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  1. zyqon

    Requesting a config for plotsquared with specific requirements and flags in each plot (Plot schematic is already made)

    Hello, I am requesting a custom configuration for plotsquared specifically for the plots themselves. I have a plot already built (its a prison cell with walls, ceiling, floor I need the walls, ceiling, and floor to all be flagged so players/owners of the plot cannot break it Players should only...
  2. BoomNetwork

    ✨DoMoan's ✧ Configurations ✧ Services ✨

    1674919570 .
  3. Bryson0518

    HazardousMC | Looking for staff

    Hello, We at HazardousMC are looking to recruit the following staff members to join our team, currently unpaid with the possibility of pay in the future. Please contact me on discord or join the HazardousMC Discord below. Developers Website Developers Graphic Designers Technicians Admins...
  4. InitSync

    XConfig 1.1.4

    XConfig is a simple library Free and Open-Source that allows create multiple files rapidly and do some action with that files as the developer want, or simply get values from the files. The library has a good code-quality, you can see the library code and contribute to it. You can create...
  5. jaytech

    Ultimate Servers™⚡13900K 〣 7950X⚡4800MHz DDR5⚡🌏US, CA, & EU🌏🔒DDoS Protection🔒💻24/7 Support💻 Plans Starting at 0.83/month

    Discord: Website:
  6. t1laur

    Clean HUD Server Layout - HappyHUD 1.3

    ⭐ Server HUD ⭐ A great addition to your server, to make it stand out from the others. Limited Discord Support You also get multiple background bars and all the texture seen in the image below. ( See all the information below the images ) Add your currencies, levels (using placeholders), server...
  7. TheLogan5

    Ultimate Clans V5 | Config 1-16 - 1-19 1.0

    UltimateClans Settings, allows you to create clans, clan homes, banners, points and much more. ✔ Buy Clan ✔ Banner Clan ✔ Clan Chat ✔ 99% customizable. ✔ PlaceholderAPI support. ✔ Luckperms support. ✔ Vault support. ✔ Spigot Version 1.16.X - 1.19.X .
  8. Shortaholic

    BetterLifesteal - Custom Server Setup 1.19+

    ABOUT Brought to you by the setup configurator behind MineRival, I present BetterLifesteal. Providing a variety of unique and great features. This gamemode setup has everything you could ask for in a Lifesteal! The base server version is 1.19.3 NOTE: Please remember to check all the...
  9. Codixer

    [🗒️✍️] Configuration services

    Who am I? Hey there, I'm Stefano. And I'm offering my services as a configurator to help you install any plugins, applications or software! I have done this for years now, and would be happy to help you with almost anything! What exactly are you offering? The installation/configuration of...
  10. KudaXD

    [HQ] MCSetups - High Quality - Setups - Configs - 5+ Years Experience

    Who Are We? We make high quality Minecraft setups & configurations that are made for player experience and it is easy to use, setup, and configurate for server administrators. What Do We Offer? We offer a number of high quality services. These include configs, setups, & high quality support...
  11. CloudSetups3


    On our discord server you have channels such as paid setups and free setups and paid configurations. You currently have a discount on all setups, so don't miss the chance! Do not miss the opportunity of being an awesome Server Owner! Link: Discord ➜
  12. ZaukeyYT


    1672019675 Join the discord to apply for a job for our freelance community!
  13. ZaukeyYT


    Hey there! I am the owner of Crystal Studios, we are a professional freelance team with 3+ years of experience! What do we offer? Server Setup Plugin Configuration Server Error Fixing Many More... Our rates are the cheapest, and we try to inform clients of every step we take. Contact us...
  14. Swoochy_

    ChatManager Config | 4 Colors | Sleek 0.1

    THIS IS NOT A PLUGIN, THIS IS A CONFIGURATION "Give your server a fresh n' sleek look with this config" INFORMATION • Looks sleek, clearly readable and color matching to server. • Available in 4 Colors: Red, Green, Blue and Gold. • Comes with 4 configured auto announcements to encourage...
  15. Shayam

    Offering Minecraft Configuration and Setup services

  16. Diekieboy

    Lifesteal Setup 1.0

    ✨LIFESTEAL SMP SETUP✨ The setup was made in 1.19.2 and it is ready to use on servers. (Map is not in the setup, dm me to get one after purchase, programerd#4405) (Thanks to NetherixStudios for map pictures) TEST SERVER: COMING SOON! ✿ Heart & Beacon crafting recipe in Crafting Table ✿...
  17. J

    I am offering my services as a network designer and configurator

    ・Configuration, Optimization, Update and Maintenance Services Thumbnails for YT and Promotional Images for Minecraft Server (No Logos) Details ・My name is Consenty, I am a configurator, and a designer, I have 2 years of experience as a Minecraft Servers and Networks configurator and my...
  18. RocketCreations

    🚀 RocketCreations - Not just a services team

  19. Shayam

    Offering Configuration and Setup Services |

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