development team

  1. Spark Studios

    🌟 Spark Studios | 🔥 #1 Mod Development Services ❤️ 10% Discount to all. Quality & Satisfaction Guaranteed 👑

    Contact Discord- Email- [email protected]
  2. Spark Studios

    🌟 Spark Studios | 🔥 #1 Plugin Development Services ❤️ 10% Discount to all. Quality & Satisfaction Guaranteed 👑

    Contact Discord- Email- [email protected]
  3. Halos

    Halos Development

    Hello, If you are in need of development services or looking to grow/expand you Minecraft network to the next level. Halos Development is the place for you! Services that we offer include: Plugin Configuration Server Marketing Custom Plugin Development Minecraft Server Setups Server...
  4. 8

    ‍✔️‍🚀 Orbital Studios - #1 Plugin Development Services 🚀 [ ⭐ 500+ VOUCHES ⭐ ] - All the Services in One Place

  5. bunny119

    Hiring developer to make a plugin

    Hello! In the upcoming months, The HiveMC will be closing it’s doors permanently. One of my favorite games on the server “Blockparty” will be going down with the server. I was looking for a developer that could recreate the Blockparty plugin just like it looks on the hive having the same...
  6. voxellabs

    Voxel-Lab's Marketplace Team Now Recruiting Builders!

    Voxel labs is a dedicated Minecraft development team aspiring to bring creativity & ingenuity to the Bedrock Comunity. At Voxel Labs we aim to redefine what you can achieve on this platform. From software for mcbr development, To our own original maps & addons. Together, from all around the...
  7. H

    Hyperia Looking for Developers and Staff Skyblock

    Hyperia Network Welcome to our thread post. We are a new Minecraft server looking for staff members to join our team. Our server offers different features and custom plugins. If you want to apply, please read over our post and if you're ready to copy and paste our application below. We do...
  8. Weety Development

    Project Valkyrie Services Cheap & Confortable

    ¡Project Valkyrie is offering our development services! If you want a custom plugin join our discord! Base prices (this prices may vary depending on the plugin) Basic Plugin (No Database Support): 2$ Basic Plugin (With Database Support): 5$ Normal Plugin (With Database Support): 8$ Dificulty...
  9. Weety Development

    Project Valkyrie is looking for developers!

    Hello im Harpy and i am the owner of 'Project Valkyrie' Im looking developers for the project. the salary is commission, every time you make a plugin for the project you will take 90% of the payment, the other 10% will be taken by the project. To be able to be Spanish speaking. If you want...
  10. DevRoom Services

    ⭐DevRoom - #1 in Plugin Development Services | 1800+ Vouches⭐

  11. Murt-Oise

    Development Team Of 2 l%l 6 Years Of Exp l%l Logo and Plugins and Server Set and More !!

    Development Team Of 2 l%l 6 Years Of Exp l%l Logo and Plugins and Server Set and More !!: Hello, I'm Murt and Ultra we would love to say to you that we can be your developers and we'll be happy helping you. What can we offer for you: Logos: Murt Made Plugins: Murt & Ultra Made Discord...
  12. TeamEvolution


  13. Larskei

    Custom Plugin design available 24/7

    Hello! We are Celestial Services, we are a services team that has dozens of freelancers who can do just about anything you need! We can do custom plugin development, building, server configurations, art and much much more! You can join our discord to open a ticket, we will get back to you within...
  14. charlesjgordon

    Star Wars MMORPG - Payed Developers Needed

    Hello, I'm currently looking for plugin developer/development team to work on a multitude of extensive custom plugins. We will, of course, be paying. I can't reveal any information about the server publically, apart from it being a Star Wars MMORPG. If you've played on Wynncraft, or...
  15. Tom Croft

    NEED Developers and Sales Reps

    Hi, I started my own Development Team because a lot of the current ones have high commission rates. Tom Croft Development takes a 10% Fee which all goes to the sales rep. We operate through discord and the company paypal. Clients send money to the company paypal and upon completion of the...
  16. Lexxonist


    Hello I'm Lexxonist, I'm the leader of HellMist DT. I'm here to offer a cheap, fast and highquality drawn art service from my top drawn artist in the team, Phy. (This thread will be updated soon with a thread design). Discuss pricing with me over discord, Lexxonist#3660 > Art is only worked on...
  17. Z

    Development squad

    Hello, my names Zorax/Oz. I'm looking for a development squad/setup team for a future project that could range from $3000-10000. To be able to be apart of this you will need to have at least 4 years of past java experience, I'll also be looking for a custom forums aswell. I'll want everything...
  18. RedFxOfficial

    Professional Minecraft plugin development.

    I am offering professional Minecraft plugin development for any server (warning im new to 1.12) My team and i are professional java coders and have an online degree for Java developing. Each of us are 19-24 There are 5 Coders in out team each with a degree in Java Programming/Coding We do...
  19. IzzyK

    ✔ Ultra Setups ✔ | Setups | Quick | Cheap | Reliable |

    Our Main Thread
  20. Scalinq

    ImperialDevelopment | Cheap | Reliable | Fast

    Hello MCM, I am Scalinq, I work with a team of 3 developers who are willing to make bukkit plugins for you all, we are very, very experienced, we stay with the project and are fast. Our prices are very cheap starting at only 10.00$ for simple plugins! Our services are very experienced and we...
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