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  1. BroFan11


    The best hats for itemsadder.
  2. EliteCreatures

    Sea Thieves Cosmetics Set v1.0

    Included in the Sea Thieves Cosmetics Set: Blindfold Hat Headband x2 Pirate Flag Pirate Hook Pirate Sword
  3. EliteCreatures

    Mining Cosmetic Set v1.2

    Included in the Mining Cosmetic Set: Hat Wooden Pickaxe Empty Backpack Backpack with Coal ore Backpack with Cobblestone Backpack with Copper Ore Backpack with Diamond Ore Backpack with Emerald Ore Backpack with Gold Ore Backpack with Iron Ore Backpack with Lapis Ore Backpack with Redstone Ore
  4. EliteCreatures

    Sport Equipment Tools Cosmetic Set v1.1

    Included in the Sport Equipment Tools Cosmetic Set: Baseball Bat Basketball Dumbbell Football Shuttlecock Boxing Gloves Backpack Basketball Backpack Football Backpack Normal Badminton Racket Table Tennis Racket Backpack Badminton Racket
  5. EliteCreatures

    Musical Instrument Cosmetic v1.3

    Included in the Musical Instrument Cosmetic: Conga Harmonica Maraca Tambourine Microphone Stick Hat Big Drum Headband
  6. EliteCreatures

    Witchcraft Cosmetic v1.2

    Included in the Witchcraft Cosmetic: Wand Book Backpack x3 Hat x2 Witch Broom Mask
  7. EliteCreatures

    Dragon Cosmetic Set v1.4

    Included in the Dragon Cosmetic Set: Blue Dragon Hat Blue Dragon Staff Blue Dragon Tail Dark Dragon Cape Dark Dragon Horn Dark Dragon Sword Red Dragon Horn Red Dragon Tail Red Dragon Stick
  8. EliteCreatures

    Adventure Backpack Cosmetic Set v1.1

    Included in the Adventure Backpack Cosmetic: Backpack x13
  9. EliteCreatures

    Criminal Cosmetic Set v1.2

    Included in the Criminal Cosmetic Set: Balloon Chainsaw Chainsaw Blood Clown Mask Knife Knife Blood Paper Hat Paper Hat Cracked Paper Hat Spray Pigeon Pigeon Blood
  10. EliteCreatures

    Zoo Cozy Cosmetic Set v1.2

    Included in the Zoo Cozy Cosmetic Set: Bear Backpack Bear Hand Bear Hat Frog Backpack Frog Hand Frog Hat Rabbit Backpack Rabbit Carrot Rabbit Ears
  11. EliteCreatures

    Sweets Cosmetic Set v1.2

    Included in the Sweets Cosmetic: Brownie Backpack Brownie Egg Stirrer Brownie Hat Cake Backpack Cake Hat Cake Rolling Pin Ice Cream Backpack Ice Cream Hat Ice Cream Stick
  12. EliteCreatures

    City Workers Cosmetic Set v1.2

    Included in the City Workers Cosmetic Set: Baseball Baseball Backpack Baseball Helmet Carpenter Hacksaw Carpenter Hat Carpenter Tools Pizza Backpack Pizza Helmet Pizza
  13. EliteCreatures

    Variety Cosmetic Set v1.3

    Included in the Variety Cosmetic Set: Dragon Bone Dragon Head Dragon Tail Fox Fan Fox Mask Fox Tail Shark Anchor Shark Head Shark Tail
  14. EliteCreatures

    Weekend Cosmetic Set v1.1

    Included in the Weekend Cosmetic Set: ฺAnchor Backpack Glasses x2 Gun Surfboard
  15. EliteCreatures

    Summer Cosmetic Set v1.3

    Included in the Summer Cosmetic Set: Fish Fishing Rod Hat x3 Wings Hula Skirt Ice Cream Leaf
  16. EliteCreatures

    EliteCreatures Original Bosses Backpack v1.0

    Included in the EliteCreatures Original Bosses Backpack: Azgad The Smouldering Shadow Backpack Amethysts Dragon Backpack Cursed Dragon Backpack Octana the Brood Mother Backpack The Sea Serpent Body Item
  17. EliteCreatures

    Fox Cosmetic Set v1.0

    Included in the Fox Cosmetic Set: Fox Backpack x5 Fox Headgear x5 Fox Tails x5
  18. EliteCreatures

    Miner Cosmetic Set v1.0

    Included in the Miner Cosmetic Set: Grip Lantern x5 Hardhat Headlamps x5 Miner Backpack x5
  19. EliteCreatures

    Wealthy Cosmetic Set v1.0

    Included in the Wealthy Cosmetic Set: Duffel Bag x5 Fedora x5 Walking Stick x5
  20. EliteCreatures

    Farmer Cosmetic Set v1.1

    Included in the Farmer Cosmetic Set: Haybales Carrier x5 Pitchfork x5 Sunhat x5
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