1. LittleProgrammer

    Mineopoly Easter | Mineopoly Easter map v1.0

    Mineopoly Easter Map This is an easter themed map for the Mineopoly plugin found here: You can use it with the Mineopoly plugin (Please read the disclaimer) or without it, but then you would need to have your own Mineopoly...
  2. R

    Egg with Python and NodeJS

    Hey So I need an Egg with combined Python+NodeJS to run multiple bots at the one egg. Ex. I'm using it on pebble but it would be great to run it at my own dedicated server :)
  3. david1117

    LumenVM v1.2.5

  4. gOOvER

    Pterodactyl Egg Wreckfest v20231118

    With this egg you can host Wreckfest on Pterodactyl Game Panel. This egg is running in Wine Install Steps: import egg to Pterodactyl create a server setup the server variables
  5. TheBestPenguin

    ExtrEgg V2 v2.0

  6. Bloxcode

    Simulator Pack v1.3

    This pack includes some of the core features of most Roblox simulator games: Note: API Services must be enabled in order for this to work inside Roblox Studio. Currency system + datastore Coin spawning / collecting Daily rewards + Daily Rewards UI! World unlock system UI part system - opens a...
  7. T

    Full Pets System v1.0

    Egg Stands Basic (Any currency of your choice) Paid (Robux) Hatching Auto Delete Auto Hatch x1 open x3 open x6 open Pets Inventory Equip Best/ Unequal All / Multi Delete Pet Display Pets Movement Client Sided Pets form in a pyramid behind player based on number equipped Gamepasses Auto...
  8. gOOvER

    Pterodactyl Egg WikiJS 2 v20231005

    With this egg you can host WikiJS in Pterodactyl Game Panel. This egg is only for the current Version 2.x. Supported Database: sqlite Install Steps: import egg to Pterodactyl create a server follow the instructions in Pterodactyl console Optional: You can use an own Domain with a nginx...
  9. Eggactyl

    Eggactyl v1.1

    A multi-egg for the Pterodactyl Game Panel which can run multiple types of game and voice servers and Discord bots, including: Minecraft Java Minecraft Bedrock Minecraft Proxies NodeJS Python PHP TeamSpeak3 And more. Support Discord:
  10. smcfrk

    Advanced Rust Egg | Pterodactyl v1.1

    Introducing the Advanced Egg: Simplify Your Server Setup! Say goodbye to complex configurations with the Advanced Egg. This revolutionary tool makes server setup a breeze. Assign variables effortlessly using a dropdown menu. Enjoy seamless integration of Rust's wipe info system in the startup...
  11. RedFoxy

    Easter Location egg hunt v1.19

    I present to you an Easter location for finding eggs, which is suitable for spawn, hub or for holding an event!
  12. PixelMine

    Easter Key Icons v1.0

    8 high quality easter themed key icons for any Minecraft server shop.
  13. TheBestPenguin


    We have made a brand new Pterodactyl Egg called MultiEgg. You can try 14 days of our lite plan, 7 days of our plus plan, or 3 days of our pro plan. Completely for free! If you are interested make a ticket in our discord server to get started. MultiEgg is an egg for Pterodactyl Panel that allows...
  14. Mustafa Esad

    EGGWARS Like Popular Networks v0.1

    EggWars is a PvP Game. Basically, you spawn in a coloured island with your egg, and you have to keep your egg safe from enemies or they will destroy it. If you die, you will respawn, as long as your egg is not destroyed. In the meantime, you will have to go destroy other eggs. Defending and...
  15. maltest

    Need discordjs pterodactyl egg

    Hello, I need a pterodactyl egg for a discordjs bot that has the following settings: Pull from private/public github account on start Run NPM i on start and github api key for private repos? budget: 10$ ish.
  16. AKANick

    Pterodactyl Nodemon discord.js egg v1.1 Bugfix

    Tired of manually restarting your bot? Nodemon will do it by itself. Nodemon is a tool that helps develop node.js based applications by automatically restarting the node application when file changes in the directory are detected. nodemon does not require any additional changes to your code or...
  17. PixelMine

    Premium Spawn Egg Icons v1.0

    High quality spawnegg icons for any Minecraft server shop, use them all or just a selection.
  18. xOeuf

    Hey there, I'm xOeuf!

    Hello! How are you all? My name is xOeuf, I'm an ex-Senior Moderator on Mineplex, now working for an up & coming server known as Conquest MC. I'm new to these forums, so if anyone has recommendations on what to check out/do that'd be a big help!
  19. gabbo200

    Pro EggWars [10% OFF] [Solo, Teams, Kits, Cages, Trails, Perks, MysteryBox, Holograms, LeaderBoards] v6.4.9

    Professional minigame for your server! Create unlimited arenas, gather material, destroy enemies dragon eggs and fight to be the last man standing! Support for any size Teams and solo game. Totally independent, can run absolutely by itself. Arenas have support for Solo or Teams mode. Teams...
  20. PixelMine

    Spawn Egg Icons v1.1

    High quality spawn egg icons for any Minecraft server shop, use them all or just a selection.
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