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  1. DevilPumpkin

    EconomyShopGUI Config | Over 900 Items 1.19.2

  2. MrDraqon

    PlayerShops 1.0.2

    Features: Players can sell their items while being online or offline Players can buy items from others while being online or offline Alot of customization options Easy to configure Unlimited Menu Pages MySQL support Supported Currencies: UltraPrisonCore Tokens and Gems TheOnly-MobCoins Vault...
  3. Chriz745

    Earth Survival Setup | High Quality 1.0.2

    The Earth Survival Setup by NitroSetups delivers the complete earth survival experience. We have developed the perfect earth survival setup, which includes countless unique features, all of which enhances the experience for your players! We will gladly assist you with any questions or issues...
  4. kingOf0

    KConomy 1.0.6

    KConomy KConomy is part of K Series project. The K Series project aims to create performance-enhanced plug-ins. Especially old and necessary plugins for all server types. It's a K Series "Optimized" Plugin I believe that every server deserves optimized plugins. Even basic stuff should be...
  5. Chriz745

    Ultimate Survival Setup | High Quality 1.0.4

  6. Omar Razgui

    Gemscraft | Factions Season 5 | 1.8.8 - 1.19.2

    Looking for an amazing minecraft factions competitive sever? Gemscraft got you. Join now ! IP : Discord: 2 weeks map 15 mans factions 160 walls max base (20 chunks) 8x8 chunks main base min 3s cannoning Features Mines: autosell upgradable...
  7. kingOf0

    KRoulette | The roulette game 1.4.1

    Text Based Section Starts Here I really love text based things. Who am I? Its kingOf0. I have been coding for several years. I prefer kotlin. I am also making unmanned air vehicles (hobby only). Im new at Mc-Market BuiltByBit. Social Things LinkedIn, GitHub, Portfolio Website(Made by me with...
  8. LuukW

    Zyno Bot | Music | Moderation | Tickets | Economy | Giveaway and way more

    Support Server: Documentations: Features Go to to see all the features of Zyno Bot Please join the support server or send a DM to Luuk#8524 to get your license or if you're having any questions or problems...
  9. HypeStudios


    Main Menu MENU SHOP
  10. twixig

    MySQL Money & Bank System 1.0.1-BUGFIX

    version: '1.0' mysql: host: localhost user: username password: password database: database money: moneySaveTypes: '#This is a comment, you can delete it. | Types: LOCAL and MYSQL | Bank Money is automatically stored in MySQL.' money_save: LOCAL currency_symbol: $ single...
  11. Infen

    Looking for someone to configure an economy for me. (JobsReborn, ShopGUI+, Towny)

    I'm working on a towny server and in need of a configured economy. If anyone is able to help please message me on discord @Infen#0001
  12. OriginalSnus

    [Sold] Lush Cloud (SMP & Vanilla) | $4,000 made in 2,5 months

    Hi everyone, I recently got some bad news to do with my health (irl) and have decided to release myself from the server I founded. I started this project at the end of May 2022 as only an economy SMP server, we've now expanded to have both Vanilla & economy SMP, along with a nice little lobby...
  13. KibbaX

    ✯ Skyblock Server ✯ FRESH SEASON ✯

    Pirate season is LIVE NOW, so much more new updates that you will not EXPECT when you first join New Currency "Nuggets" is used for Island Upgrades and can be obtained by farming. New Shop "ExpShop" much more stuff at the exp and mobcoins shop now. New Boosters "boosters" used for 2x...
  14. Dotsis

    AS - ShopGUIPlus Configuration Pack 2.1.1

  15. LuukW

    Zyno Bot | Advanced Discord Bot 1.3.4

    Support Server: Documentations: Features Go to to see all the features of Zyno Bot Please join the support server, send a DM to Luuk#8524 on Discord or start a conversation with me to get your license or if...
  16. Unprotesting

    [FREE] Auto-Tune Dynamic Economy Plugin with Supply/Demand

    Auto-Tune ⭐ Overview Auto-Tune is a Minecraft plugin that allows you to create an automated economy for your server. Prices of items will be automatically adjusted based on supply and demand. When an item is purchased by many players but sold by few, Auto-Tune will raise the price to...
  17. H

    Join Atlas Survival ! McMMo, Jobs, Claiming and many more!

    Server IP: Server Discord: Introduction: Atlas is a new server with 1.19 generated world we have plugins like McMMo and Jobs to make everyone have a goal in playing. We also have land claiming, crates, voting ranks & vote crates! We also...
  18. CalebCBubba

    No longer needed.

    Hello! I am looking for someone to make me a simple and small plugin made using Diamonds. The idea: The player will be able to create a shop with the idea of Chestshops, but instead of in-game money, they use what diamonds they have in their inventory. So if a player has 64 Oak Logs and they...
  19. GStudios

    GSShopSystem BETA-2.0v4

    /gold (Economy provided by the plugin | editable in config.yml) balance [player] - Shows your/player balance (permissions editable in config.yml) pay <player> <amount> - Send gold to player (permissions editable in config.yml) give <player> <amount> (permissions editable in...
  20. R


    I've been working on this server since October and it hasn't needed any support in over 5 months, my life has also gotten a bit busier than it was when i started this project, and i'd really like to see it live on. Riotside is a survival server heavily focused on economy. Players can generate...
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