1. kangarko

    Protect - Anti-Exploit & Anti-Dupe v1.0.3-BETA

    VACATION NOTICE: We're out of office May 20th - May 26th and will handle all tickets the following working day. IMPORTANT: If you bought Confiscate, you're entitled for a free license to Protect. Stay tuned for more information. What Can Protect Do For You? Protect will stop private...
  2. H

    BuyEnchant v1.0

    BuyEnchant This plugin allows you to purchase enchantments of your choice using Vault's economy system. All enchantment prices, including as the per-level cost, are configurable. This plugin is compatible with hMending as well. Credit to EssentialsX for enchantment aliases.

    Economy pack | Oraxen config v1.1

    Every thing you need to make awesome looking bank. Complete drag and drop Oraxen configuration. ATM Wall mounted ATM Cash register Open cash register Briefcase Standing briefcase Laptop Computer CCTV Safe Money bag Golden ingots Bank sign Exit sign Staff only sign ATM sign Modern table
  4. Ragez Services

    Shop Survival - Premium Setup v1.0

  5. karlito1501

    EconomyShopGui Config | 400+ items v1.0

    Why buy this config? Unlike most shop configs on the market, this config uses EconomyShopGUI which is a 100% free plugin which saves additional money for the buyer. With that it also comes with active updates adding more items every single time from suggestions. Additionally the developer is...
  6. Rv2_

    rMSG's SKRIPT v1.0

    Premade Colors: # red: <##FF2929> # blue: <##1B5AFF> # Aqua: <##0096FF> # orange: <##FF7110> # pink: <##FF43A6> # green: <##00850E> # light-green: <##5EFF6F> # yellow: <##FDFF49> # white: &f TERMS OF SERVICE: BREAKING THESE RULES WILL BE RESULT IN A SCAM REPORT! 1...
  7. iCrashMix

    Economy v1.2

  8. P

    PvP Money v1.2

    PvP Money A simple plugin where players will get money for any player that they kill. Dependency: Vault Features: The monetary reward can be adjusted in-game and in the settings.yml file. The kill message can be adjusted in-game or the settings.yml file Commands: /setkillreward <amount>...
  9. pikz

    ZelAuction - Ultimate Auction house v1.0.2

  10. Yurz

    Token Economy v0.1.5

    With this Plugin it adds a Custom Token System to your Server! Fully Tested on 1.14-1.17 [ Install ] Put File Into "plugins" Folder Start Server! - Give yourself Some Tokens then reload the server so the plugin can make the currency.dat File [ Permissions ] - Tokens.use - Allows OP/Admin's...
  11. Norbit4

    PlayerMarket v1.0.0

  12. SKAH

    sHitman - Ultimate Bounties Plugin v1.0.2

    sHitman is one of SKAH's modern, well-optimized paid plugins! This plugin revitalizes your server's pvp by adding bounties to your players. Everything is fully customizable! We only make plugins that are optimized, easy to configure, and easy to use for all server owners! Everything is fully...
  13. H

    hRps v1.0

    hRps This plugin is probably compatible with newer versions of the game, but I do not have time to set up a test server for every single version of Minecraft. A simple rock paper scissors plugin that allows players to 1v1 each other and wager money. The only supported economy plugin is Vault...
  14. antoniova

    Upgradeable Pickaxes EN - ES | Config v1.0

    Information: En In this configuration you will be able to increase the level of your tool through requirements (items or whatever you want), the tools have 5 levels, wooden pickaxe, stone pickaxe, iron pickaxe, diamond pickaxe and netherite pickaxe all 100% configurable. At the time of...
  15. Obviouslee


    👑 Welcome to RoyalMC, the King of Minecraft Servers! RoyalMC is an RPG-MMO Minecraft Server with a medieval theme. We currently offer one game named "Odyssey," where you explore a vast and enchanting world in hopes of saving the town of Blackburn from an enormous volcano. Throughout your...
  16. stutiguias

    WebPortal v1.08

    THIS PLUGIN IS UPDATED VERSION OF Description The idea is pretty straightforward: game leaders (or certain players with special access) create virtual shops in different areas of the game. When players bring items to these shops, the items vanish from...
  17. timsixth

    T-Donates v1.7.1

    Description: Thanks to this plugin you can send donates to other players. You can check who give you the most money/coins. Plugin supports: Vault economy (require to work) - PlaceholderAPI (optional) -...
  18. ToAwesome

    The Ultimate Economy Plugin v1.0

    Introducing Our Advanced Economy Plugin – Efficiency and Flexibility for Your Minecraft Server Our Economy Plugin is the ultimate solution for server administrators looking for a powerful and flexible economic system. Designed to ensure a smooth player experience for up to 200 players...
  19. Gypopo

    EconomyShopGUI v6.6.1

    Updating to v6? See the migration command on how to keep your data! ESGUI is a simple and free to use GUI Shop plugin. ✔️ 1.8.x - 1.20.x minecraft version support ✔️ Fully customizeable items ✔️ Configure shop items/shop category's using ingame commands, no config files needed ✔️...
  20. Zeppelin

    Zeppelin Casino - Elite Minecraft Casino v1.1.3

    Looking to start your own Minecraft server? We are proudly partnered with DedicatedMC, which offers powerful hosting plans, which let's you start your own Minecraft server with the right hosting: Looking for custom plugin development? Zeppelin Studios can assist you! Open a ticket in our...