1. Omega Manufactory

    Star Platinum || JoJo v1.0

    Includes: Very easy to customise, you can change damage etc. Animations included Model included Scripting included
  2. Kalou

    DamageModifier v1.2

  3. Temper126

    InfestedIndicators v1.1-SNAPSHOT HOTFIX

    A plugin that adds damage, heal, and death title indicators or popups to your server. This plugin is fully configurable. Future updates on are the way. Please post suggestions in reviews so I can take a look at them later. This plugin is highly customizable, meaning you can change almost...
  4. Lone____Wolf

    SupremeDMGCheck v1.0

    This plugin checks damage done by players and compares it to the max amount of damage possible. You can change the config to be your Max-Sharpness and Strength-Modifier ( the value set in your paper.yml ) you allow on your server. It also checks for crits and non-crits and will notify you as...
  5. AlexProfessor

    Damage (Health). Something is wrong with my server. PVP

    Hello Mc-Market! I'm here to ask you some questions about my server. I have this problem from too many years ago and still with every reset on my server there is nothing alone fixed. The problem is that all other servers where I join, the players when pvp with others they don't take them as much...