1. A

    Minion Experience Bottler 0

    Minion Experience Bottler "Minion Experience Bottler" plugin is the perfect tool for players on a Minecraft server who want to efficiently acquire experience. Thanks to minions, which you can place practically anywhere on the map, you can automatically mine experience and store it in chests...
  2. H

    hMending v1.0

    hMending hMending is a plugin that adds the Mending enchantment introduced in later versions of the game to Minecraft 1.8. This plugin adds a custom trade to all librarian villagers that allows you to add mending to the item of your choice. To apply the enchantment, simply click on the book...
  3. A

    AdvancedKeep v2.0.4

    AdvancedKeep is a lightweight plugin to control keeping player inventory and exp. Features: Per-world configuration Permission keep Time-based keep Integration with claim plugins: GriefPrevention, Lands, Towny, SaberFactions WorldGuard flags: keep-item and keep-exp Death tracker: Obtain your...
  4. KudaXD

    [LOOKING FOR] Armor Sets Plugin

    Hey there, So I'm not looking for a custom plugin but I'm looking for a plugin that does armor sets such as armor money sets, exp money sets, etc and can hook into plugins. I had one named AdvancedArmor but it was deleted a while back, and I can't find a new one. Let me know :)
  5. RivalDevelopment

    Rival EXP Shop v1.2.0

    An shop plugin that utilizes minecraft exp as a currency Features: Unlimited Categories Unlimited Items Stock System per Item Purchase Limit per Item Fully customizable menus PlaceholderAPI Support Placeholders: - %rivalexpshop_exp% - %rivalexpshop_exp_formatted_decimal% -...
  6. keilyn

    XP Currency Icons v1.1.0

    6 Experience themed currency icons to use in your server's store! The download includes a non-watermark copy of the icons.
  7. Dablakbandit

    Bank Lite v4.4.8-RELEASE

    Youtube Video by DiamondRushXD: Virus Total Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/25d7e98bfa19271aa54d960a6feb695d3c449297f0b6c234bcc587ff192a75bf/detection
  8. zaminz

    EXP Rewards 1.13.X - 1.14.X

    Can someone develop a custom plugin that allows turning experience levels into random rewards (configurable) via a GUI (also configurable)? I'll offer $5-10, but I would NEED this plugin to be highly customizable with rewards, certain levels for each reward, easy-to-follow GUI, and most...
  9. Ghast


    SERVERS USING: Crura - play.levaria.net (( PM myself to be on the list if you have purchased the resource! )) Fully customizable, meaning you can change the messages and settings of the plugin inside the configuration file. Light and efficient, won't cause any sort of lag towards your server...
  10. Fyrezz

    Experience Command Warm-Up v2019-04-04

    Source code: https://github.com/Fyrezz/ExpCommandWarmUp Contact for plugin development: Fyrezz#3163 Set a warm-up for any command you want. The warm-up, fully configurable, depends on Player's current Experience Level. All messages are configurable. If I see interest, I'll add more...
  11. sores

    SellXP - Exchange XP levels for in-game balance! v1.0 BETA

    Intro: SellXP allows players to sell their current XP levels for in game currency. Player's XP can be sold two ways, it can be sold as HALF or it can be sold as ALL. Commands: /sellxp - Opens the SellXP GUI. /togglesellxp - Toggles selling XP on/off. /setxpmult - Sets the multiplier that the XP...
  12. A

    Simple Exp Plugin

    Hi! I'm new to the MC-Market. I need a plugin made. I don't plan on paying any money for this plugin to be made. Although, if you do contact me and give me a justified (justify it) price, I will most definitely consider. All I want is a player's level, exp level, to be shown to the right of...
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