM DeluxeTags Config | 36+ Tags. This Config brings currently 36 Tags into the Game in a MONOUPPER Font. The Tags have some features to them (design wise). Features ✔ Hexcolor Tags ✔ Full Color Tags ✔ Dark Border Tags ✔ Gradient Tags ✔ Small changes to Messages ✔ Small changes to Tags GUI...
  20. Fireblaster819

    O'DailyQuests Config | 70 Quests vV1.4

    I will add more and more Daily Quests every week to this Config! Once bought you get lifetime updates with new daily quests coming every week! <3 DEPENDENCIE: O'DailyQuests Plugin from SamuDu24 Please note, this is NOT a Plugin, its a config for O'DailyQuests. IMPORTANT: This Config works for...