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  1. Music4lity

    NoNetherRoof 2021-11-09

    NNR has only been tested on version 1.17.1. Older versions may work, but are not supported. NoNetherRoof was originally coded for my anarchy server, but I though "Why not share it?". So here we are. NoNetherRoof is extremely lightweight and requires zero configuration. Features: Players die...
  2. Wiseared

    Taliban Pearl Developer

    Hey! I'm looking for a pearl developer (paid) who can make me a taliban pearl plugin.
  3. Cesaer


    Hey there! I am the owner of a UHCF server namely Minerift. The fact is, we have added enderpearls to the game and we had kept a BETA open. I had noticed that there were a lot of bugs in connection with the pearls. Would anyone have the talent to fix enderpearls! this also includes a geote...
  4. Roareeh

    [FREE] Enderpearl Rider/ Enderbutt Plugin

    Resource Information EnderpealRider is a fun hub plugin that allows players to throw ride-able Enderpearls. The plugin is fully customizable through the config file. I am giving this out for free as I just made it for fun, and figure it might help some...
  5. Roareeh

    [FREE] Enderpearl Rider / Enderbutt Plugin 2019-08-25

    Information EnderpealRider is a fun hub plugin that allows players to throw ride-able Enderpearls. The plugin is fully customizable through the config file. Commands /enderpearlride:reload - Reload the plugin Permission enderpearlrider.ride - Ride Pearls enderpearlride.reload - Reload the...
  6. M

    FactionsAddons 0.2.0

    FactionsAddons Adds many interesting and useful features that are great addition to traditional factions and raiding servers. Features: Toggleable TNT and its particles: Harvesting hoe - places harvested items in inventory: Stackable spawners: Item protection from fire, cactus, tnt etc...
  7. Redbeast2

    Looking for someone who is 100% professional for server mechanic fixes.

    This will be a simple thread, really. I’m looking for someone who has a past of success with this and is able to make this 100% with no bugs, at all. I manage a 300+ active playerbase, and need someone that’s able to fix Grinding, Cannoning, and Enderpearling mechanics. I don’t want anyone...
  8. Juzzy_

    FenceGate Pearl | Must have for factions | Makes raiding much more fun! 1.8 - 1.12

    FenceGate Pearl Allow your players to pearl through open fence gates. Simpel and great for your faction server. This plugin makes pvping & raiding more fun. NOTE: Feel free to dm me if you're experiencing any issues. Support Neii_5#2078
  9. TamataPvP

    Scoreboard includes (Koth,Kills,Deaths,Balance,Combat,Enderpearl,Factions)

    Hello, first im not a creator of this scoreboard, I have resell rights from VapeHard - Scoreboard includes: - Combat Tag (working with CombatLogX plugin - free on SpigotMC) - Enderpearl cooldown - Faction Name (FactionsUUID) - Power (FactionsUUID) - Members online...
  10. WUK

    SlowPearl 1.0

    No config. Lightweight. Simply sets 16-second cooldown for ender pearls. Spigot:
  11. Fleekinq

    [HCF] Antipearl Glitch - FREE - 1.0

    Commands: No Commands. Features: Disables any player from pearl glitching. - ANTIPEARL GLITCH: "FENCE GATES/DOORS/BLOCKS/STAIRS/FENCES/ETC" - MESSAGE: "&4&lEnderpearl glitching is not tolerated." Todo List: ✓ Antipearl Glitch ✓ Custom Message ✘ Fully Configurable Download...
  12. Ruthless_Slayer

    eFix Anti Enderpearl Glitch!

    Hi! many of you probably know me as that fuckboy that codes Skrupt and makes way too much money of it :whistle:. So today I'm here with a JAVA plugin! :eek: Not only is it not written in Skrupt but it's also 100% FREE! So umh, I'd appreciate a rating COUGH *reaction* in return, would be verr...
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