discord manager

  1. Stock1_

    Experienced Discord Staff/Events/Configurator/Server Manager.

    A highly experienced 16y/o Discord Server and Events Manager. Has volunteered for more than 15 servers over the past 3 years. Familiar with discord advanced systems i.e Webhooks, reaction roles, clean embed formats, etc. Expected Salary per month: 25$ [Service prices negotiable ] Skill set...
  2. jjxx_

    Offering Staff/Discord management services

    Offering staff management or administration services for server, I have experience with plugin work, staff management and Moderation and have been moderating from 13 years old, I'm currently 17. Throughout this time I have worked for servers such as Bumblecraft for almost 9 months where I...
  3. BackLinky

    ✨Best Server List | Join Our Growing Directory | ServerTilt.com✨

    We are committed to improving the gaming experience for players worldwide by providing a premium directory of private servers, which is meant to help users find the best online servers, so they can take their gaming experience to the next level. We are focused on developing trusting and...
  4. WorldIsYours

    LF Discord Manager [PAID] [USA]

    Looking for Discord Manager to moderate Discord server. This is a paid position. Requirements: - Be from any American Timezone - Have some previous experience with managing people How to apply: - Post your Discord nick here and I'll add you
  5. Bpav

    Spectrum Giveaways

    Introduction Hello all! I am the Owner of Spectrum Giveaways. We are a new giveaway that is looking to give back to the community. We are expecting to get a few hundred people in the Discord within the next few days, and hope to continue to grow from there. What am I looking for? We are...
  6. Bpav


  7. iTz_JuStiiN

    Discord Director/Manager Needed!

    Original Prison is currently looking for a dedicated discord director to look after our discord server. They will be in charge of day to day operations inside the discord server making sure everything is updated and running smoothly to operation. Please get in contact with me on discord if...
  8. HaMoOoOd25

    Discord Server Manager | VirtuoNet

    Hello! My team and I are planning to open a new discord server from scratch. We are looking for an experienced manager who has enough knowledge to make a server well planned according to a specific color scheme and naming channels. The server is a gaming and role-playing server. About the...
  9. HaMoOoOd25

    Discord Developer/Manager

    Before I start to explain my capabilities, skills, and experience, let me introduce myself. My IGN is HaMoOoOd25#7712, a general developer with a variety of platforms. I am 17 years old and started my development career back when I was 14. I currently live in Qatar ( Not from there), the...
  10. Evolve


  11. Cade

    FREE Discord Manager

    Introduction Hello MCM Users, are you looking for an experienced discord manager? Well, you've come to the right place. I've been part of discord for 1-2 years and have a good amount of experience. About me I've been apart of discord for 1-2 years as I mentioned above. I am on discord every day...
  12. BigBeast077

    Bruno's Discord ManagementProfessional and Free

    Download the image below!
  13. C

    ☾Staff Recruiting For ❦ NightRealm ❦ ☽ NETWORK ∞

    ◇ Night Realm Network ◇ What kind of server are we? We are a network server that will have a hub, and different type of game-modes. But first we only have Factions for now, then we'll work on to OP Survival, then OP Prison, then KitPVP. I am mostly looking for talented hardworking builders and...
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