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  1. wajfay22


  2. CayeOficial

    [CUSTOM DISCORD COMMANDS] ⚡ Create custom commands in seconds! 1.0

  3. KaanCaglar

    Advanced Minecraft-Discord Verify Plugin v1.1.5

    Plugin → Arkat Discord Arkat Discord Features: Supported Versions and Software: 1.8.x - 1.19.x, Spigot, Bukkit and Paper. Supported Databases; SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL. LuckPerms must be used for the plugin to work. Rewards and all messages are customizable. Your players can verify...
  4. Swqpping

    Plex Payments | Easily create invoices 1.0.0

  5. saturnstudios

    Saturn Tickets | Ticket bot 1.0.1

    License Support Server
  6. capo

    Capo's Discord Bot Development

    Hello, I am Capo! I have 3+ years of experience of coding and I am here to offer my services. I am a developer who is fluent in: Lua, Javascript, Python, SQL & more. I am here to offer my skills to create cheap but quality custom discord bots for the community. I have some free time in the...
  7. DevJhoan

    🔥 Blaze Licenses | License Manager | Discord Bot | Slash Commands 1.1

    Blaze Licenses 🔥 Blaze is a complex yet simple to use licensing system that will prevent people from using your software without your permission. This should help most developers working with software and/or scripts of any kind. With a simple POST request you can find out if the user is allowed...
  8. LucidDevelopment

    ⚡ Lucid Development | Reliable, Cheap, Quick ⚡ ⭐[50+ vouches]⭐

    Introduction Imagine bots so immaculate that you always purchase more than one. What if you actually owned a bot that was up to your high standards? Now-a-days, people try to get away with selling terrible bots, bots that take them hours to complete and still underperform. But we're here to...
  9. CloudyLLC

    ⭐HALIFAX SERVICES | Advanced Discord Setups | Customers Satisfied ⭐

  10. Exzotic641

    Discord Bot Ideas!

    I am currently working on a multipurpose discord bot. I am wondering if anyone has any unique features that could make it stand out? or any suggestions in general :)
  11. saturnstudios

    Saturn Multi-Purpose Discord Bot 1.0.5

    Support Server: Support Server Bot Documents: Bot Documents Showcase
  12. saturnstudios

    Saturn Studios Discord Bots

    Discord bots for sale at a cheap price! ➺ Moderation Commands ➺ Utility Commands ➺ Fun Commands ➺ Info Commands ➺ Minecraft Commands ➺ Giveaway Commands ➺ Music Commands ➺ Economy System ➺ Ticket System ➺ Verification System ➺ Suggestion System ➺ Welcome/Leave System ➺ Anti-Raid System ➺ Logs...
  13. Epicrazer27


  14. LucidDevelpment

    Lucid Development Premium Discord Bots

    Lucid wants to introduce unique ways to get everything you need within a quick and reasonable time. However, we don't just value the speed of our work but that everyone is able to afford our products. We focus on performance, where our competitors focus on profit. Don't settle for the petty...
  15. hama1c


    Luccas#7974 very cheap send me message if u want to buy it Hama#9727
  16. Sp0oky

    Zope Hosting | MC Hosting | Looking For A Community | Need Suggestions
  17. Cutah

    Looking for a discord bot developer

    Need a experienced discord bot developer that can do a very specific project regarding Minecraft. Add Meo#4048 for more information.
  18. M

    ✨Discord Ads✨ANIME & GAMING & CHILL✨Giveaway Related & More!✨ 1.2K MEMBERS ✨

    Price: Package 1 - $15 ➜ here Ping ➜ 7 Days Nitro Classic Giveaway ➜ 7 Days Welcome DM ➜ Ping on Join ➜ Custom Channel Package 2 - $20 ➜ here Ping ➜ 14 Days Nitro Classic Giveaway ➜ 14 Days Welcome DM ➜ Ping on Join ➜ Custom Channel Package 3 - $25 ➜ Everyone Ping ➜ 21 Days Nitro Classic...
  19. Haffers


  20. Brinille

    Ptero Discord Bot Setup

    Hey, I have a ptero panel and I want to be able to host a discord bot for my discord server, can someone help me with that? (You will be paid as well for your work) Discord: Brinille#0279
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