1. PanttherBuilds

    Dark Factions Spawn+Warzone ~ 700x700~[$9.99]

    Dark KingDom Factions Size :700x700 Spawn :200x200 Warzone:500x500 Npc Slot Crates Slot Quality Version Block : 1.8 + - 1.20+ Download FIle : Schematic Contact Buy : https://dsc.gg/pantther
  2. Larjd

    Virtus v0.9.1

    Requirements: Tebex Plus Game Webstore Questions? PM me or message me on Discord @ .tene. (User ID: 369552471674322964) iPhone Mockup by Mikita Sergushkin
  3. LixelHD

    BEE Tebex Template | Dark/Light + Ranks v1.2.1

    BEE Tebex Template (Comes with multiple add-ons!) Increase your sales by using this template on your store! BEE is fundamentally designed to increase your revenue. If you have any questions about this resource feel free to contact me. Support or custom templates: Discord: lixel Features...
  4. ImageWorks

    Modern Dark Loading UI v1.0

    Features: Customisable loading time Customisable music Customisable Game Name Sleek Dark-theme UI with smooth tweening High(ish) Z values to override any other loading UIs in the background, providing a professional feel All Device coverage - works and fits the same on all devices unlike other...
  5. LixelHD

    Allay Tebex Template - Includes Addons v1.1.3

    Discord support: Lixel
  6. PixelMine

    Elemental Crate Models v1.0

    6 Models Crates Setups for Oraxen and ItemsAdder, just Drag & Drop 1.19+ compatible
  7. Mayank Senpai

    Gothic Medieval Factions Spawn/Lobby v1.0

    A very dark medieval themed factions/towny themed spawn! area size is roughly 350x350 the spawn area has a very beautiful fountain/oasis kinda build right behind, it has a very long passageway for Information/Holograms or NPCs about the server, a crates area under a massive tree and a lot of...
  8. GeniusWolf

    Niva | Unique Tebex Theme v1.0

    Home Page Category Cart Popup Login Installation 1) Login to your tebex dashboard and then go to Webstore > Apperance >Theme > Change and click on "Create Custom Theme". 2) Set the theme name to "Niva | Unique Tebex Theme" and copy and paste everything from the style.css file you...
  9. BreadBuilds

    Dark Spawn v1.0

    Product information: Beautiful purple-themed dark spawn Size: 226x275 Versions: 1.8 - 1.20+ Interiors: Yes (in houses only, first floor) Nether portal 2 places for Crates 9 places for NPCs Drop-down portal Spawnpoint Several market tents Interiors and so much more.. Download: Build can be...
  10. TheeWord_

    Lobby - Path Of Bones v1.0

    PRODUCT INFORMATION: An amazing dark medieval map, with a big skeleton over the map, be careful. Store: https://www.twordstudios.com/store ∎ Size: 200x200 ∎ Places for npcs ∎ Places for boxes ∎ Places for leadboards ∎ Portal ∎ Spawn Point ∎ Versions: 1.8 - 1.19+ Among many other things...
  11. NitroSetups

    MenuTemplatePack - Simple Dark v1.0.0

    Looking to spice up your menus with custom menus? You have come to the right place. With the Menu Template Pack you will get the perfect package of menu graphics, buttons, frames and slots to build the perfect menus for your server. The Menu Template pack is available in multiple themes, view...
  12. minexon

    MINEXON - Nova Theme v1.0

    This is a MINEXON theme, you need MINEXON source to use it.
  13. GeniusWolf

    Niva | Unique MineStore Theme v1.2

    Home Page Category - Comparison Category Cart Staff Profile Popup Login Installation 1) Go to /var/www/minestore 2) Put all content from theme.zip to the folder and replace all files. 3) Type cd /var/www/minestore and npm run production Adding/Changing servers on mainpage To...
  14. LeeTrongjNghiax

    Sci-fi Sniper v1.0

    You will receive a zip file that include 1x Sniper Texture (.png) 1x Sniper Model (.json)
  15. WizWazWizard

    Dark Nature Theme + ESC | Over 25 Menus v1.2

    Change all GUI's into a Beautiful Dark Nature Theme! INCLUDES Esc Menu! Easy Drag & Drop Resource Pack One of a kind 2 ESC Menus: With Flowers Without Flowers + Changeable Text! - {"menu.disconnect": "⻔思𰁏"} - {"menu.disconnect": "Any Text Here"} All Blocks up to 1.20.2 Supported...
  16. GeniusWolf

    Eternal | Unique Litebans Website v2023-11-09

    Installation 1) Put all files to your website folder. 2) Go to config.php, edit login details to yours MySQL login details and change other settings.
  17. arixoz

    Samurai - Tebex Template | DARK BLUE | v1.0

    For Support please contact me : AriXoz#6437
  18. Yidas

    SOLAR | Industrial Hub/Spawn v1.2

    SOLAR | Hub/Spawn Clean, industrial, and the best way to give your players a great first impression! Alternate purchase platform & more pictures: https://yidasbuilds.com/b/solar
  19. Minelc Builds

    Medieval Jungle Spawn - 400x400 v1.0

    MAP INFORMATION FIle Format ➔ .Schematic SIZE ➔ 350x350 Theme ➔ DarkTemple Version ➔ 1.8+ Npc Area ➔ 5 Portal Area ➔ True Map Type ➔ Spawn High Quality ➔ True © 2022 Minelc Builds. All rights reserved.
  20. BreadBuilds

    Spawn - End Dimension - 380x380 v1.1

    Product information: Spawn for End Size: ~380x380 Versions: 1.8 - 1.20+ Interiors: Yes (in houses only, not in the castle) Places for 4 NPCs (can be managed by you) Places for 5 Crates (can be managed by you) Nether Portal 6 markets Spawnpoint Chorus fruits Castle and so much more...
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