1. SaturnStudio

    Winner Cup | SaturnStudio v1.0

    SaturnStudio presents: Winner Cup This resource including: ItemsAdder Configuration 3D Winner Cup Model Join on Discord: click here! Installation Instructions: Ensure you are in the plugins folder. Drag and drop the "ItemsAdder" folder directly into the plugins folder. In-game, use the...
  2. Giojnni

    Pack - Flower pots and Plants v1.0

    This pack contains: 11 different flower pots and plants Configurations: Oraxen ItemsAdder
  3. Boxpix Studio

    Cosmetics Pack Vol1 v1.0

    Cosmetics Pack Vol.1 Upgrade your Minecraft avatar with the Cosmetics Pack Vol.1! Dive into a selection of hats, staffs, suits, and more, adding flair to your in-game style 📦Included: There are 8 types of hats – Jester Hat (Dyeable) – Pharaoh Crown – Chef Hat – Detective Cap – Steampunk...
  4. Boxpix Studio

    Graveyard Pack v1.0

    Graveyard Pack This pack features gravestones, mausoleums, skeletal structures, mournful florals, and macabre fencing, creating an atmosphere of reverence and mystery for your in-game landscapes. There are a total of 38 models. 📦 Included: 16 Gravestones Wooden Coffin Skeleton Cemetery Arch...
  5. Boxpix Studio

    Roofing Pack v1.0

    Roofing Pack Enhance your Minecraft world with our Roof Tile Blocks and Colorful Plank Blocks! Build stunning roofs and vibrant flooring using our versatile blocks. With a range of colors and designs, unleash your creativity and construct awe-inspiring structures in Minecraft! 📦 Included...
  6. Lucian929

    Leafy Garden Pack V2 v1.0

    This pack includes: Empty Garden Pot Dirt Garden Pot Leafy Garden Pot Garden Boots Garden Boots Dropped Garden Box Garden Box Full Garden Cart Garden Cart Leafy Garden Cart Pots Garden Tool Garden Tool 1 Garden Tool 2 Garden Watering Can This pack also includes: Oraxen Configuration...
  7. Taco Studios

    Mining Pack v1.0

    This package contains: Train Train car furniture Miner armor lantern Miner helmet Worker helmet Gas mask Cosmetic Peak on the head Dynamite Dynamite box Miner bow Miner shovel To ensure proper functionality, you will need to have ItemsAdder installed. If you have any questions or problems...
  8. LunarStudios

    Royal Decorations v1.0

    Royal Decorations Content: x17 Total Decorations! x1 Armor Suit x1 Candle Holder x1 Chandelier x1 Creeper Statue x1 Crown Banner x1 Goblet x1 Gold Coins x1 Gold Throne x1 Piggy Bank x1 Plate x1 Royal Couch x1 Royal Sofa x1 Royal Table x1 Sword Banner x1 Sword Stone x1 Water Well...
  9. Yas_MC

    ItemsAdder Pixel Boxes v1.0

    This pack includes 4 unique high quality boxes and keys models for your server , and an easy drag and drop ItemsAdder configuration. *Notice that the boxes are static, they are not animated This is an addon for ItemsAdder Plugin How to install : 1. extract the content of the .zip file inside the...
  10. MadstonMagic

    MMD | Wooden Furniture Set | Volume 1 v1.0.6

    Oraxen Config files by SushiBar, owner of World Of Sushi. Server will open soon!
  11. Yas_MC

    Halloween props v1.1

    This pack includes 18 unique high quality Halloween furniture 16×16 pixel , and an easy drag and drop ItemsAdder configuration. How to install : 1. extract the content of the .zip file inside the folder : plugins/ItemsAdder/ 2. use the command /iazip See my other projects here
  12. Mazapan

    KatsuEngine - Furnitures with Texturepac v1.0.5

  13. BreadBuilds

    Plants and Flowers - Furniture Set v1.0

    Wonderful pack with many kinds of flowers and plants! 27 models total Included: Hanging plant Hanging purple flower Hanging red flower Hanging leaves Hanging leaves with flowers Big flower pot Medium flower pot Large flower pot Tall yellow flower Tall purple flower Flowerpot with grass...
  14. OutssBuilds

    sold out.

    sold out.
  15. MissIono

    Medieval Wagon v2021-01-19

    Includes: - 1 Medieval Wagon Note: - This supports v1.8 and up, if there are any issues please contact me!
  16. Storm Block

    Post your ideas of small but very beautiful decorations

    Hello !!! <3 Here you can post pictures of small but very beautiful and ingenious decorations for Minecraft. Decorations can be of different types from antique for old villages and towns to modern decorations for all kinds of worlds...
  17. Ghast

    [ #1 ] 12 UNIQUE DECORATIONS v1.0

    This resource contains 12 decorations to use in your builds without licensing problems. The decorations are mainly of the lighting kind, if you want more just let me know through starting a conversation and I will try by best to make it. Support will only be given through starting a conversation.
  18. Oskipow

    Spawn Builder And Decorator

    I am offering my bulding skills to you.I am building spawns,lobbys and other things. I am also good at decorating areas and structures to make it look better either by blocks or armor stand details. The payment is conversational according to what it is requested. My portfolio is in progress but...
  19. MrAniman2

    Christmas decoration pack v1.0

    For server owners who wants to decorate their server for Christmas time. This build pack contains 35+ decorations. Things included: 4 Christmas/fantasy houses; Large "Merry Christmas" text; 3 snowmen; 2 Christmas trees and few custom spruce trees; 2d and 3d snowflakes; Decorative land spots...
  20. MrAniman2

    Halloween decorations (+ new update) v1.1

    Recently i haven't been in a mood to start large projects so instead i made this little decoration pack for Halloween :) Pack contains 30+ decorations. PMC: 3D preview:
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