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  1. ThaMango

    Spooky Castle Factions Spawn 1.0.0

  2. ThaMango

    Spooky KOTH 1.0.0

  3. Danos

    [SALE!!! -50%] Dark mode Toggler - Script for Pterodactyl 1.6.3 1.2

    Futures Unique script Very easy installation with instructions Beautiful design and smooth animations Remembers the selected theme even after the page is reloaded and after the browser is restarted You can change the colors to your own Changes the colors of all interface elements Cheaply...
  4. Danos

    SALE -60%!!! / CUSTOMIZATION, ADAPTIVE, MULTIFUNCTIONAL / Dark Neon theme for Pterodactyl / [Enigma] 2.7

    Futures Modern and very beautiful design You can customize: turn on the charts on the main page, change the server creation button, change the link to your site in the menu, and even more in the future. Adapted for mobile devices Very easy installation, which takes no more than one minute...
  5. MCLaraTeam

    Skript XML theme dark for Notepad Plus 1.2

    Overview: This is a custom look for notepad++ for anyone who uses skript and is still a work in progress, but is resource ready. Well, I don't want to bore you with text, so here is an image of what it looks like so far: Requirements: Notepad ++:
  6. zentreax

    [BOOTSTRAP] Shop/Product Website Template 1.0

    Hey! I'm giving out one of my Websites as a basic Template. I'm using Bootstrap 4, therefore it's responsive and works well on most devices. Preview: As you can see, very basic and that makes it very easy to edit it to your likings! :) Highlights: - Responsive - Modern - Clean - Dark Mode...
  7. jxhdvn

    DARK Greyscale Banner Template by jxhdzn 1.3

    This is a sleek greyscale banner template made for usage on YouTube. Steps required in order to edit this: 1. Open the banner psd file 1 (2560 x 423). 2. Edit everything under Text to your liking. 3. Export this as an image. 4. Open banner psd file 2 (2560 x 1440). 5. Place the image you made...
  8. TRA3

    MC-M Dark Mode

    If this isn't allowed please just delete this thread. I was doing some research and found a way to get dark mode on any website including MC-M. If you already knew this then im dumb and just keep scrolling on MC-M lmao. Tutorial: Search this Then search And Enable "Force Dark Mode for Web...
  9. Smashino

    DarkX | Vote - Minecraft Website Template 2020-09-04

    About DarkX is the Dark Theme for your website! View the template Live by clicking here Features Navagation Bar Secondary Navagion Bar Player Count Discord Count Copying IP More of this Template Portal - Vote -...
  10. KirillG

    Dark AdminLte | Pterodactyl Theme 2020-07-07

    Dark AdminLTE theme for pterodactyl My discord: l33t#0246
  11. Larjd

    [Abandoned] Decus - CraftingStore Theme 1.0.0

    Sorting PayPal issues, don't buy Decus is a CraftingStore (Silver plan) theme designed with careful attention to detail and a design system in place, featuring 3 layouts. LIVE PREVIEW (Dark Custom/Layout 3) Layouts Screenshots (Layout 3) Features - Easy to navigate and de-cluttered UI...
  12. mudlusamoi

    Pterodactyl Theme - Kunefe (Dark & Modern) 1.1.4-sub

    This theme only works on Pterodactyl 0.7.X versions. Also, it is no longer supported. The theme includes: Login page, 404 page, error pages Managemant and admin control panel. Updated css, js libraries (ex. fontawesome, sweetalert2) You can get support from Discord server. If you have...
  13. Advin

    Virtualizor Dark Theme 0.1 beta

    THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. HOWEVER, THIS WILL STILL REMAIN PURCHASABLE. NO SUPPORT WILL BE GIVEN Virtualizor Dark Theme This is a dark theme for Virtualizor ( List of supported distributions: Debian Ubuntu CentOS Please contact Fro#7324 if you have any...
  14. Larjd

    [Abandoned] Decus - Tebex Theme 1.1.1

    Sorting PayPal issues, don't buy Decus is a Tebex (Ultimate plan) theme designed with careful attention to detail and a design system in place, featuring 3 layouts. LIVE PREVIEW (WITH PAID DYNAMIC CART ADD-ON, Dark Neutral, Layout 3) Layouts Dark theme's inset padding on the navbar is now...
  15. Larjd

    [Abandoned] Decus - XenForo Theme 1.1.7

    Sorting PayPal issues, don't buy Decus is a Xenforo version 2.1 or greater theme designed with careful attention to detail and a design system in place. LIVE PREVIEW (Dark theme) Screenshots [/SPOILER] Features - Easy to navigate and de-cluttered UI - Cohesive colour palettes -...
  16. Cubic__


  17. capo

    Dark/Light Theme Opinions

    I just want to see how many people use light theme or dark theme. I personally use dark theme because the light theme in my opinion is way to bright. What do you guys use and do you think there should be more themes such as retro or rainbow?
  18. HookDonn_

    Pterodactyl Theme - Pure UI Dark | Customizable Theme 2.1

    Hello, Today I propose a customized Pterodactyl theme (Pure UI Dark) that took me several hours of work. This is a theme based on the classic, but fully customized with the login page completely rebuilt. This theme is compatible with 0.7.19 version of Pterodactyl. Please download theme...
  19. ThaMango

    Black Village Survival Spawn 2019-08-18

    ODYSSEY BUILDS Black Village Survival Spawn A Mystical medium Village themed Spawn, with room to include Crates and NPCs if needed. More product Information & Pictures / Alternate purchase platform:
  20. ThaMango

    Gothic Prison Spawn 2019-08-18

    ODYSSEY BUILDS Gothic Prison Spawn A Gothic prison spawn, with 4 Mine areas and crates! This prison spawn is large and perfect for any Prison server. More product Information & Pictures / Alternate purchase platform:
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