1. hhitt

    hhitt-Remover v2.1.1

    You can remove entities and blocks after the seconds you choose once they are placed. It works for both worlds and WorldGuard regions, acting only on those where ‘hhitt-remover’ flag is setted on allow. Showcase: Support: Discord Installation: Wiki Dependencies: WorldGuard
  2. I

    Vitalo v1.2.1

    Vitalo is a spigot plugin that allows server admins to add health indicators above entity’s heads. The health indicators can be hearts or a health bar, both of which are highly customizable with multiple health bar designs, support for hex colors along with the ability to use your own textures...
  3. SharkblackFr

    Horror Mob pack | Nun/Chucky/Ghost v1.0

    Hello, I present you the mob pack that I made with the theme of horror. You have access to 3 mob that already have animations of made. You have to provide the blockbench files with the config of the plugins already configured for Modelengine and Itemadder. MOBS: Anabelle Nun Ghost
  4. Awesome_Dante

    📚 MythicMobs courses! + Asset database! Demo now available. 🎓

    Ready to breath new life into your worlds? I am here to introduce you to the fascinating world of MythicMobs with an array of exciting courses that will empower you as an entity control expert! 😎 Save countless months of frustration. NO STRINGS. NO DATA HARVESTING. Why? My name is Dante. I am...
  5. Yas_MC

    ItemsAdder Social Media Robot Addon v0.1

    This pack includes 6 unique high quality animated entities, for secial media This is an Addon for ItemsAdder plugin How to install : a 1. extract the content of the .zip file inside the folder : plugins/ItemsAdder/ 2. use the command /iazip b Ingame follow the video to know how summon and...
  6. Booly

    BeansClear - Will remove all blocks v1.0 R2

    [/SPOILER] [/spoiler]
  7. LoneDev

    ItemsAdder v4.0.2-alpha-test-3

    > Visit the website to see all the features < Vanilla like Integrates seamlessly with Minecraft. No bugged or out of place mechanic. Looks like an official update No lag This plugin is coded with performance in mind, you won't get lag spikes or crashes. Extremely customizable Customize the...
  8. N

    Needing a silent sand & tnt plugin.

    Don't need