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  1. samyratchet

    Plugin dev projects

    Dear everyone, I am samyratchet and i own a minecraft network that asks a lot of work, cause of that i am not be able to maintain an excisting plugin and need help for an other project that request knowledge of votifier. So that is why i am searching for a developer that can do 2 projects, and...
  2. B

    Greeting from AvalonNetwork! We are in need of a full time developer!

    If you are up for the job please add me on skype @Aqualooser You will be evaluated on how well you know your stuff ;) Developer payments: 325USD - 500USD Per Week.
  3. A

    |►ActiveFix◄||Development and Server Setups◄||Recruiting Employees For Paid Positions◄|

    ActiveFix Hello! You guys might be wondering. "What is this kid talking about, ActiveFix?" ActiveFix is a new Development / Server Setup Team that I have recently come up with and this is my time, now to make it happen. In the past I have owned a Development group, and been in multiple ones as...
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