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domain names

  1. Kryth

    Portfolio for sale:,,, and more!

    UGPU.COM $500 (GPU = Graphics Card) BATTLEFRONT.ORG $200 (cool PVP name?) VRUF.COM $500 (Virtual Reality) CRYPTOKITTIES.ORG $200 CAMMERS.ORG $100 PUBLISHINGLIST.COM $200 RIDOFDEBT.COM $100 SPARKMATES.COM $100 WEBCAMMERS.NET $100 $300 We can use,, or any of...
  2. Kryth

    VRUF.COM and UGPU.COM for $500 each

    VRUF.COM (great for VR) UGPU.COM (Great for GPU, graphics cards) These are both high end premium 4L .com's Priced at $500 each. If you're familiar with domains outside of MC-Market you know these are fair prices for these. Both are available to insta-buy through which is also the...
  3. Kryth for $30 Buy It Now (NameCheap)

    Domain: Registered at NameCheap (easy push) Price: Just $30 BIN, getting rid of it Expires: Aug 15, 2022 Payment: PayPal or Crypto, either is fine Post 'SOLD' and message me to buy!
  4. Kryth

    For sale "" BIN $100 or best offer

    Domain: Registrar: NameCheap (easy push) Expires:2022-08-15 Price: $100 BIN Starting bid: $40.00 (increments of $1 or more, first bid could win) Auction date: 9/22/2021 through October 6, 2021. Payment methods: PayPal (trusted members), Crypto, DAN, or Escrow Willing to use...
  5. Kryth

    Valheim Domain Names

    Looking for names that contain only the word 'Valheim' which is a new game on steam. If you have one such as for example please let me know. Willing to pay quite a bit if it's a good name. I already have
  6. Kryth


  7. Kryth

    AmongUsServers (Still Available)

    Domain: Registered at NameCheap Expires: 2021-09-24 Accepting offers. A previous buyer did a 'buy it now' but did not complete payment so I'm re-listing it for sale. This is a fantastic domain for one of the top games in the world right now. We can use a trusted MM such as...
  8. Kryth and - and - Great pair of factions domains. Both names are registered at NameCheap, perfect for a factions server. I'm just considering offers at this point as I'm not using these names. BIN: $50.00 for the pair (lowered from $75.00) I accept PayPal or Bitcoin. We can use...
  9. Kryth (Considering Offers) Registered at Expires: 2021-03-19 (just renewed) Proof: just forwarded it to my profile page here on MC-Market Not in a rush to sell it but I am just considering offers at this point. Minimum offer: low $xxx.xx (We can use or trusted MM such as Zyger)...
  10. syz_ | cPanel Hosting, Reseller and Master Reseller Hosting | VPN (NEW) | Domains | SSL

    Click here to visit our website at Live chat with us, open a support ticket or email us at [email protected]
  11. I

    Buying 2 letter domain names with 2 letter endings

    Hey, I am interested in purchasing 2 letter domain names with 2 letter endings (will also buy 3 letter domain names with .com or .net) If you have a domain, DM me on Discord with the domain and the price! My Discord: itsqwerty#0001 Thanks! :)
  12. Kryth - one word .NET (not Minecraft related) One word .net with religious meaning This name is probably older than some of you, renewed continuously since 1998. Registrar: NameSilo (super easy acc push, very low renewal fees) Proof: the name is currently being forwarded to this thread, also screenshot of me logged in to the...
  13. Kryth

    (SOLD) - BIN $200

    Domain: MCSERVER.ORG Expiration Date: 2020-08-26 Registrar: NameCheap Price: $200 (PayPal) Proof: will redirect to this thread if you're a serious potential buyer We can use a trusted Middle Man, you cover fees. + easy to remember for server connect IP + has history of Minecraft related use +...
  14. Croc

    Croc's ENTIRE Domain Collection!

    A massive list of my entire domain name collection. Most of them are open to offers with very few of them NFS. I can't list prices on everything due having too many.
  15. Kryth


    ADVANCES.NET Has been continuously registered since 1998 (20+ years old) Registered at NameSilo (very cheap renewals, super easy domain push) Expires: 05-11-2020 Price is $500 firm. Payment will be made through only to ensure both of our safety. I will cover the Escrow fees. -...
  16. Kryth and more, cheap MC domains

    I really don't dabble in Minecraft domains but I do have a few expiring in late October. Selling all 3 of these as a bundle. Proof of ownership: Starting bid $1 with $1+ increments (no reserve, will sell for a dollar if that's the only bid) or BIN: $15.00 Paypal Ends 48 hours after last bid...
  17. Kryth | make an offer [Premium]

    Domain name: - Registered at: First Registered back in 1998 Proof of ownership: Serious buyers only, I'd be happy to provide further proof. Serious offers only, hmu :tup: $700 BIN (just a number, chill) Payment through for safety, I'll...
  18. Kryth (Premium) Make an Offer

    Seriously considering mid-high $xxx.xx for this domain. Contains the word "Bug" + letter "V". It's really one of those domains that could be used for literally anything which makes it so great. Very brandable. If you're a rich server owner you could even just use it for something like...
  19. Croc

    PSA: Park your domains at a parking service for safe, quicker sales!

    I've noticed a lot of MC-Market users don't park their domains properly and/or don't track views at all with either Google Analytics, Cloudflare, or a parking service. Heck, with some parking services, you can even get some free money just for having the domains parked there. From Wikipedia...
  20. Croc

    Croc's Domain Shop

    ᐧᐧᐧ Croc's Domain Shop ᐧᐧᐧ BUY | SELL Croc is the leading domain re-seller on MC-Market. With 3 years of experience in this field, he knows the ins and outs of the domain market. I offer a variety of different domains for sale, but only list a few on this page. To see all the domains I...
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