1. Water_Chick

    UnlimitedChats - Advanced Chat System v1.0.2

    A private chat system, handy for your Admin-Team. Create as many chat groups as you wish :) ‣ Bungee/Spigot [1.8 - 1.20] supported ‣ PlaceholderAPI support (Spigot) ‣ Hover text & Commands - Show text and execute commands when clicking the message ‣ Fast - Quality code base ‣ Java 8 Support -...
  2. William27528

    HuskClaims | Modern Cross-Server Claims v1.1

    GitHub — Setup — Docs — Discord HuskClaims is a clean, cross-server compatible grief prevention plugin that you already know how to use. HuskClaims will bring claiming on your server into the 2020s with intuitive chat menus, cross-server synchronisation support, modern display block...
  3. William27528

    HuskTowns | Cross-Server Towny Claiming v3.0.2

    GitHub — Setup — Docs — Discord HuskTowns is a simple and elegant proxy-compatible Towny-style protection plugin for Spigot-based Minecraft servers. Let players form towns, claim chunks and carve out a thriving community. Built into HuskTowns is a robust and beautiful chat interface with a...
  4. William27528

    HuskSync | Cross-Server Data Syncing v3.4

    GitHub — Setup — Docs — Discord HuskSync is a modern, cross-server player data synchronisation system that enables the comprehensive synchronisation of your user's data across multiple proxied servers. It does this by making use of Redis and MySQL to optimally cache data while players change...
  5. alexcastro1919

    SmoothSync - Cross-server player data v1.0.0

    SmoothSync is a plugin designed to facilitate the synchronization of player data across different servers. This seamless synchronization is achieved through the combination of two robust technologies: MongoDB and Redis. By harnessing the power of MongoDB, SmoothSync adeptly manages and organizes...
  6. alexcastro1919

    SmoothUsers - Cross-server users v1.0.3

    SmoothUsers is a straightforward plugin designed to facilitate more seamless management of players in cross-server gamemodes. Example of a use case: Consider a cross-server survival scenario with two servers: Server A and Server B. In this situation, Player A is located on Server A, while...
  7. XZot1K

    HyperDrive | Advanced Teleportation Plugin v5.5.4

    I want to start off by saying thank you to all those who have purchased the plugin and have patiently waited for HyperDrive 5.0. You guys are awesome and I appreciate the support. I hope everyone enjoys the plugin! Also, many thanks to @Sikatsu he helped test a lot of the features and even made...
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