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  1. HyperionDev

    [RESELL RIGHTS] CDropCollector

    Hey there, I am selling my my plugin's resell rights. The person who bought resell rights should respect to old customers. I didn't set a specific amount for the resell rights, DM me with your offer and we can discuss. You must cover PayPal fees. or pay with Cryptos I will delete or lock the...
  2. HyperionDev

    CDropCollector | All In One 1.0.6

    This plugin makes hoppers useless! CDropCollector collects dropped items with tons of extra features! It makes life easier for both players and server owners. Players don't need to deal with ugly hopper redstone stuff. You can create a collector for each item in Minecraft! There are no limits...
  3. jummes

    MoreCompost 2.0.13

    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ MoreCompost Enhance your composters! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ This plugin allows you to define custom drops for composters and custom compostable items, you can create different tiers and distribute them with permissions. Works even with hoppers. ▬▬▬▬▬▬ Commands and permissions...
  4. hgbf

    Streetwear,cc - Domain

    I am selling the domain "Streetwear d0t cc"! With this name, you can start reselling streetwear and look professional while doing so. You could also host bots for buying new drops, start a dropshipping store for streetwear-related items (shoe display cases etc.) or host a forum. I am looking...
  5. duhPhilly

    ⭐️ 2K+ Member Discord Advertising! Get 250+ Members! ⭐️

    Doing Nitro Classic Giveaways in my discord server, We have 2000+ members and are growing daily. Pricing: 10min Nitro Drop in #drops + @/everyone & @/drops = $6 50+ Members Instant Nitro Classic Giveaway + @/everyone 1x = $12 100+ Members Nitro Classic Giveaway + @/everyone 2x = $18...
  6. B.S. Workz

    Crazy Envoy Configuration HQ 3 tiers 250+ Rewards Custom Messages Balanced 2.1

    Good Day, Today i want to offer you my high quality configuration on crazy envoy. This configuration has 3 tiers and custom messages. Each tier has 80+ rewards. It also has creative item names on armors, weapons, and tools. ► If you have any suggestions or encountered issues don't hesitate to...
  7. PhoenixGre

    Drop package plugin

    I am buying a drop package plugin, my maximum price is 50$, if you are willing to make this, I want a plugin that is very configurable, I want a GUI that looks like the drop packages in CosmicPvP where you choose a number of panes (configurable for each type of drop package) and then you get...
  8. RappidBuilds

    100x100 factions spawn! Cheap, only €5!!!

    Hey everyone, I would like to sell this 100x100 faction spawn. I really hope you like it! (and buy it :p) and that you will come back for more of my work :) BIN:€5 Skype: keltic.vermeersch (You can also contact me for custom builds on skype) Imgur album:
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