deluxemenus configuration

  1. Gabeplaz123

    Server Store | Deluxe Menus Config v1.0

    Want to encourage members to donate to your server? Want to have an actual good-looking GUI instead of the old, boring Buycraft one? Well, this product is just for you! I have spent countless hours dedicating my time to perfecting this and making it as engaging for you and your players as...
  2. vosiekip

    Voting Menu Template | FREE v1.0

    What is Voting? Voting sites are used to promote Minecraft servers, most servers reward the players in the game for each vote. Voting menus made in Deluxemenu are a common addon on any server. As this is such an essential piece of marketing every server should have access to it. We decided to...
  3. FZR_1987

    PlayerStats Deluxe v1.0

    Introducing a highly comprehensive configuration for DeluxeMenus, the ultimate plugin for creating GUI menus in Minecraft. ★ Stats, right now ★ Designed with meticulous attention to detail, PlayerStats Deluxe is a multi-level GUI that features by default a selection of 500+ unique player &...
  4. NicazoPM

    Coin Store & Rank Gifting | Config v1.0

    DELUXEMENUS | RANK GIFTING CONFIGURATION With this configuration you can enjoy an advanced "Rank Gifting" system and start using it easily. You don't need to configure anything else, everything it comes with is already completely configured. Compatibility: 1.8 -1.20+ Preview of the menus:
  5. S

    Deluxe menu custom config

    Hello i want to know if someone can do a custom config 1 principal menu where you get some item liste helmet or a block and when you click on it it open an other menu like the boost and here people can buy boost for the /shop (i can configure that its not a problem if you can do a exemple for...
  6. ferrumsi

    RANKUP MENU - Deluxe Menus, ItemsAdder v1.0

    This resource is a menu that allows players to purchase privileges with in-game currency. This menu also has a system for paying extra for privileges (can be seen in the demo). 2 Menu Styles Demo menu 1. without texturepack 2. with texturepack
  7. Diekieboy

    Punish & Rank Grant GUI | v1.0.2

  8. Jhuly

    Experienced Configuration Developer - Looking for Network.

    Hello! My name is Jhuly aka Nicolas! I'm a very experienced configuration and server developer, experienced in the SurvivalSMP and OneBlock gamemodes. I am willing to broaden my development knowledge by working on additional gamemodes. I am seeking a new Network to develop for. Experience...
  9. Semify

    ⚓ [FREE] DeluxeMenus ▸ Quests Menus • 5 Categories ⚓ v3.0

  10. Booklet

    [$1.19] DeluxeMenus Config Series #2 | Social Media ✦Rules ✦ Donor Ranks ✦ Rank Kits

    ✦ Social Media GUI ✦ ✦ Rules GUI ✦ ✦ Donor Ranks GUI ✦ ✦ Rank Kits GUI ✦ If you have any question don't hesitate to contact the developer: Pikatucy#9451 Tucies Community Discord (Issues & Feedback) Want help for linking it with Bungee cord ? Checkout our Tucies services *If...
  11. K

    DeluxeMenus Config Series 2 v1.3

    ✦ Social Media GUI ✦ ✦ Rules GUI ✦ ✦ Donor Ranks GUI ✦ ✦ Rank Kits GUI ✦
  12. ItzMehMaikel

    GUI's Via DeluxeMenus

    I am offering custom GUI's via DeluxeMenus. Previous Work Custom warp GUI for prison (Download + pictures here) Custom shop GUI Custom gem shop GUI Custom /keyall system (2nd picture) And more.. Contact Message me on site or via discord! (ItzMehMaikel#0583) TOS All the deadlines will...
  13. HydenMC

    Vaults Menu v2021-03-03

    ⚡️HIGHLY QUALITY PLAYERVAULTS MENU⚡️ This is a configuration, not a plugin. With hours of work, this PlayerVaults DeluxeMenus configuration will bring you a high-quality experience. It includes a range of different colours with more added upon request! If you see any errors please contact...
  14. Carrot

    DeluxeMenus Configuration PlotSquared GUI High Quality Easy To Use v1.1 - V5 PlotSquared Fix

    Special Thanks: Niclas_M - Created a testing server so we could bugfix version "1.1 - V5 PlotSquared Fix" TOS & Purchase Agreement "we", "us", or "seller" refers to IrisDev "products", "it", & "product" refers to your purchase "you" or "customer" refers to the buyer By purchasing any product...
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