1. Lilshroom

    Minecraft Server Core Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: Set your Spawn /Discord Command Mute Chat Clear Chat Rules Command Broadcast Rename Inv See Ender See Lots of permissions for staff! PERMISSIONS: op - Setting your Spawn chat.mute - Mute the chat chat.mute.bypass - Bypass Chat Mutes chat.clear - Ability to clear the chat...
  2. Xeilark

    DeluxeMenus - Rankup Configuration v1.0

    INTODUCTION: A rankup GUI configuration where players only need money to rankup with 6 additional ranks! FEATURES: ➥ 5 Color GUI Variant ➥ 6 Premade Rank ➥ Clean Format ➥ Player Information ➥ Click Sound ➥ Broadcast Message ➥ Interactable GUI if you have any questions please DM me on...
  3. Naruvus

    Milsim Essentials Asset Pack v1.0

    Includes barricades, tank traps, HESCO barriers, tents and smaller props; practically the whole pack is exclusively meshes so it’s great optimization wise! File type: .rbxm
  4. koqel

    cCore | Server Core | Discord Bot Hook v3.3.0

    cCore is a multipurpose Skript core that has tons of commands and functions! cCore is extremely configurable and hooks in with a Discord bot! If you need any help or have any questions, join our Discord here
  5. fskryanttv_

    Essentials Kits + GUIs | Config v1.0

    If you wish to see the config for yourself please feel free to join (1.16.5) and then join skyblock and the do /kit This will Include the following (Thats setup): Members kit. 7 Rank kits with items. 4 Once time claim ranks. (the kits that are once per season) Member kits...
  6. Synteh

    Oxygen - BungeeCord Core Plugin v1.0.1-SNAPSHOT

    ...More: Custom Commands (Essentials, Staff, Information, Blocked and more) Server Default Kick (If server that player was on shutdowned, plugin will automaticly send player to "FALLBACK_SERVER" that was written in config. Everything is 100% editable. Global Whitelist List (Not UUID Supported...
  7. LinsaFTW

    EssentialsLite v0.0.6

    EssentialsLite is a versatile, all-in-one plugin designed to enhance server functionality and user experience. It offers a comprehensive set of features, focusing on essential commands and utilities tailored for server management in Minecraft. The plugin aims to streamline gameplay and...
  8. Bismarck

    Military Essentials v1.0

    Details This Military Essentials system is made for those who are not into setting up everything in their military simulator. The product already incorporates everything you might need in your roblox game, making it easy to customise for you. Test it yourself in this game! PRODUCT WILL NEED...
  9. WortyHax

    Warp GUI | Deluxe Menus Config v1.0

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Easy Setup Customizable Advanced Display System Lightweight Good Support Team Custom Heads Permissions Coordinates Worlds Teleportation Delays 💵 Price: Free 📋 Type: DeluxeMenus GUI Configuration ❌ Dependencies: EssentialsX, DeluxeMenus, PlaceholderAPI, LuckPerms & Vault ✨...
  10. nbsf

    Epic EssentialsX Config Fancy Messages v1.1

    Are you ready to take your Minecraft server to the next level? Introducing our meticulously crafted EssentialsX configuration with Fancy Messages. With this custom configuration, you'll add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your server, all without the need for additional plugins. Here's...
  11. Aeon

    EssentialsX Messages Configuration | v1.0.3

    || OVERVIEW This resource is a message lang file configuration for the plugin EssentialsX with beautiful hex colors and small-caps font text. Supports 1.16.1 and above. Configuration made and tested on Paper 1.19.4 NOTE: This configuration only modifies everything related to the messages. Other...
  12. WortyHax

    Baltop GUI | Deluxe Menus Config v1.1

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Easy Setup Customizable Advanced Display System Lightweight Good Support Team 💵 Price: $1.99 📋 Type: DeluxeMenus GUI Configuration ❌ Dependencies: EssentialsX, DeluxeMenus, PlaceholderAPI and Vault ✨ Version Compatible: 1.8-1.20.x ❓ Installation: The installation guide is...
  13. Ph4ntom

    Epic EssentialsX Configuration v1.0

    Bored of the default Gold and Red colors of EssentialsX? Try out this config to bring EssentialsX back to life! Experience a modernly designed multi-colored and attractive EssentialsX Messages Configuration. Extract the "Epic Essentials Configuration". Further instructions are...
  14. xeneit

    BALANCETOP - DeluxeMenus Config v1.0

    Top 50 Players (SPREAD ACROSS 5 GUI PAGES, FOR 10 EACH) BalanceTop Leaderboard 6 Color Variants (BLUE, GRAY, GREEN, PURPLE, RED, YELLOW) Sound Support (SWITCH PAGES, CLOSE) This menu config should work on all versions that support candles. I was making this config on version 1.19.4...
  15. Levitate

    EssentialsX Messages Configuration v1.0.3

    This configuration has everything you need for your essentials messages, it includes different prefixes based on the type of message, a clean design that uses RGB colors. EssentialsX Messages with different prefixes based on the message type, preview of the messages can be seen below...
  16. notoanda

    EssentialsX - Full Setup | With Messages v1.0

    ESSENTIALSX FULL CONFIG (WITH MESSAGES) When purchasing this config you will be given access to a zip file named "Essentials" unzip it and you will gain access to the full setup WHAT IT INCLUDES This EssentialsX config has everything that you will need for any server that you are making...
  17. Duckles

    EssentialsX Messages | StellaWizard v1.0

    Elevate your server's messaging experience with EssentialsX Config! Unlock a world of personalized communication, tailored to your community's needs. Craft captivating messages that engage and captivate your players, leaving them spellbound. Take control of your server's communication destiny...

    EssentialsX Config v1.0

  19. Zowp

    Volcano | Ranks - Punishments - Disguise v1.3.4

    Volcano is a very optimized feature-packed network core Join the discord for more updates & to receive your license after purchase: MongoDB support MySQL support Flat-File support Ranks Punishments HEX Support Server Manager Reports Disguises Chat...
  20. ChaosDev

    EssentialsX Messages | Multi Line v1.2

    If you spot any mistakes or have any problems, please contact us here so we can resolve the issue as soon as possible! Drag and drop the file from the color of your choice into your /plugins/Essentials folder. Essentials
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