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  1. Shortaholic

    BetterLobby - Custom Hub Setup 1.19+

    ABOUT Introducing BetterLobby. This lobby design and setup provides you the basic and essential features for a lobby. The base server version is 1.19.3 NOTE: Please remember to check all the dependencies you will need for full functionality of this setup. SHOWCASE SERVER Come view this setup...
  2. BreadBuilds

    Frost Hunter Set - ItemsAdder/Oraxen

    [BUY HERE] Important Links: Website: Discord: Twitter: Store: © MCMobs
  3. cronu

    🌟 TwisterMC | Custom OP Prison | 1.19 🌟

    ᴅɪsᴄᴏʀᴅ Are you tired of servers that make false promises with fancy words and empty phrases? Look no further! At TwisterMC, we're dedicated to crafting a truly immersive and enjoyable Prison experience utilizing the latest features of Minecraft. Don't just take our word for it, come and see...
  4. Lorzas


    THIS SETUP REQUIRES JAVA 17 WITH PAPERSPIGOT 1.17.1 TEST SERVER IP: [1.17.1 - 1.19.3] Dungeons, including Castle, Jungle, Desert and Tundra. Custom Mobs with different levels. Custom Bosses with powerful abilities, skills and unique drops. Custom Items with...
  5. Ch4r0n

    Looking to be hired for development of server or custom plugins [1.8-1.19.2]

    Hi my name is charon and I am developer with about 5 years of development experience. I know many languages like Java, Python, HTML, CSS, JS (Poorly), C++ and C#. I have about year or two of knowledge with Spigot/Bukkit API and I am looking for a job as server or plugin developer (Long term). If...
  6. ElkinS

    WhatsApp Bot | Commands | Downloader 1.1.0

    🤖 WhatsApp Bot 🤖 Current Features: Download posts from instagram Download spotify tracks Custom Cycling Whatsapp Profile Status Download tiktok videos / songs Download twitch clips Translate text Download tweet's media Status downloader And more soon... Source Code...
  7. Nick Doxa

    Fastest and Most Reliable Plugin Development Available!

  8. J

    [NEW] jstoweMC | Terraforming & Building | Individual

    JstoweMC Terraforming & Building Services NebuloSystems Services My services are currently a Work in Progress, this post does not look appealing, but I am offering my services nonetheless and will be updating and improving the way I handle my work and services. I accept Suggestions and...
  9. Shortaholic

    BetterLifesteal - Custom Server Setup 1.19+

    ABOUT Brought to you by the setup configurator behind MineRival, I present BetterLifesteal. Providing a variety of unique and great features. This gamemode setup has everything you could ask for in a Lifesteal! The base server version is 1.19.3 NOTE: Please remember to check all the...
  10. Flogna

    Custom Pickaxe Enchantments

    Not open for further replies/appraisals. Thank you for reaching out to me for those who did! Hello, I was looking to get some appraisals for a custom enchant plugin. This plugin needs to meet specific requirements for me to look into further and I will put a few of the points I need it to...
  11. Levitate

    » Levitate Configs ⚜ Open For Commissions ⚜ 6+ Years of Experience «

    CURRENTLY OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS - LEVITATE#3657 Hey, I'm Levitate a 16 year old Plugin Developer, Configurator and Setup Specialist, I have been making configurations and server setups in Minecraft for over 6 years and with the right resources I can make just about any configuration and server...
  12. BreadBuilds

    Aqua Dragon Set - ItemsAdder & Oraxen configs

    [BUY HERE] Important Links: Website: Discord: Twitter: Store: © MCMobs
  13. BreadBuilds

    Sapphire Knight Set - ItemsAdder & Oraxen configs

    [BUY HERE] Important Links: Website: Discord: Twitter: Store: © MCMobs
  14. Christian_ (Forum, Store, and Landing Page)

    Shulker is a hosted and free community suite where you can setup your entire website in seconds. Get started at Discord - Demo Community - Features ❌ No messy installs ❌ No web-host needed ❌ No web knowledge is needed ❌ No...
  15. KudaXD

    DeluxeTags - 30 Tags - Easy To Use 1.0

    MCSetups is now offering a very high quality DeluxeTags configuration. Built with 30 unique and custom tags that are very easy to setup! Why didn't we add hundreds of tags? We wanted to make this as easy as possible for you to add to your store, setup permissions, and changing the store link in...
  16. CloudSetups3

    ⭐ HUB SETUP + PROXY (GRATIS) ⭐ 『 4.99$ 』| Custom Menus | Custom Scripts |

    Hub + Proxy SETUP (4.99$) » Custom Plugins » Custom Scripts » Custom Menus » No Lagg » Easy To Configure On our discord server you have channels such as paid setups and free setups and paid configurations. You currently have a discount on all setups, so don't miss the chance! Do not miss the...
  17. wandr

    🐉 KaiyuMC | Minecraft Server 🐉

    Hello MC-Market, today I'm here to sell KaiyuMC! This is a server of mine and I'm looking for a quick sell. It comes with a discord of around 130 members, different variety of logos, survival core (with Mongo support and API utilities) in the making with custom items and abilities. This also...
  18. brazengamer

    OP prison server

    selling op prisons server files worth over £600 fully custom plugins, comes with all files and already configured, will need to update plugins if you want to run it on any higher than 1.18 but wouldnt recommend doing so, contact me on discord (꧁༒NoLxve༒꧂#5056) to discuss and view the server for...
  19. mani123


    CustomBot Bot manager aimed at full customization Features Latest Discord Features (Thx JDAv5) Addons feature Full customization (Actions, SubActions, Filters) Running multiple bots at the same time Well optimized TOML config format (A config file format for humans) Storage data management...
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