crates configuation

  1. vosiekip

    ExcellentCrates PREMIUM CONFIGS / 15x v1.1

    What is Excellentcrates? This plugin adds crates to the game, it offers a lot of customization for crate previews and reward settings. Give your players an adrenalin boost when opening their valuable crates. What is this resources? A custom configuration for the Excellentcrates plugin. The...
  2. Immortal Studios

    Coinshop config for CrateKeys v1.0

    FULL COINSHOP 18 MENUS,12 CATEGORYS & MUCH MORE: This is addon for my excellentcrates free confing:- Click here This feature-rich addon seamlessly integrates deluxe menus and a player points plugin configuration. Unlock a...
  3. converting.toBEST

    Excellent Crates Configuration v1.0

    4 Modern & Unique Crates! Professional Names! Attractive Item Lores! Balanced Custom Items in Rewards! Amazing Reward Broadcast Message! Player Friendly Crate Menu Setup! Multiple Game-mode Compatible Rewards! ✦ Key All Crate ✦ ✦ Vote Crate ✦ ✦ MVP Crate ✦ ✦ Titanium Crate ✦ ✦...
  4. Barry

    Quality CrazyCrates Config v1.0


    PreMade Specialized Crates v1.0

  6. BreadBuilds

    Crates Pack v2 - 4x Crates & Keys v1.0

    Product information: Looking for cool crates with keys? You're at the right place! Included: Lvl 1 - (Crate + Key) Lvl 2 - (Crate + Key) Lvl 3 - (Crate + Key) Lvl 4 - (Crate + Key) Animations included: Open Download: Configurations: • ItemsAdder • Oraxen Also included: • Blockbench...
  7. Lucas W.

    Looking for a quick and professional update on My Crates config

    Hey, i'm looking for someone to update my crate configuration. I need it specifically to be updated to become more visual appealing, and also with newer items from the last few updates. Currently, i've 10 crates in total, of which i'd like to merge them in 4 to 6 crates: It's important to...
  8. BreadBuilds

    Crates Pack - 4x Crates & Keys v1.0

    Product information: Looking for cool crates with keys? You're at the right place! Lvl 1 - Medieval (Crate + Key) Lvl 2 - Golden (Crate + Key) Lvl 3 - Emerald (Crate + Key) Lvl 4 - Nether (Crate + Key) Animations included: Open Open failed Download: Configurations: • ItemsAdder • Oraxen...
  9. CalebCBubba

    Plugin Help Needed | GUI Support | EcoCrates

    FIRST OF ALL, PLEASE RESPECT THIS: DO NOT MESSAGE ME ON DISCORD OR "ADD" ME. COMMENT BELOW & I WILL REACH OUT. (Ignoring this will result in a ban or removed off discord if reached out and ignored this completely on discord) I just don't want my discord blowing up. Okay, let's get down to it -...
  10. CalebCBubba


  11. Zaptify

    Cloud Crates Config Skyblock Prison etc v1.0

    Cloud Crates Configuration MCHelpers This is great for all kinds of servers! If you ever need any support, feel free to contact me at: PLEASE READ! All rewards must be provided by you, the user. All rewards are filler and do not actually work upon purchase...
  12. PlusCreations


    If you want to contact me for a quote, or have any questions, I am available through Discord! My Discord My Website My CV/Resume TOS is viewable on my website. Free support on the final product up to 15 days after completion. (This does not include major edits!)
  13. LinsaFTW

    Crates - New HCF Rewards System v0.0.7

    DONATE - DISCORD - GITHUB DESCRIPTION Crates is a highly optimized Bukkit/Spigot/Paper plugin that allows to easily create Crates with commands. All messages are editable and for high performance creation of Crates, this plugin uses HolographicDisplays. TUTORIAL 1. Create a Crate with...
  14. Panda_The_Gamer


    I apologize for the horrible quality videos, when uploaded to MCMarket it went down in quality. About: Highly Editable - You can easily change the colors of the text, or material's in the GUI. Clean - The configuration has no excess mess and is completely clean as things can go, I have...
  15. S

    Faction shop and Crates setup! (SHOPGUI+ and Specialized crates)

    i currently run a 1.8.8 Faction server named "CrimsonPvP" IP: ca 8-12 players constantly online. I will pay 5-10 dollars for each setup "crates and shop" depends on how much time used on the project or/and if i like it or not. i use Specialized crates and shopgui+. im...
  16. uLyPANNN

    AbstractCrates - CrazyCrates 150 rewards v1.1.0

    CrazyCrates Configuration with over 100+ rewards and 4 Crates such as Vote, Immortal, Platinum, Spawners. Works on 1.15.+, made on 1.19.3. There are 4 different crates. They are all tiered and each crate offers different rewards. Drag and drop to your CrazyCrates / DecemtHolograms...
  17. Speedy

    CrazyCrates config 2020 for 1.8 - 1.15 ( Factions, Skyblock, Prison ) crates config | 35% off! v1.0

    CrazyCrates config made for Factions, Survival , Skyblock, Prison. or anything you would like it to be. all theese uses a CSGO/Roulette spinner. (Can easly be change in config) There is a total of 5 crates in this. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. If you need any help or have any questions feel free to...
  18. avocas

    Premium Crate Reloaded Configuration v1.13

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