1. jabr97

    Simple Palworld Bot EXE v1.0

    RCON FUNCTIONS Information View basic information about your server. Shows all online players on your server. Ban a specific online player from your server. Save Shutdown ADDITIONAL INFORMATION This is a small free version of my main Bot that I use to control my Palworld server. It contains...
  2. TwistedX

    Sky AI v3.0.0

    Introducing Sky AI, the epitome of Discord bot sophistication, seamlessly equipped with MongoDB integration and robust multi-server support, ensuring unparalleled performance and versatility. Fun: Delight your community with a diverse range of entertaining commands including cat, catfact...
  3. LucidDevelopment

    Need a bot made for cheap?

    Contact: Discord
  4. Reoz

    [⭐ Reoz's Individual Bot Development ⭐ - Very Affordable & Quality service ]

    I'm an Individual Full-Stack Developer not associated with any service teams. I have almost 6 years of experience in the full-stack development field. Feel free to contact me through the website or through my discord if you need a project done. My services are extremely affordable. I don't ask...
  5. KayX

    KayX | MusicBot v1.0

    FEATURES · Music System · Reaction Roles · Message Generation · Custom commands & buttons · AntiRaid System · And Much Features More
  6. lrmn

    Discord Bot Modmail System v2.0.2

    MODMAIL SYSTEM DISCORD BOT Simple ModMail Discord bot designed for a small server and people that want to maintain their own ModMail bot in discord. ModMail is a bot that create a private space between moderator and user to address an issue by acting as a bridge between user DM channel and new...
  7. LucidDevelopment

    Lucid Development - Custom Bot/Plugin/Website Solutions

  8. LucidDevelopment

    Developer Needed - New Project

    Hello, all! We're actively seeking a helping hand for a project called bizbot! BizBot is discords first multi-guild bot built for business! We're wanting to release BizBot 2.0 and we'd like the extra help! If you're new to coding and want an opportunity to learn from us, or if you're more...
  9. lrmn

    Discord Radio Stations Bot v1.0

    A Discord radio bot created using discord.js. Mew's Radio can play music from various official radio stations around the world to your Discord voice channel! Setup Instructions Use /controls to set the channel to display controls. Controls will be updated after selecting a station! Streaming...
  10. spacejs Dev

    Suggestions System v1.0.0

    Features Buttons. Voting list. Custom activity. State system. Attachment (Image) support. Link thumbnail support. Detailed settings. All messages can be customized. more planned, coming soon! Important: This bot will not run without a license key. 1 license key can be used on any number...
  11. ssi

    💰 Offering FREE Discord Bot Development [2/5 SLOTS AVAILABLE]

    I am offering free custom discord bot development. You also get a free 1 time revision incase anything goes wrong. Discord: ssitolba_
  12. paragonservices

    💎 Paragon Services 💎 - FREE Discord Bot Development

  13. LucidDevelopment

    ⚡⚡ Discords First Multi-Guild HWID/IP Auth System ⚡⚡

    We're looking for talented developers to try and stress test our system, with that comes a free license key! https://discord.gg/bDVqPrrWTz
  14. Fishy Studios

    Fishy Studios | Web Development | Discord Bot Development | Unturned Development

    🎣 Fishy Studios: Elevate Your Experience! 🚀 👾 Unturned Enthusiasts: Dive into a world of meticulously crafted NPCs, clothing, and models. Elevate your gameplay with Fishy Studios' high-quality creations. 🌐 Web Development Wizards: Shine online with our stunning websites. Our experts ensure an...
  15. lrmn

    Discord Music Bot Basic v2.0

    Fully Source Code Supported Sources Our bot supports a wide range of music sources, including: YouTube SoundCloud Deezer Spotify and more Features & Functions Our Discord music bot comes packed with powerful features: 24/7 Music Play Setup System Auto reconnect Playlists System Custom Prefix...
  16. lrmn

    Music Bot with Premium System & Manager v8.0.2

    Features & Functions Our Discord music bot comes packed with powerful features: Advanced Music System With Control Buttons Premium System Song Request Channel 24/7 Mode Lyrics search with GENIUS API Multi Language Prefix & Slash Commands 25+ Filters Customizable Music Card with Mewcard (added...
  17. lrmn

    Lucy - Source Code Website Design v2.0

    Key Information: Language: TypeScript Tsx, Tailwindcss, NextJS Hassle-Free Installation (No Coding Skills Required) Netlify, Vercel, Cloudflare Pages, etc support DEMO > LUCY WEBSITE SUPPORT > DISCORD SERVER
  18. lrmn

    Discord Bot Multipurpose With Dashboard v5.5.2

    Fully Source Code Fully Source Code of Discord Multipurpose With: Prefix Command, Slash Command & Dashboard 24/7 help support on discord server Admin, AutoMod, Anime, Economy, Fun, Giveaway, Image, Invite, Information, Moderation, Music, Owner, Social, Statistics, Suggestion, Ticket, Utility...
  19. H

    HEO Systems | Hosting for Minecraft Servers ($1/GB) and Discord Bots ($1/GB)

    Our website: https://heo-systems.net/ Minecraft Hosting: https://heo-systems.net/minecraft-hosting/ Discord Bot Hosting: https://heo-systems.net/discord-bot-hosting/ Discord: https://discord.gg/TgvJSJbHDe If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment or start a...
  20. nicklvh

    Selling Custom Made Discord Bots Cheap

    Hi there, I am selling custom made Discord bots for you to purchase. Why you should buy from me: I am an experienced developer with 4 years of experience in creating Discord bots I use a well supported framework (discord.js and Sapphire) and language (TypeScript) to make Discord bots I am...
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