1. Rafalll

    CustomWings | Premium Config EN/PL v1.0

    Main wings menu English / Polish The first config on BuildByBit! Take your imagination to new heights with redstone particle wings that don't need custom pack textures to work. Perfect for any player and unique server. ⛏ The configuration includes: [✔] 12 beautiful wing styles in different...
  2. iditity

    Free | BoxPvP Map - Winter Theme v1.0

    BoxPvP Map - Winter Theme❄️ PRODUCT INFORMATION ∎ Boxpvp/Elytravp map ∎ Recomended Versions: 1.18-1.19+ ❄️ Winter Theme ❄️ ⛏ It has mineral mines 💎 Vip Mines 💱 Trading Area ☄ Portal Areas 📦Crates Area 🏆 Koth (In the Tree Center) ⛏ Starter Mine ⛏🗡 And 4 areas where you can add tradeable armor...
  3. Treasure Inc.

    TrParticles - Particle Effects v1.2.4

    TreasureParticles is the new version of TrElytra+ Version 1.1.0 (Effect Mixer) Version 1.0.1 https://treasurestore.gitbook.io/treasure-particles/ Join us on Discord: https://discord.com/invite/qQbePCtSjh

    ElytraPark - Elytra race - 500x500 v1.0

    ElytraPark Elytra race map Size: 500x500 This map is not an automatic Elytra Races map (commands block...) but made as a map for Elytra Races This folder contains: A world for 1.18.2 Bonus: This map contains 6 ElytraRacing maps presets for the plugin ElytraRacing (1.0+) Note that there are...

    ElytraRacing - Elytra Race Mini-Game v1.5.3.18

    NOW FREE Source: https://github.com/CHOOSEIT/ElytraRacing /ermap (elytraracing.admin) : Allows you to configure and create (almost) your map without using its configuration file. /erhost (elytraracing.host) : Allows you to host a game. /er (no-permission player command) : Allows players to...
  6. Tapio

    Custom 128x128 Map Commision

    Heya! I'm producing a server based around ranged combat on elytrae, and the thing is: I don't exactly have a build team. What I need is for you to create 5 or so 128x128 maps that are suitable for around 8 to 16 players to fly around and fire weapons at each other? There must be obstacles for...
  7. H

    Elytra Race Course

    Hey guys, we are looking for a good Elytra race course builder/group. The course design needs to be relatively complex with a variety of types of obstacles and flying patterns within the course. We don’t want it to be a straightforward run, it needs to have some flavor to it. There can be...
  8. CoolDCB

    1.8 Elytra Plugin

    I am looking for someone who can make me a plugin that brings elytras in to 1.8 only for 1.8. I am not using any connection to any other version. My Idea is to use banners to give a gliding effect and give the same kind of feel as using an elytra in 1.12. This Plugin would be used in my KitPvP...
  9. Linebeck

    [SOAROASIS] - Staff Members needed.

    Hello, my name is Hypergyzed. I am a owner of a server and soon to be a owner of a upcoming network. At this moment in time, I need staff positions filled for my small friendly community server. Here are the positions that need filling. 1. Builder - (I've designed most of the server myself, I...
  10. WellknownUnknown


    Proof of ownership is when you type in elytrapvp.com into your url, it will redirect you to this thread If picture does not load: http://i.imgur.com/dbHLm8x.png or http://oi64.tinypic.com/iwumps.jpg Starting bid: 5 USD BIN: 40 USD
  11. WellknownUnknown


    Selling this domain: elytrapvp.com Great for a Minecraft 1.9 kitpvp/pvp server involving the new item, elytra! Skype: live:brospamme Buy it now: $40 PayPal f&f Offers start at: $20.
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