economy specialist

  1. MrJuiceboy

    WEconomy v0.1.0

  2. adindude12

    Towny Helpers and Moderators!

    Survival State Hello MC-Market! Survival State is a new server that will include Survival andTowny. We have a discord community of over 400+ people and we’re rapidly expanding. We are recruiting people for the following positions: (0/2) Moderators (0/3) Helper To apply, simply go into the...
  3. ChitterChatter

    Economy Balancing/Configuration

    Hi there! I am mostly writing this to get some ideas/quotes, and info. We are making some changes to our server setup, currently it's a 1.14.4 Survival. Going to bungee and implementing two new servers - Towny and Skyblock, with Towny being implemented first. We are also going to reset another...
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