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dedicated machine

  1. Dedicatedserver

    Server Setup | Firewalls | Plugins | Websites

    Hello! My name is DedicatedServer I've been in the Minecraft community for 7+ years. I have owned several successful servers in the HCF, Prison, Factions, and Survival communities. I am a freelancer looking to help set up, secure, and grow servers. I have a long history and experience in the...
  2. Steki

    Cheap Pebblehost dedicated server

  3. M

    Game_Over ~ A Minecraft Community | SkyFactory 4 | RLCraft | Valhelsia 2 | Heavens of Sorcery

    Welcome to the Game_Over ------------------------------------------------------------------- Discord Link (Aged 13+) ~ Game_Over WebSite ~ ------------------------------------------------------------------- Key Features: Time-based (conditional) auto rank up feature...
  4. N

    Minecraft Server Hosting with Premium Dedicated Servers

    Hello, My name is Nick, the owner of BlueStone Hosting and I would like to invite everyone to go check us out. We are a team of very friendly and dedicated people who love to help others with their needs. If you would like to check us out or talk to our staff, please join our Discord @...
  5. CelestialSatyr


    Hello. I'm currently in need of some assistance with choosing between a VPS, buying a Dedicated Machine or renting a Dedicated Machine. I'd love some help with this, as I'm currently leaning towards renting a Dedicated Machine. I'm not sure what'd be the best option here. Should I get a...
  6. TnxBT


    DOWN FOR A WHILE After finding out about our key being a non legitimate key we will be down to check everything to make sure everything the sales team bought is fully legal. More infomation about the issue will be posted tommorow. Sorry for the problems site should be back up tommorow 16:00 BST.
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