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  1. nidzoo

    Survival Server Setup 1.1.2

    ✦ SURVIVAL SERVER SETUP ✦ This is native 1.19 Survival Server Setup which is also joinable with any version from 1.8.x - 1.19. I aimed to offer you the best without having to buy anything else, in this case plugins, server is made 100% of Free Plugins, except Citizens (Freemium) & ShopGUI+...
  2. Picky Tweaks

    Talkative [1.16+]

  3. OwningProds

    Discord House Emoji List

    Discord House is a Custom Emoji List built with the community in mind. Offering hundreds of emojis, we are working to expand our offerings with this free service. We are working on fixing up final issues and expanding this offering in the next couple of weeks. Please feel free to give your...
  4. PixelModels

    50 EMOJI PACK 100% SELFMADE! | Oraxen/ItemsAdder + Discord Ready 5.0

    if you don't like the placeholder, you can simply change it at placeholders with :yourtag: we tested the emoji pack with chatcontrol and it works! can also be used without. The emoji pack is a pack that keeps getting made, it gets more expensive over time. all emoji are 100% selfmade, no copy...
  5. Sami6060

    Buying Discord Servers (Contact : Sami Efron#6060)

    Buying servers for Looking for... At least 3k+ Users Emoji Advertising Good online to offline ratio Sami Efron#6060
  6. Nimixx

    Diamond Pickaxe 2021-09-06

    Today i made a little Diamond Pickaxe o_O. You can use it like any emoji or where you want. Feel free to use it anywhere!.:tup:
  7. D


    Hey, Were looking for 5 owners with a $30 budget to start a huge discord network and huge server. We have 4 owners and just need a couple more to secure our plan! Were looking to start a network and discord server through buying ads and creating an original and fun discord for our community...
  8. Inamine

    Player Emotes Pro | Share your Emotions! [1.14-1.16.5+] 2.10

    TEST SERVER: 50+ Premade Emotes! Fully customized and ready to use Incredible In-Game editor/creator Infinite Heads & Animated Heads 23 styles of Particle effects 7 Unique Effects 3 Styles of Item Particles MySQL Tracking for Emote Usage Command Blocker during Emotes...
  9. flamelier

    Add :EYES: emoji

    I notice when using shoutbox that I and several others use :eyes: when we are talking to each other, staff have even used it. I would like to suggest it again as it has been almost 4 years since it was first suggested.
  10. iStudLioon

    ChatEmojis 2.0.2b34

    Chat Emojis is a lightweight plugin that replaces emoticons with 'emojis'. Chat Emojis allows you to add your own emojis in the config file and supports multiple emoticons, random emoji selection, and regular expression capturing. Chat Emojis comes with 36 default emojis including all of the...
  11. Zorino

    EmojiX | Corebot Addon 2.0.0

    • Add emojis directly from message emojis • Add emojis via image/gif links • Convert text to emojis • Enlargify emojis config.yml Emojifi: CustomCharacters: "!": ❗ lang.yml Messages: ErrorOccured: An error occured, please contact adminstrator. NoEmoji: No Custom Emoji...
  12. Omidius

    Chat Emoji [1.16+] 50% SALE ! 1.2.9

    Full emoji list here: Screenshots & pictures here: Full config. file here:
  13. itzamir

    Need people who are crazy about anime/Can manage a community

    Hey, I want some people who can help me and my team out in Discord server emojis and uploading cute wallpapers (about a specific anime called Demon Slayer) for a new big-scale upcoming bot. Right now no payments but In the future maybe(well, when the bot reaches a high amount of servers). If you...
  14. Croc

    More "fake" emojis

    I've given up trying to get Mick to implement support for real unicode emojis, so he should give the site more "fake" emojis like NamePros.
  15. Marek

    React with :Rekt:

    I want to be able to react with the rekt emoji. you're welcome for keeping it short and simple
  16. A Y H A M

    Tools Options [Custom] [/rename, /lore, /shine, /enchant, /emoji] [1.8 - 1.11] 1.1

    Join our Discord for support Tools Options: is a Custom Skript made by Ayham Alali for his server OPG4MERS, And he decided to share it with you :) Take a look at Features section :) Rename command Lore command Shine command (NEW) Everything are customized (Messages, commands...
  17. LolDanny

    "Thinking guy" Emoji/Icon to MCM

    I Think it would be very handy to add an Icon such as a thinking emoji or icon so that users can express thoughts of deep thinking or ideas. Not required but have always been wanting this added to MCM like into chat-box, threads, profiles, etc. Could be used like, "Been looking into NBA...
  18. RichTheLord

    Emotes | 10% disscount 1.0.0

    This plugin it's designed to get donation from your players. This gives to your players a new way to communicate their expressions or feelings. With this plugin everyone wins, the server owner will have donations to maintain the server and the players will have something new to have fun. This...
  19. Croc

    Add new Smilies!

    As we all know, the MLP fandom gets bigger and bigger everyday and today there are a few notable bronies on MC-Market that I know of. They include Croc, Mitch, Aireesan and Ferdz There are probably many more closet bronies that haven't come out of their shell! I am suggesting to add a SINGLE...
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