1. ShadowCorp

    School Map v1.0

    Very high quality school building that has 30+ classrooms, parking lot, and much more! Includes: 30+ classrooms that are each decorated according to the subject. 🍎 Parking Lot 🅿️ Houses near the school 🏠 Nature around the school 🌳 High quality 💯
  2. castorWILLIS

    Looking for BUILDERS for Marketplace build team!

    ======================== ~~~ LOOKING FOR BUILDERS! ~~~ ======================== Piki Studios (Marketplace, Education Edition, Servers) is looking for builders to join our team. We are looking for various proficiency levels, styles, and experience. Though we prefer experienced builders, we are...
  3. avsterbone

    My Internet Entrepreneurship Ted Talk 14 Years Old

    Today is the day where I shared with the world the magic of the internet. A place where people can thrive and make money from. You are all super smart people and will do great one day. Here is me telling that to the world. I gave this talk to 240 6-8th grade students over the course of 6 hours...
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