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  1. GeniusWolf

    Spawn | Dead Island 2022-07-01

    Dead Island Price: 5.99€ 3D Model: Informations: The size of the map is 450x450 Schematic version 1.12 Can be used as Spawn map Support: If you have any question/problem, just contact me in PM!
  2. PeytonGold


    Dm me on discord "Peyton Gold#0617" I'm looking for dead or dying servers I can attempt to bring back up, I'm willing to buy partial servers and be a co-owner depending on your preference
  3. B

    Buying server dead or active ($20) budget

    Add me Jamie S. | CC#8992
  4. F

    Dead by Daylight | Good perfomance | Ready-made arenas | 1.8 - 1.15.2 1.0.3

    If your paypal purchase doesn't work. Write me in private messages. Info: Hello, my customer, I will now present my product in as much detail as possible. This is a ready-made minecraft build by mini-game Dead by Daylight. It supports versions 1.8 - 1.15.2, but the main core is on version...
  5. TwinPeak

    Dead Battle - Staff Applications are OPEN

    Hello, We are a brand new server that has a fully custom code that will enable players to play a game where you have guns, vehicles, crates, and fully custom kits. It is an amazing experience that all can enjoy and have a blast! Get a piece of the action by applying for staff today! You will be...
  6. Geek1243

    DsGuns - Addon For DeadSociety Zombie Apocalypse 4.0

    Requirements Java 8 and above required. (Important) Same for your Hosting Website! Always latest build of Vault! Can be found here: > Make sure to download a plugin to register to Vault! i.e Essentials, EssentialsX etc. The DsGuns Extras Pack Which is...
  7. Shane1199

    Shutdown Servers - Closed a server? I'll buy it from you!

    I am looking to purchase servers that are closing down or have closed. It doesn't matter how big or small the playerbase was and even if the name was good or not, go ahead and contact me. It does need to have a domain name. Specifically, I am looking for servers that are closing (or did close)...
  8. Anomaly Artz

    Anomaly Artz Development ❰Quality✦Custom✦Optimization❱

  9. guruthegreat100

    New Server That Needs ALOT of Help!!

    ---All questions should be answered below---- I dont know exactly how many people im going to need to do this so i will list qualifications for each role and what/who will be doing what. (Team) Developers: I will need developers who are familiar with kitpvp plugins and permissions ex who can...
  10. X

    New Server Need STAFF AND BUILDERS

    new server need builders staff devs. ip: it is a minigames server
  11. F3RULLO14

    Hiring Par-time Mod Developers (Projects: Crafting Dead/Counter Craft)

    My name is Andrew and I currently own two large projects. I am here looking for par-time (maybe full-time) Java Developers that have experience working with the modding API Forge in Minecraft 1.6.4. Project Backgrounds Crafting Dead Counter Craft If you would like to apply for the job please...
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