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easy fast setups

  1. Vip

    thinking of ideas for very cheap server setups

    Hey guys and girls, today I was thinking and I think it's about time to make servers for cheaper then I do on my shop, so I want to start little and then go big. I need some ideas I want to make a factions server and sell it 5 dollars without builds just plugins, I need you guys to give me ideas...
  2. Vip

    -=-=-=Ecliptical Service - Setups-=-=-=Fast and CHEAP!

    About us We are a team of 7 trying to make people happy and experience new things like making servers and many other things, we have sold many setups for many great people. We have started our service sense 2015 and made our way up. Along the years we have made Op Prison, Factions (All kinds)...
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