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  1. Dornox

    Discord Bot Website v1.0.1

    A simple website for your Discord bot that has a materialistic UI. The website was built using NextUI and React. Live demo isn't available for security reasons, if you want a live demo, kindly contact me on discord.
  2. Yuvaraja28

    Devactyl Bot v1.8

    Devactyl Devactyl Bot lets you control all your Pterodactyl Panel Servers right from Discord in a Beautiful UI Web Dashboard Login to the Official Devley Webdashboard to manage your License key https://devley.yuvaraja.tech Features: Start, Stop, Restart, Kill your Servers in Discord Send...
  3. KanyesBoots

    Discord Server Partner

    Im looking for someone to partner with in creating a new discord community. I Plan to offer self advertising, trading middle men services, graphic design, Developing and pretty much anything else that you can think of. I have money and inventory to put into it all I am looking for is a partner...
  4. DoggoTheDog

    Looking for owners to start a big discord server?

    Hey, im looking for a couple of owners to start a network/discord and turn into something big, we already have a idea with the 3 owners i already have and grown with, were looking for 1 more owner to help us out with ideas and etc. All you need to do is have a $30 budget to help out with ads and...
  5. Astlin


  6. s1ke

    ⚡Solar's Discord Setup And Server Cloning ⚡ CHEAP

    VOUCH COPIES ARE AVAILABLE [0/3] Nitro Setups #1 Discord Server Cloning and Setups! Our Prices What does it includes: > Bronze Plan < - Basic Channels - Basic Roles - 5 Unique Emojis - Basic Bots - Voice Channels - Complete Server Configurations - Complete Server Permissions (For Best...
  7. ToggledHacks

    ✧ Free Discord Setups ✧

    Hey there! I'm getting back into making discord servers, so I need some practice. So I'll be doing 3 discord setups for free. Here's what I'll setup for you: Text Channels/Voice Channels Roles Some bots, depending on the bot. If you want a discord setup, add me on discord iHqck#4083, and the...
  8. CurrentlyAMaster

    Free Discord Bots

    I'm willing to make a few small Discord bots for anyone who wants one in return for a vouch. DM me on Discord: wait a minute#6025
  9. S

    Minecraft rewards

    Minecraft rewards is a advertising discord for youtube,twitch,minecraft servers,recruitment,giveaways,invite rewards really cheap advertisements and more if you want to grow your channel,minecraft servers heres the place for you advertisements @everyone=10$ usd just regular message=5$ usd...
  10. HaMoOoOd25

    Pro Discord Bot Development | Quick | + 1 Year Experience

  11. Pies

    How much are discord accounts with 0064 ,0010 ,00 ...???

    How much are discord accounts with tags 0064 ,0010 ,00 ...??? I have 0064 tag and I'm curious how much it is worth.
  12. Kryp

    Buying discord ASAP

  13. Sentaku

    Discord Server Status Bot

    I would like to see if I could have this bot to be created for to track server status, membercount online and I want it to be function like Member Count bot example bot: https://membercount.glitch.me/ where you can see Server stats that counts member count, user count and bot count as its...
  14. F

    Discord server 300+ members

    Im looking to buy a mc discord that has atleast 300+ members in it and has active members Budget: 80$ - 100$ discord - FortressFighter#0738
  15. Relentless

    Discord Advertisement Team

    Hello Everyone, i appreciate you guys coming here to view this post, i am here talking about me and my advertisement team. We have worked on various discord server which had some weird stuff happening and you might know these servers as "Money Discord that don't pay out" and soon we started...
  16. Erwan

    Free Discord Setups

    Hello Everyone, My name is Erwan and I am pretty good at setting up discords and TeamSpeaks. I will be giving out free Discord / Teamspeak setups for a vouch. If you are interested, please add me on Discord @ Erwan#3627 When adding me, please feel out this form and have it ready on request...
  17. I

    Looking for BIG Youtubers/Streamers for my server -> ADD MY DISCORD NOW !!! rob_2321#6678

    Hello peeps, i'm looking for BIG Youtubers/Streamers for my Minecraft Server which is about to open soon so if you know any big Youtubers or streamers or if you are one, contact me on discord pleas rob_2321#6678, No scammers or 12 year olds :p
  18. JackDev

    Discord Bot, Custom

    Hey, Everyone, I Am Offering Free Discord Bot's For Anything, Anything you wanna add I Can VPS or Self-hosted Your Choice! Reply With your Discord Username And Ill Contact You! CUSTOM SETUPS TO YOUR NEEDS!
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